BNP leader invited on BBC Question Time

I hope that BNP leader Nick Griffin is under no illusions about his invitation to appear tomorrow night on Question Time. It is best that his followers too understand the BBC’s intention. The decision to invite him will have been taken at the very highest level of that tax-funded, Leftist organization and I am sure that it would be impossible to find one employee at any level who believed that the BNP should be given a fair opportunity to state its case to the public. Since the decision has not led to an eruption of protest within the BBC’s ranks, we can be sure that all understand that the program will be so arranged to wholly discredit Griffin and his Party. It is many, many decades since the BBC’s hierarchy believed in a fair crack of the whip for conservatives or Christians, let alone Nationalists. The BBC, along with the Guardian Newspaper, harbors the political core of the UK’s Media Class. That core is made up of the extreme Left and is revolutionary on all issues. The BBC supports, in every program it puts out, an international Socialist (but not National Socialist) economic agenda and a social/moral agenda aimed at destroying traditional family life and Christian values. It is always peddling propaganda for mass Third World immigration, for cultural and racial diversity, for the growth of State power and for the imposition of political correctness. It despises Whiteness and heterosexuality and panders to Academia, from where it recruits its staff. Its ex-employees have boasted of its over-representation of minorities and homosexuals. Given all this, is it remotely possible that tomorrow night’s Question Time is intended to achieve anything other than the public humiliation of Nick Griffin? I think not! Can we assume that there will be a baying handpicked Leftist audience, three other panelists chosen for their track record on promoting the swamping of the native British people, and a chairman who intends to unleash the pack on the prey? I think so! Will the BBC in its appetite for blood, commit over-kill and hand to Griffin the sympathy of the wider public? Will the BBC underestimate Griffin’s courage, debating skills and occupation of the intellectual high ground? We shall see! If Griffin and his Party come through the program intact, perhaps with increased popular appeal, the Mainstream Media (MSM) will go into overdrive to convince viewers that Black is White when reviewing the program. It will also redouble its efforts to bury the Party with false allegations. One thing I will predict. If Griffin does well, he will not be invited back.

On the conservative Talk Radio program KSFO this morning I heard former US Congressman Tom Tancredo being interviewed by Lee Rodgers. Tancredo, a Republican, used to represent a constituency in Colorado until he was defeated in the last election by a Democrat. I think Tancredo could be fairly called a conservative Republican – indeed, a conservative first and a Republican second. Unfortunately for him, Colorado is one of those sunny States in the Rocky Mountains that has in recent times attracted rich Leftists. Since many of the newly rich are from the Media Class who like to ski and paint whilst pondering the problems of the poor, rural conservative Colorado voters have become a minority, not least because of the influx of immigrant workers whose cheap labor helps to cosset the champagne Socialists. One of the issues about which Tancredo was especially outspoken and energetic, was illegal immigration. Thus he not only upset all the usual Leftists but earned the hostility of Big Business and Wall Street too. The Wall Street Journal, which promotes mass immigration for cheap labor, was jubilant when Tancredo was defeated. Tancredo, however, has not gone away and is still campaigning for conservative, Christian and Nationalist issues.

What caught my ear this morning was that he several times described the current national political situation as ‘revolutionary’. He correctly stated that the Obama administration is pushing a revolutionary agenda and that those rank-and-file conservatives who are protesting, are ‘counter-revolutionaries’. Perhaps he has been visiting this website for we have been saying this for a long time.

A couple of weeks ago, the MSM was full of reports about an HIV vaccine that had been widely tested in Thailand. The good news for the MSM was that the vaccine had created a breakthrough in that it allegedly cut infection by 31%. Previous attempts to find an effective vaccine have all been unsuccessful. For the Media Class, especially those in Entertainment, Fashion and Celebrity circles, AIDS is the number one scourge. Although cancer, diabetes and senile dementia are hugely more devastating to most people, and are largely unavoidable, it is AIDS that frightens our ruling Class. I do not need to explain why this is so. Now it transpires, the Thai vaccine results have been closely scrutinized and there has been no breakthrough. Big headlines and big columns are being written that are steeped in disappointment. The poor results have been discussed in yet another international AIDS conference, this time in Paris. It seems to me that AIDS conferences are taking place somewhere in the world at all times with little concern for carbon footprints. How do these experts find the time to search for a cure when they are constantly travelling around the globe and having meetings? Is it possible that more money is going into AIDS research than any other disease and has it led to an industry that is creating non-stop junketing?

AIDS is a dreadful disease, just like cancer, and one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but it is highly preventable. The quickest way to avoid this disease is to stay zipped up. If that is too much to ask, refrain from anal intercourse! This disease never became an epidemic in the West except amongst injecting drug addicts and sodomites, despite the highest hopes of many in the homosexual ‘community’. In Africa, India and South East Asia, where many heterosexuals are infected it is likely caused by rampant promiscuity and/or anal intercourse. The best and quickest way to eliminate HIV is to truthfully advertize its causes and publicly condemn them. Underpin this with a great campaign of Christian teaching and we can then concentrate on the nursing of the already infected. Not for one moment do I think this could happen, for the perverts and the libertines are in the political ascendancy, thanks to the rise to power of the Media Class.

It has been reported that the Vatican is going to make it easier for Anglicans to enter the Catholic Church. ‘We are not poaching’ protest the Catholics, but indeed they are. And why not? The Anglican Church is now rotten at the core. The old doddering fool at Canterbury, who is more concerned to suck up to the Media and its Leftists by condemning the BNP than to proclaiming the Gospels, has no answer. Soon the center of the Anglican Church will have to move to Africa, for there will be too few members in the UK to provide a congregation anywhere. The wonderful old Anglican Church buildings will be available for alteration to Mosques or for bathhouses for the ‘gay’ communities.

Back in the past on this website, we often drew attention to the energy with which Ford Motor Co. gave to homosexual causes. Bill Ford became the darling of the Left and of America’s ‘Gay’ community. Many other big companies have scrambled to follow suit. I saw last week a report that Ford Motor Co. will soon overtake the other Big Two in sales. Then I saw why-because the US Government is buying only Ford vehicles. Now it all makes sense.

I have one thing to add to the previous article on the economy. We have predicted that rampant inflation must result from the reckless printing of money by the Obama administration. This inflation is not yet happening and the explanation is that unemployment is still climbing and purchasing power is still declining. If and when more people find jobs, that hyper-inflation will take off.

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