Black War on Whites – Media Missing in Action

The racist murder of war veteran Delbert Belton aged 89 may have been speedily erased from the Mainstream Media but it rumbles on in those places where real news is reported.   Those who pay attention to real news will know that Spokane police chief Frank Straub was able to claim, even before both suspects had been apprehended, that Mr. Belton’s murder was not a race crime. The same Frank Straub has now made a statement that Mr. Belton may have contributed to his own death because he fought back when attacked. So, according to police chief Straub, the brutal attack on this very old White man, allegedly by two young Black men (now named as Demetrius Glenn, 16, and Kenan Kinare 16), was devoid of a race motive and was fuelled by the victim’s unwillingness to be a passive victim. Straub, of course, is aware that defining any violent attack by Blacks on Whites as racist will bring nothing but trouble to him and be an impediment to his career. Washington State is controlled by Leftists based in Seattle and we can assume that Seattle Leftists follow the modern Communist playbook, in which facts are irrelevant and the agenda is all. Straub must also be aware that Eric Holder’s ‘Justice’ Department is monitoring every incident where Blacks are involved and is determined to be involved to right the wrongs of the past. Every public official everywhere will also be aware that Obama too is watching over the sons he never had. Just as the officials in Florida hastened to treat Trayvon Martin as a victim and Zimmerman as a killer – despite the facts – so we can expect officials everywhere to be blind to Black racist attacks, even as they proliferate under our post-racial President. 

    Do not expect the Mainstream Media (MSM) to inform you of the attack on a 32 year old White woman in Pittsburg which took place at 2pm on Sunday on a road in North Side. Here again, it seems that the victim brought violence upon herself. I am grateful to contributors to Free Republic for several postings Aug 27th from under the heading “Teens face ethnic intimidation charges after brutally beating woman in North Side” 1. The woman was driving her car when, it is alleged, a bottle was thrown at the car by a group of Black girls. She stopped to confront them and they attacked her by kicking and punching and then robbed her, leaving her lying on the street. There were several witnesses and some came to the victim’s aid. It is alleged that the victim was called a racial slur. She was taken to hospital. Three Black girls, aged 14, 15 and 16 were arrested and have been charged with ethnic intimidation, robbery and conspiracy. 

    I am not sure how ‘ethnic intimidation’ differs from ‘race crime’ or ‘hate crime’ but I suspect that yet another police chief realizes that under our new Ruling Class public officials must tread carefully and recognize that Obama’s children can only be victims. On no account are these crimes to be reported in any way that will detract from the Ruling Class revolutionary narrative that Blacks continue to be victims in an unjust, White-dominated society. We can expect that the 50th MLK anniversary will be used by Obama and the Media to reiterate and reinforce this myth. Whilst we can assume that both Obama and Holder are motivated by personal feelings of ‘get even’, the powerful underlying force in all this is the ruling Media Class which cares nothing for the Black underclass. It is intent on keeping Obama in power and paving the way for a successor just as willing as he, in order to advance the Media Class agenda. For the agenda to be completed America must remain Balkanized and the White conservative population demoralized, intimidated and ultimately suppressed. The Media Class and its Leftist allies are determined to keep their hold on the White House and the Senate so that the Constitution can be ignored or cherry-picked, the Courts packed with Leftists and perverts and Government’s oppressive powers increased. The goal is not a real improvement for the Black underclass but the advancement of the social and moral transformation of America so that it will provide for the sexual appetites of our new Rulers. 

    This may seem fanciful to many of our website visitors. Why would a Ruling Class care about destroying a moral society when there are so many dangers in the real world? Our answer is that our new Ruling Class, financed mainly by Hollywood and the Entertainment world and those hugely wealthy individuals who share their appetites, live for the present only. Unlike Christians, who believe in moderation in this life and an Afterlife with a Judgment Day; unlike those ordinary working people who have children and worry about their future and unlike Nationalists who care about the Nation’s survival, our Ruling Class is Godless, obsessed with sex, drugs and Rock and Roll and virtually childless. Their power lies in the Media where reality can be and is, set aside. We have a Ruling Class that is hugely wealthy and whose wealth is divorced from the production of real things. Unlike the dominant class of previous centuries, whose wealth was built on railways, coal, steel, electricity and crop production, our Ruling Class owes its wealth to the production of fantasy. Ruling Classes seek to remake society in their own images and ours intends to recreate a society that is morally non-judgmental, for it is a sick Class and can only feel comfortable in a sick society. It nurses a hatred for that which is normal. It nurses a hatred for truth and facts. It nurses a hatred for Christianity and America’s Christian history. We on this website assert these things as religious skeptics who simply see the reality – that we are living through a revolution. 

    Weather – Here in middle California it remains cool for August and in the UK the summer continues to be mostly dismal with occasional warm sunny days. If this sounds unremarkable, that’s because it is and we should be pleased for some normality in our lives. 

    Postcript – Any doubters should read wpxi’s follow up next-day including an interview with the victim 2

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