Blago Maintains Momentum

This morning I heard the Blagojevich news conference. You have to give it to this man! He has learned the tricks of the political trade and he has nerve. My opinion is that he is in the Obama league. The Democrat Governor of Illinois has been the subject of FBI investigation for all sorts of financial criminal activity that involves using his office of Governor to extract donations from people who wanted State contracts or job appointments. The most newsworthy and topical of his alleged crimes is that of attempting to sell the Senate seat vacated by Obama. I think it is highly suspicious that the Chief prosecutor halted the secret investigation that has been going on for more than a year, by making public charges. By doing so he undoubtedly prevented anyone in the Obama camp from incriminating himself. At the moment it is impossible for anyone to cast even the smallest shadow over Obama’s coronation and so the Prosecutor was probably considering his own future when he decided to effectively halt the monitoring of Blagojevich’s phone contacts. Blagojevich’s tactic at the news conference was to ignore completely the charges and to accuse the Illinois House of Representatives (that had just voted to impeach him) of pursuing a political vendetta because he has been working for the poor and medically uninsured of his State. This man can talk as confidently as Obama whilst skating on thin ice. If Blagojevich is guilty of the many accusations that have been made, then he is indeed a psychopath. In any case, his seeming victory over House Senate leader Democrat Harry Reid and Obama himself must be giving him much satisfaction. It also keeps him in the headlines, no small matter if he is a psychopath. Today, his victory was reinforced when the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that Burris did not need a certificate from the State Attorney General in order to take his seat in the Senate. Reid has been trying to hide behind this new condition and now it has been ruled irrelevant. Reid will once again be humiliated and Blagojevich’s momentum continues.

I have compared Blagojevich’s confidence and nerve to Obama’s, for the latter has been making speeches today about the US economic problems and his ‘plans’ to deal with them. I cannot help concluding that Obama does not know what he is talking about but is quite undeterred by his ignorance. There is a loftiness about his delivery which combined with nothing but generalities suggests to me that we are about to have a President who, at best has no substance and at the worst may be a political con man. Another appeal is about to be made to the US Supreme Court to examine his claim to citizenship and his legal qualification to be President. This one again is going to be heard in private and if rejected is likely to be ruled on without any explanation. At the same time, all attempts (by those who question Obama’s legality) to advertize the case in the Media, are rejected. Even Fox News will not run the adverts. Since the matter could be settled so easily by Obama, simply by producing proper evidence of birth and overseas travel, and since he has concealed all the usual early records that Presidential candidates routinely make public, I think he might be pulling off the biggest scam of all time.

I recommend to readers of this website an article on this week’s Human Events by Mac Johnson 1. I have not come across Johnson before but his piece on Caroline Kennedy and her entitlement to the Clinton Senate seat is spot on. I particularly like his observation that today’s Leftist domination of the electorate is due to “a coalition of the paternalistic and the infantile”. This is a good explanation of the shared goals of the rich and poor that is a feature of the recent political alignment, not only in the USA, but throughout Western Europe. I think Johnson is right as far as he goes but that the underlying explanation is the rise to power of the Media Class. On page 6 of the readers’ blogs on the Johnson article you will find my comments.

The American Family Association has revealed that Campbell’s Soups has joined PepsiCo, Ford and MacDonalds in publicly supporting the homosexual cause with massive donations. All of these companies seem determined to favor this minority despite the many examples of its often disgusting behavior and they are willing to ignore majority opinion, even in hard economic times. There are two possible explanations. One is that the CEO’s of these companies have a taste for sodomy. The other is that they wish to march in lockstep with the new ruling Class.

The Mainstream Media has gone silent on the rioting in Sweden, Greece and France. Is this because all has gone quiet on the ground? I doubt it! More likely the MSM realizes that it cannot continue reporting the riots without revealing the racial and religious make-up of the rioters. This is an inconvenient time to be portraying Muslims and their Leftist allies in a bad light, for the MSM’s agenda now is to gain worldwide sympathy for Hamas in the Gaza. I read reports of the protest marches in London today (Saturday) and could find no mention of the word Muslim. The word used everywhere was ‘protestors’. When I saw pictures, it was obvious that the Muslim immigrants were out in full force. It is reported that 100,000 demonstrated against Israel in London and that 20,000 marched against the Israeli embassy where violence broke out. The Media will play down the violence, be coy about the type of people protesting and their real motives and try to give the impression that the civilized world is outraged by Israel’s invasion. This website is not pro-Israeli but we are for honest reporting and believe that the truth should always be told and let the chips fall where they may. We say that there is no honest reporting by the Media any longer for everything has to serve the Media Class agenda. The truth is that the Muslim immigrants into the UK and into Europe have been imported (along with many other immigrant groups) to destroy the racial and cultural identity of the native people. The Muslims will not be assimilated and they are intent on imposing Islam on everyone. I will bet that most British people who see the protestors and learn about them have not one shred of sympathy for their cause and wish they were back home in the Middle and Far East. Do not expect this fact to be reported anywhere. No reporter would risk his job, even if he felt motivated to do so, by seeking out and reporting the views of the great majority, and no editor would allow it to reach the public.

Here in California, the nightly frosts continue. The UK is also experiencing the coldest winter for many years. Weather reports in the Media have to mention the facts but no mention is being made of the extreme cold in relation to the issue of global warming. Yet as soon as a minor heat wave occurs the subject of global warming will be brought up in the same context. As we say here on this website, the Media only pedals propaganda. I will not buy Pepsi or a Ford car or a Campbell’s soup or go into a MacDonalds and I don’t watch TV, go to the cinema or buy any newspapers. As a result I am healthier and I can think clearly. You could do the same!

1. Human Events – Caroline Kennedy: The Best The Dems Have To Offer

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