BNP Achieve Good Result in Manchester

University-based experts are forecasting that the ‘Far Right’ in the UK will fail to elect a single Euro MP in June and that all across Europe the Socialist Parties will make moderate gains. This might be wishful thinking, whistling in the wind or even an attempt to sway the results with dishonest research. As we always warn on this website, never believe anything you read in the Mainstream Media, and never believe any research that emanates from a public Universtity for those institutions are stuffed with Leftist liars who take the view that any dishonesty is justified in pursuit of Leftist objectives. These ‘experts’ will not take comfort from the ward by-election result from Moston, Manchester last night (9th April 2009). The result was as follows: Labour 1353 38.7% (-10.8%); BNP 815 23.3%; LibDem 696 19.9% (+7.2%); Conservative 558 16% (-13.9%); Green 74 2.1% (-5.8%).

This was a Labour stronghold and the BNP had never fought the ward before, so the result is quite stunning. It is even more remarkable in that Moston is an old Catholic area of Manchester (though now enriched with Third World immigrants) and the RC Bishop of Manchester has recently put aside such minor issues as abortion and sodomy in order to tell his flock to vote for any Party (Atheist Far Left included) other than the BNP. Radical and Right congratulate the brave BNP candidate and his supporters who have endured constant Red violence, official harrassment and police persecution and can expect much more of the same after this result. Remember that the BNP is the only Party that cannot advertise public meetings because of persecution and violence and that British Media journalists have a publicly stated policy of reporting only negative things about the BNP. BNP leader Nick Griffin may well find himself in the Euro Parliament after June and unlike the UKIP people who got to Brussels and then wallowed in the pig trough, Griffin can be expected to be a thorn in the sides of the Euro pigs.

Here in the USA we have witnessed the humiliating performance of our new President strutting across the world, apologizing to all and sundry for his Nation’s past ‘sins’. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Obama, like the Hollywood actors who helped to finance him, lives for the limelight and an adoring audience. Apologizing for America’s power and prosperity is guaranteed to draw applause from the students and Leftist twerps of Europe, and Obama’s past associations suggest that he believes the drivel he is spouting. Whether he realizes it or not, he is also playing a very dangerous game when he trumpets his determination to wind down America’s armed forces and seek the elusive ‘peace dividend’. The leaders of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba will also join in the cheering of the European wine and cheese brigade – and probably can hardly believe their good luck. With each day that this over-confident, vain, ignorant man opens his mouth in the search for headlines and adoring audiences, the world becomes more dangerous.

The US Talk Show host, Mark Levin was never one of my favorites when he stood in for Rush Limbaugh, for he lacked Limbaugh’s civility with callers. He reminded me of a snappy little terrier. Since the election of Obama, however, Levine’s unrestrained attacks on the President and his Party have ceased to be over the top. Not that he has toned them down but that they are now entirely justified by the reckless actions of the US government on every front. Levin’s latest book, ‘Liberty and Tyranny’, has now topped the New York Times best seller list for two weeks, a staggering achievement. It is even more staggering when one considers that it has not been reviewed or mentioned on one TV Show or in one MSM newspaper or magazine. On this website we are not surprised that the whole Media marches in lockstep for what we are witnessing is a ruling Class that has control over the Nation’s political agenda. For the same reason the BNP in the UK is never mentioned in the Media except to provide fodder for scare stories and lies. The many BNP voters are kept invisible just like the many buyers of Levin’s latest book yet still conservatives, Christians and Nationalists fail to recognize that the Media Class has taken power and waging war against them in the pursuit of a new Moral Order.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that here in California temperatures continue to stay below the norm. Many nights have seen them drop to 36 F and frosts are commonplace despite it being April. The Global Warming alarmists will have an explanation, no doubt, but I am addicted to those lying eyes of mine.

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