BNP Leader Griffin Makes Crass Statement

This website generally posts articles supportive of the British National Party and our Mr Radical frequently gives practical support with leafletting and canvassing. Our position is that the BNP is the only British political Party that will defend the native British people against the mass immigration that is designed to destroy their culture and national identity. It is also the most honest Party (which is not saying much when all the other Parties are drowning in financial and moral scandals) and has many good policies, such as being realistic about crime and punishment. It would also resist the Leftist/Media attacks on free speech and turn back the tide of political correctness. We think that mass immigration into Europe in general and the UK in particular, has already done enormous harm to the indigenous people and should be halted. We also agree that some steps should be taken to humanely reverse its effects. However, Griffin’s statement that boats containing illegal immigrants should be blown out of the water is extremely regrettable and is either crass or revealing, or both.

A major part of the British culture is its historical Christian basis and that has enabled Great Britain to be an example to the world. The Media Class and its Leftist allies never cease to portray the British people as exploiters of the world and guilty of enormous crimes but the truth is the opposite and British people have every reason to be proud of their history. No Nation or race is free of sin but most cannot compare to the British (and their colonies) for good deeds. The BNP rightly points this out.

There are many civilized ways that a determined UK Government can halt illegal immigration. Talk of blowing women and children out of the water as the only way to proceed is decidedly un-Christian and un-British. We should never forget that many immigrants are innocent, poor people driven by poverty and desperation and they are part of the human race. Griffin has attempted to rationalize his remarks by claiming that they were first made by an Italian politician. So what? When did a British politician need to take a lead from Italy?

Griffin should withdraw his remarks, and the sentiments behind them, and vow that his Party will never adopt uncivilized policies that would stain the history of the British people. The Media Class will attack any apology and use it against the BNP but the BNP can do nothing to halt the Media’s hostility, short of disbanding. Better that the BNP’s own record be true to British traditions.

It has been another good week or two for the Media-inspired homosexual agenda. President Obama welcomed leading homosexual activists to the White House and amidst a blaze of publicity assured them, with a nod and a wink, that he will faithfully promote all their agenda items. For this he can be assured of continued flattering and dishonest Media coverage and an unending flow of big financial contributions to his campaign chest. The billionaire homosexual Tim Gill is reported by the AFA to be pumping money into low-profile State drives to unseat conservative and Christian Congressmen and to advance unpopular legislative bills. Media outlets everywhere have trumpeted the decision of the Delhi High Court to strike down a British-era law that criminalized homosexuality, portraying this as an advance for civilized values. Here is an extract from the Wall Street Journal’s Niraj Sheth and Eric Bellman: “The movement to support the rights of gays and lesbians in India has been gaining momentum in recent years. Rising incomes, a modernizing society, and exposure to gay and lesbian issues through the Internet, television and movies have helped sensitize more Indians to the cause.” I doubt that TV and movies have done much to portray the details of sodomy and the many other delightfully unhygienic sexual practices of homosexuals but I am sure that TV and Movies in India have been in overdrive to sanitize and conceal the sordid facts.

Much was made in the reporting that the laws were British-era as though they had been unpopularly imposed by Imperialists but a careful reading of the reporting reveals that the Indian people are extremely hostile to homosexual practices. Once again, the people’s wishes are about to be circumvented by the legal elites and this will be celebrated by the Media Class all around the world. In the US, watch out for much publicity for another Hollywood movie intended to advance by stealth the homosexual agenda. “Bruno” is about to hit the screens. I quote from Joe Morgenstern, the WSJ’s film critic, “Sacha Baron Cohen’s follow-up to his 2006 hit stars the English comic actor as a blond, flamboyantly gay fashion journalist from Austria who looks lithe in lederhosen … The movie means to cross many lines by confronting straights with aggressive gay behavior.”

In my previous article (10th July) about the destruction of adult music since the 1960’s, I referred to the fact that we now have popular music made by children (of all ages) for children. I also referred to the limited emotions that the music expresses. I forgot to include in my list of emotions the most ubiquitous of them all – anger.

No matter whether it is kiddi-pop, Rock, Country, Heavy Metal, Punk, or Rap, all singers must sound angry. This despite both singers and audiences being the most pampered and privileged in human history, at least in material terms. My guess is that the anger is really the result of the Media-led destruction of marriage and Christian values so that many people grow up without true two-parent committment and roll-models. The victims of marriage breakdown never grow up for the child in them is arrested and constantly and vainly searching for emotional satisfaction. The absence of a good father also causes the inability to respect authority and we see this reflected in the politicized pop music of today.

I should also have mentioned, when describing the 1960’s Media-inspired growth of trash music, the disapperance of masculinity. Boy singers and strummers began to wear lipstick, eye-shadow, sport girlie hair styles, wear tight satin pants, stick out their bottoms and pout and strut. Many were homosexuals and quite a few have since died of aids and drugs. Manliness became obsolete. Along with shallowness and infantile content, homosexual and bizarre characteristics were and are the hall-marks of the Media Class era in popular culture.

Finally, Michael Jackson, besides embodying most of the above, also was truly representative of the Media Class rise to power for he was amongst the first pop singers to cross over into advertizing. This website claims that the Advertizing and Entertainment industries are integral parts of the Media Class and Jackson’s career demonstrated the seamless nature of them all.

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