Blair Goes – Media Spin Continues

It is our contention on this website that the Media Class makes and breaks politicians and their parties, as it pursues its own self-serving agenda. Tony Blair and his Labour Party have now experienced the price of offending the Media Class in just one important area, despite coming to power through Media support and advancing much of that Media agenda in the past ten years.

Blair has kept the UK’s door wide open to mass immigration in general and Third World immigration in particular, helping to Balkanize the western fringe of Europe and destroy the British Nation State and its Christian heritage. His government has undermined traditional family life at every turn, pushing a feminist and Leftist legal framework that can only result in the collapse of two-parent family life and spawn an indigent indigenous population. He has craftily advanced the homosexual agenda on several fronts, including granting homosexual behavior exceptional legal protection. Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer, has fleeced the hard working backbone of the British people of their pensions and savings, and taxed the thrifty at every turn. In the face of appalling and largely immigrant lawlessness and casual violence on the streets, Blairs’ Labour Government has done nothing but promote cosmetic law-and-order policies whilst encouraging a newly-politicized police force and judiciary to persecute dangerous (because potentially popular) political opponents. The already-crowded British Isles has been swamped with needy and indigestible masses from all parts of the globe thanks to Blair and he has slyly deprived the historically independent British people of their birthright of national integrity by moving forward the EU’s control. The result is a nation in which the native people are becoming intimidated second-class citizens.

For all this, he is now despised by most of the voters and his Labour Party is in the doldrums. Yet to read and hear the Media obituaries on Blair, it becomes clear that none of this has brought about his downfall. Across Europe and the US, the Media has pronounced that Blair has been driven from office by his support of “Bush and his war in Iraq”. The Wall Street Journal on its front page of Friday May, 11th pronounced “he leaves a hugely unpopular figure for following Bush to Iraq”.

The BBC-led Media Class of the UK will never forgive Blair for supporting the hated Christian American President and it turned against him on the day that, perceiving that Islamic Imperialism had to be confronted in its own backyard, he aligned the UK with its old US ally and its born-again leader. If the Iraq invasion had been instigated by the libertine Clinton, Blair could have expected the support of most of the British Media and at the minimum a tepid support from the steadfastly Leftist BBC. Blair is probably still pondering how he ceased to remain the darling of not only the UK’s Media Class, but that of Europe and the US too.

This is not to argue that the war against the Islamic Imperialists is popular with the British people. No war is popular if it lasts more than a few months and has no dramatic victories to claim. Add in a dominating media that reports only bad news from the Front and daily misreports everything to do with the war, and public enthusiasm evaporates quickly. But the war is far away and few (other than the Nation’s loyal servicemen and their families) feel affected by it. The evidence of every election has been that the war is not the central issue or even one of the central issues and the BNP paid a heavy price last week for thinking otherwise.

Two things need to be noted. One is that the war is a preoccupation of the Media Class, almost solely because it was initiated by Bush. The other is that the Media Class intends to write and rewrite the record so that everyone, now and in the future, comes to believe that it was support for Bush that caused Blair’s downfall. In doing so, it not only puts another nail in the hated Bush’s coffin, but distracts attention from the real causes of Blair’s unpopularity. For the Media Class agenda to continue its progress, the voters have to be persuaded not to believe their lying eyes. It is for advancing the Media’s Leftist social agenda that Blair is despised, and talking to British people (away from reporters, Leftist activists, informers and policemen) soon reveals what it is that has made him, to quote the WSJ, “hugely unpopular”.

For the record, as the UK shivers and soaks at the start of summer, here in the Bay area of California we are enjoying a pleasant, but not hot, May. I suppose we have Al Gore’s global warming to thank. Readers of this website are advised to read the BNP website concerning the Leftist campaign to stop Nick Griffin from speaking to a student meeting at Bath University. Nothing could better illustrate the Leftist hostility to free speech and the Media’s willingness to be complicit. Readers might also wish to seek out an article on Free Republic concerning the appalling torture and murder of a young white couple by a gang of Black youths. This sickening story was posted on May 11th by ‘jyro’ and was written by Whitney Daniel. The rape, torture and murders took place back in February and the article asks why there has been no media exposure. Regular readers of this website will know why.

15 May 2007 – Update
The crime took place January, not February as stated above. The nature of this case and the way it has been handled by the media brings to mind the Wichita Murders in 2000. Here are links to the sources:
Free Republic
Snopes (Urban Legends)

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