BNP Election Results – Media Silence

The British National Party contested two English council ward bye-elections on Thursday 18th December and enjoyed some dramatic results. True, they failed to gain either seat but US readers should not underestimate the Party’s morale-boosting and highly significant performance. Here are the details!

Cumbria County Council.

Labour 434 (previous election 1367) BNP 418 (first time the Party has contested) Conservative 190 (350)

N.W. Leicestershire Ibstock and Heather ward.

Con. 660 (515), BNP 645 (637), Lab. 614 (699), LibDem. 174(411).

These are not inner-city wards, Cumbria being part of the rural north west of England and Ibstock being in a rural area of the East Midlands. In Cumbria the BNP received 40.1% of the vote and in Ibstock it received 30.9%. A number of comments need to be made to put these results in perspective. First that by coming a very close second in both, the BNP has become a major player across the country and wherever the native British people are still in the majority. Secondly the BNP is now THE opposition Party to the old Parties. Thirdly, a significant percentage of voters are not afraid to vote BNP despite its demonization by the Media Class and the ruling elite and increased police persecution. Fourthly, the near-illegal intervention by shadowy ‘anti-Fascist’ groups of Communists funded by rich Leftists may deny the BNP actual victory but not its advance.

Americans should know that these results, so far not mentioned in any British Media outlet that I can find, will nevertheless be receiving the full attention of the British Government, the other Parties, the now-politicized police forces, probably George Soros and of course the entire Media Class. So far, the BBC has avoided a mention and this surely indicates the shock and fear running through their editorial rooms and in their cafeterias where the Bum Boys Cabal and the champagne Socialists gather. If the BNP had received derisory votes, make no mistake, the results would have been headlined everywhere.

Although on this website we are critical of many BNP policies and have reservations about its organizational structure, we are delighted with the results and wish the Party major successes in the New Year.

In our last piece we mentioned the emerging financial scandal involving Bernard Madoff and the missing $50 billion. Quite a lot of that money went to the Democrat Party, a fact almost wholly ignored by the Mainstream Media (MSM). We also drew attention to the fact that Madoff was Jewish and that many major fraudsters are Jewish. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that Jews seem to dominate Wall Street and the financial world so they have opportunity. We also pointed out that probably Madoff had swindled many of his fellow Jews so that it must be noted that Jews are also victims. On Thursday in the WSJ there was a major article by Ronald A Cass in the Op-Ed pages entitled “Madoff Exploited the Jews”. Today, another major fraudster has been uncovered. He is Marc Dreier and he is reported to have swindled clients of his law firm out of $380m whilst living the high life on both coasts. The report in the WSJ says Mr. Dreier grew up on New York’s Long Island, the son of a Polish immigrant. Having read the whole of the report I cannot help conclude that Mr. Dreier is also Jewish, though I may be wrong. If he is then we can surmise that many of his victims will be Jewish also and one wonders if any Jewish celebrities on either coast will escape penury. I recently read a piece on the Internet (I forget where) written by a Jewish academic and reviewing the history of anti-Semitism in Poland and Lithuania. The article was not an easy read but this may have been due to translation from Polish or Hebrew. The writer was alleging that although over 3 million Jews lived in Poland prior to the German invasion and Nazi holocaust, they were never in any substantial way integrated in Polish society and consequently Poles and Jews knew little about each other. Then when the Soviets took over after the war, they wrote a nationalistic history of Poland under the Germans that focused on Polish victims and erased the Jews from Polish folk memory. The writer was saying that this was made easy because so few Poles had any real knowledge of the 3 million Jews in their midst despite the immense contribution that those Jews had made to Polish intellectual life and prosperity.

She is probably right though Poland was not the only country that was hostile to its large Jewish minority. The reasons for the hostility are always explained by modern writers as blind prejudice and scape-goating, though Hannah Arendt has put forward more persuasive reasons in her great work ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’. If it is true that Jews were rarely integrated in pre-war Eastern Europe (and I think the case has been made) then it is misleading, even dishonest to refer to Jews from those countries as though they were nationals. Thus George Soros should be referred to as a Jew and not a Hungarian and Mr. Dreier should not be referred to as a Pole if he is in fact Jewish. I bristle when I read Media reports that refer to Muslim terrorists as British merely because they were born in the UK. Usually it transpires that there was nothing British about them except that they were born in a little piece of England that has been colonized by immigrants who have no intention of integrating. I have the awful feeling that the Media deliberately attributes nationality in this legalistic way in order to deceive us. Truth is educational and surely we should be told the race and religion of any perpetrator as part of the whole story. If it turns out that several of the fraudsters of today are Jewish, we should know the truth. It will not diminish in any way the awful events that took place in Eastern Europe when 6 million Jews, most of them children, women and old and sick people were herded into cattle trucks, beaten, starved, tortured and gassed. Plenty of Jews who escaped to the West from Eastern Europe have greatly contributed to us all as doctors, scientists, economists, song writers, musicians and researchers so there is no need to selectively cover up the identities of the few rogues.

In a previous article I mentioned the BBC reporting of the Glasgow terrorist trial and how the ‘M’ word was avoided in favor of profession and employer. In Thursday’s WSJ, in the prominent front-page column “World-Wide” there was this brief report. “A British doctor who led failed car-bomb attacks in revenge for US actions in Iraq was sentenced to life in prison”. There are 3 dishonest things packed into his little piece by the editor. No mention of the ‘M’ word, use of the word ‘British’, and the blame-America slant. Nearly everything we read in the Mainstream Media is dishonest, manipulative propaganda.

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