BNP Leader Acknowledges Christianity On Easter Sunday

BNP leader Nick Griffin took his ‘Far Right’ Party a step nearer to the mainstream of British politics on this Easter weekend when he focused his website article on the place of Christianity in UK culture and history. In reminding his Party and his website visitors that Christians since the Middle Ages have been resisting the invasions of Islam, he placed his Party in the cultural mainstream for his is the only Party that is resisting the advance of Islamic Imperialism in the UK at this time. Griffin is entitled to claim a link for his Party with the Crusaders, for the leaders of the Christian Churches are now groveling to the Muslim demands that increase each day. They not only do that but also retreat from all those Christian beliefs that arouse the ire of the ruling Media Class.

It would be a major step forward in British politics if Griffin was able to forge an alliance of Nationalists and Christians that marginalized the bureaucracies that now lead all the main Churches. He will however have problems with many of his hardcore followers if he genuinely incorporates the Christian faith and traditions into his Party’s philosophy for there are strands of racial Darwinism and race/blood purity in Nationalist politics that run absolutely counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ and have much in common with National Socialism. Embracing the Christian teachings of love and brotherhood of all mankind would require a rethink by the BNP on the place of those immigrants and the descendents of immigrants who now live in the British Isles. On this website we believe that the Christian culture that once reigned in the UK is capable of absorbing most of the people who have immigrated to the UK since the 1950’s. If immigration continues at the present pace, however, and immigrants are discouraged by Leftist revolutionaries from integration, the Christian culture and the native people of the UK will face annihilation in the not-too-distant future. The destruction of the Christian Faith, the culture that it bred and the British identity are at the top of the agenda of the Media Class and its Leftist allies.

Whilst on the subject of the BNP, it is worth reiterating that the Party remains the elephant in the room when Media scribblers do their pieces. I have read several articles recently in US newspapers that comment on contemporary UK politics and the fortunes of the various Parties. None mention the BNP and few mention the issues of immigration and the cultural war. I suppose it is possible that some of these scribes are lazily cribbing their stuff from UK sources and thus unwittingly repeating the UK Media’s propaganda. On the other hand they may be consciously misleading US readers. Just in case any are only guilty of sloppy work let me set the record straight. The BNP is the real political opposition in the UK. It is increasingly voicing the anger of millions of British people on the topic of mass immigration, particularly to the official policy (of all other major Parties) of an open door to the Third World. This anger is reflected in the developing BNP success in local elections and despite the vicious persecution of the BNP and its rank-and-file. The latest example of sloppy or dishonest US reporting was that of Kimberley Strassel in the Wall Street Journal on Good Friday. Strassel is usually a competent reporter but her ‘Opinion’ piece entitled “The Tories Are No Example for the GOP” whilst correct in advising the GOP not to adopt the Cameron strategy omits mention of Cameron’s immigration policies, his sucking up (no pun intended!) to the homosexual lobby and his weakness on law and order. Nowhere does her article mention the BNP and how it is relegating Cameron’s Tories to third and fourth places in many local elections. No American reading her article would be aware that the three old Parties conduct their local campaigns in fear of the BNP.

In fairness to the WSJ I must draw attention to two articles in the same Good Friday edition. One, by Ashley Samelson, draws attention to the intolerance of Islam – often described as the ‘Religion of Peace’ but how in many Muslim countries no-one is allowed to embrace another religion. The prescribed punishment for converts to Christianity is death.

The other article delves back into Hollywood history and the era of the Congressional investigations into Communist domination of much of the motion picture industry. John Meroney reminds readers that Kirk Douglas has long been portrayed as a hero for giving work to, and defending, an old Stalinist screen writer called Dalton Trumbo. Trumbo, along with scores of other secret Communists in Hollywood had been inserting Stalin’s propaganda into every Movie and ultimately found himself blacklisted by Studio Bosses. This was at the height of the deadly Cold War between the Soviet Union and the US. Trumbo never recanted his Communism and was never short of work from his multitude of Red sympathizers in the film industry. Another secret Communist was Edward Dmytryk, a very talented director, and he too was blacklisted. Dmytryk, however broke with the Hollywood Communists and thus earned the collective hatred and persecution of ‘tinseltown’ for ever after. It was a young Ronald Reagan, an ex-Leftist who took on the Communists who had dominated the screen writers guild, who bravely helped to find work for Dmytryk in subsequent years. It was his struggle with the Hollywood Communists which gave Reagan the insights that enabled him to become the last great American President. It is worth remembering that the Reds today have an even greater stranglehold on Hollywood and are richer and more influential than ever before. They no longer need to craftily insert propaganda into films but can now openly pump out revolutionary garbage in every picture and every utterance. These are the people who kick-started the campaign of Barack Obama and who own him lock, stock and barrel.

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