BNP Does Not Compete On A Level Playing Field

The final UK election result was a mixed bag, but first let us congratulate the BNP on their gain of two European Parliament seats. The party also gained three County Council seats. Since both Nick Griffin and Andrew Bron only scraped into the frame by the slimmest of margins and since the BNP percentages in both Euro constituencies was slightly down, Mr. Griffin’s claim that these were great successes may seem like hyperbolism.

On this website we were hugely disappointed by the BNP failure to make a breakthrough in British politics but on reflection the BNP leader deserves to be upbeat. I will explain this later, but first some comments about the whole picture of results.

The Labour Party of Gordon Brown took a drubbing. As I wrote on a blog on Human Events (see article by John Gizzi) it is too easy to draw conclusions that fit a pre-determined opinion. No doubt Brown’s Socialists are suffering from voter fatigue and in ‘Two-Party’ systems like the UK any Party that has been in Government for a long time is eventually deserted by floating voters. Also Brown has suffered from being in office when the world’s economy took a dive. He is not an upbeat and charismatic politician who can dazzle the voters with empty but supremely confident speeches. In short he is no Obama! Most immediately, his Labour colleagues in Parliament have been revealed to be a bunch of pigs, waist-deep in the trough of tax-exempt (and often fraudulent) expenses.

David (hug a hoodie) Cameron, the ‘modernizing’ Conservative leader has seen his Party gain seats and is being hailed by the Media that now promotes him as the next Prime Minister. The truth is however that the Conservative Party failed to gain votes and only prospered because of the collapse of the Labour vote. The Conservatives have also been exposed as pigs shoulder-deep in the trough of Parliamentary expenses and Cameron lacks charisma every bit as much as Brown. The Lib Dems, long the beneficiaries of protest votes, fared no better than the Conservatives, lost votes and are equally tarnished by the expenses scandal.

In the aftermath of the expenses scandal that has rocked the UK’s political establishment and which broke just before the election it is not surprising that fringe Parties gained at the expense of the three main players. The surprise to Mr. Radical and Mr. Right (though it should not have been to us of all commentators) was the success of the Greens, the UKIP and the ragbag of other Parties who picked up votes when the BNP benefitted hardly at all from the voters’ rebellion.

We expected the BNP to prosper in the scenario of disillusionment that existed for this election and it seemed as though the Party’s time had at last come. It is, after all, a real Party, with many members, even more committed sympathizers, a near national organization, activists who now go out into many town centers to sell newspapers and engage the public, a long and creditable list of candidates, a website that dwarfs the other Parties in terms of visitors, a coherent set of policies and a very popular message that appeals to millions of native British people. Above all, its members and activists are battle-hardened for they have been risking life, limb and liberty as well as jobs and homes by publicly revealing their support for the Party.

The UKIP, which did so well in this election, is a fraudulent and empty shell of a Party. It has few members, fewer activists (a Party of chiefs and no Indians) and, for those who dig for the information, a worst record of expense fiddling by their handful of EURO MP’S than the UK parliamentarians. Indeed several UKIP MP’s have been going beyond expense manipulation and into blatant criminality. The Party has no policies other than to be perceived by the public as ‘against the EU’. It scrabbled around to find candidates for this election and many would have passed no scrutiny.

The Greens are also fraudulent, for how else can you describe a Party that claims to want to protect the Nation’s remaining green fields, woodlands and farmland and yet supports unlimited Third World immigration. It has always been the Party of College towns, incense burners, owners of tiny ‘chic’ ethnic women’s clothes shops, health foods and dismal vegetarian restaurants. This is not a Party that can campaign out on the streets of the Nation beyond the enclaves of love, peace and dope.

So how did these two Parties become the recipients of much voter protest whilst the BNP languished? I must go back to the beginning of my fourth paragraph, for I mentioned ‘the political establishment’ had been rocked by scandal. I chose my words deliberately for on this website we do not believe that the ‘political establishment’ and the ruling Class are the same thing. The political establishment is made up of the leaders of the main political parties, Union leaders, leaders of the old and empty churches, prominent business leaders and those academics who are always sought out by the Media for a quote and ‘expert’ opinion. These people are assumed by the public to be the powerful force in society, the people who shape the political and legislative agenda and the people who should carry the can in the event of disaster. In actual fact, they count for little and may bask in the sunlight only so long as the Media allows. They can be destroyed by the Media, singly or in groups, whenever they displease the Media rulers or there is a need for scapegoats.

In this recent pre-election period I maintain that the Media Class became disunited, with some elements turning on Gordon Brown and some even turning on all three main Parties. Only the powerful BBC and a couple of national newspapers have remained relatively loyal to the Labour Party. Others, like the Murdoch newspapers have decided to promote Cameron. The Media Class has however been decidedly united in ruthlessly attacking the BNP, using a daily diet of lies and smears to do so. The BNP is alternately treated as non-existent and as a dreadful Nazi threat. This has proved to be a successful Media Class strategy, for most UK voters pay little attention to politics. I know from my personal UK contacts that many who would have voted BNP a few months ago, in the end voted UKIP or Conservative. Some believed that, whilst voting BNP in the occasional council by-election was worth it, the nationwide elections were beyond the BNP. After all the opinion polls were giving them no chance and all establishment politicians and leaders were united in saying the BNP was beyond the pale. Others, who scan the Media headlines on the way to a thorough read of the sports’ pages, assume that there is no smoke without fire and that the BNP really must have a direct link to Hitler.

Besides taking the above into account, we must never forget that the BNP cannot hold public meetings for the voters to attend and meet and hear their leaders. Denied a fair deal in the whole of the Media, the Party is also denied a chance to meet the people on the streets. I know I have mentioned the activists who are now erecting tables in the squares of small town and selling BNP papers but even these people are harassed and threatened by the police, sometimes falsely arrested and detained and frequently abused and attacked by Red thugs. The police are clearly instructed to look the other way or arrive late on the scene and rarely are Red thugs apprehended or prosecuted. This has to be contrasted with the heavy handed treatment of BNP members who are only exercising legal rights to campaign. Most areas of public employment, including the police forces, the fire brigade service, the health services, teaching and local and central government employment are denied to BNP members. Public meeting places are denied to the BNP and pub landlords and others with meeting rooms risk severe persecution, both official and physical, if they are discovered to have allowed the BNP use of their facilities. All meetings have to be arranged in secret, thus forcing the BNP to look conspiratorial. None of this persecution is revealed in the Media and no mainstream politicians protest. Many politicians approve of BNP persecution and are happy to collude in the silence but others must know that to protest on behalf of free speech would bring down the wrath of the Media and an end to a political career. I could write much about the anti-BNP fraud that takes place in many election venues (a Leftist tactic that is now widespread in the US too) but readers will have got the picture.

Yesterday, Griffin and Bron, the two newly-elected Euro MP’s attempted to hold a press conference outside Parliament. In front of reporters and cameras, a small group of Red thugs brazenly attacked Griffin and prevented the conference from proceeding. No police and no consequences for those thugs who boasted that they intend to prevent every attempt by Griffin to appear in public anywhere! The Media is reporting this outrageous attack on free speech only in hidden paragraphs and with some gleeful approval. No other Party in the UK experiences any of these disadvantages!

In this context the BNP election result, nearly a million voters, and three Euro seats, is the triumph that Griffin claimed. Well Done!

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