BNP Goes On Strike!

Do not expect to read anything in the US Media about the wildcat strikes that are now erupting in the UK. In fact do not expect to read or hear much about them in the UK either, for the rulers of modern-day Britain are facing the biggest challenge to their best-laid plans since Enoch Powell made a speech that threatened to mobilize the British workers back in the 1960’s. British politicians and their Media masters would prefer that the world in general and the British people in particular were kept in the dark. For the benefit of non-British website visitors, a rash of unofficial strikes has broken out in several big industries. In the US they would be called ‘wildcat’ strikes, meaning that they are not sanctioned by the Union heirarchy. Indeed, in the UK, the union heirarchy is filled with hatred and fear of its members who are venting their anger at the loss of jobs to immigrants. For decades, the Leftist union bureaucracies have been conspiring with their Socialist/Communist comrades, the globalists, the EU conspirators and the Media Class to swamp the UK with immigrants, especially those from the Third World. They have colluded in schemes to recruit workers in Africa, the Caribean and Asia in order to rid the UK of its ‘hideous Whiteness’. This has entailed ensuring that the newcomers can have jobs on arrival, increasingly at the expense of the native workforce. In the private sector these jobs have usually been gained at the cost of lower pay rates, a bonus not lost on employers. The entry of Eastern European countries into the EU has also led to a massive influx of workers willing to undercut the British workers in already-low paying jobs. For some time there has been simmering anger amongst native British workers but it is only with the onset of the recession and a looming depression that the feeling of betrayal has broken through the suppression of political correctness.

This week, rank-and-file native White workers have ignored Union officials and managements and downed tools. They demand that they should not be laid off in order to make or preserve jobs for ‘foreigners’. Suddenly, reality is reasserting itself! The fiction that recent immigrants and their off-spring are British too is being challenged. Legal niceties mean little compared to race, when survival is at stake. This is tough for the immigrants who are victims of a great social engineering experiment by Leftists and elitists but in a world where jobs and meals are in short supply, the realities of race and roots reclaim their pre-eminence.

The British National Party, which has for several years been defending the inalienable rights of the native people and forecasting the end of the financial and economic boom, is now poised to play a major role in UK politics. It has quickly mobilized its slender resources to aid the strikers and will be the only political force to do so. BNP activists have joined the picket lines and the Party is distributing its message to the strikers. Readers of tthis website will already be aware that the British Government, the three big parties, the police and the Media have been doing everything possible to suppress the BNP because it has been gaining impressive electoral support. Now those forces have even more reason to intensify their onslaught. The UK’s Media will do all it can to hide the news of the wildcat strikes, misrepresent them and sow confusion amongst the strikers, but the Internet and the involvement of the BNP might enable this protest to explode into a confrontation with the Establishment over immigration. We will be aiming to post truthful news regarding the strikes on this website and also watching closely the parallel political contests that involve the BNP. Next Thursday, the BNP will be contesting a Tameside ward in Manchester and this will be an indicator of the new dynamics that are transforming UK politics. I notice that in mentioning the strikes on regional news bulletins, the BBC has sought comments from Labour and Conservative politicians (predictably condemning the strikes) and a comment from the miniscule, scandal-ridden irrelevant United Kingdom Independence Party. It has avoided the one Party that is now directly involved (the BNP). This is how the Media Class perverts the news!

Truth, Facts and Reality all have a close relationship. We might say that they are three sides of the same triangle. All have to be avoided by the Media Class for much of the time, for propaganda cannot exist in the presence of any of them. The global warming myth is a prime example of suppression of facts, truth and reality both in the Media and in academia as the whole northern hemisphere shivers under arctic storms and temperatures. Another example of the abandnment of these three is in the imposition of same-sex marriage and the attempts to paint sodomy as normal. The Leftist Massachusetts Legislature has just passed a law that will permit any individual to choose his/her own sexual identity when completing official forms such as driving licence applications. Thus if a man prefers to consider himself a ‘woman’ he need only declare himself as such on a piece of paper and ‘voila’, he is a woman! This is clearly designed to pander to the perverts who now dominate much of the Media and are well-funded enough to pull the strings of politicians, especially in Massachusetts. A homosexual spokesperson regards this as an end to the division of human beings by gender. He sees this as a breakthrough and an advance for all those (damaged) people who are unhappy with their inherited identities. This is another example of the brave new world that has been ushered in with the accession to power of the Media Class. Unfortunately for the perverts and their Leftist comrades who aim to carry through a massive social revolution, truth, facts and reality will eventually reassert themselves, just as race and roots are re-asserting themselves in the UK’s workforce. It may be possible to live in a world of make-belief in Hollywood, on the stage, in fiction and in the artificial mincing world of Fashion, but in the real world a man does not become a woman by declaration, nor vice-versa. Sooner or later normal people, perhaps brought back to reality by economic hardship and long winters, will inevitably cast aside the Leftists and this perverted ruling Class and restore the central place of Truth, Facts and Reality in our world.

In another example of the suppression of Truth, Facts and Reality I shall turn to this week’s Speedway Star, an obscure UK motorcycle sports magazine. Speedway racing in the UK is very much the sport of the intimidated native working people and is largely shunned by the Mainstream Media and the celebrity world. Perhaps for that it should be grateful! In the northern working-class town of Scunthorpe, the locals have been developing a track and stadium on a shoe-string budget but with some success. Now the venture is threatened by the Council’s decision to develop a Traveller’s Site alongside the stadium. For the benefit of non-UK readers, ‘Travellers’ are imitation gypsies, in other words deadbeats, drifters and anti-social welfare dependents who fancy a travelling life on wheels without responsibilities and with an aura of the alternative lifestyle. When they pitch their camps close to decent people anywhere they inflict crime, vandalism and filth and intimidate the people who pay for their welfare but for whom they have nothing but contempt. The EU, the Leftist academics and do-gooders have decided that these people are another persecuted ‘community’ and must be imposed with a host of ‘rights’ on the law-abiding. The regular presence of ‘Travellers’ next to the Scunthorpe Stadium will put an end to its existence for the Speedway folk cannot afford the constant costs of crime, damage and vandalism. A spokesman for the Speedway people has asked Star readers to write letters to the Council pleading for the site to be placed somewhere else. He asks people to email or write but says this: “However, whatever method is used, objectors are requested not to mention the risk of crime because North Lincolnshire Council consider it racist and an excuse to not register the objection.”

What a sad state of affairs when EU policymakers in Brussels (with their manicured lawns and well-protected neighborhoods) inflict their Leftist policies on law-abiding taxpayers and their minions in local government are empowered by PC mission statements to disregard and disqualify Truth, Facts and Reality. The answer for the decent people of Scunthorpe and elsewhere is to elect a BNP council. I am sure the BNP will know what to do about EU directives, local minions and Travellers.

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