Black on White Race Killings Continue

The casual killing of a young man in the small town of Duncan, Oklahoma is sorely testing the propaganda skills of the Mainstream Media.   Since the White victim is an Australian national who was visiting the US for baseball, it is not possible for the Mainstream Media (MSM) to totally ignore this piece of news, as it probably would have done in any other circumstances where the victim was White or Asian American. The problem for the MSM is that the alleged killers are Black and the MSM has a policy (intended to further the Leftist agenda of the Media Class) of not reporting any news that might reflect negatively on African Americans. The vast majority of Americans are unaware of this policy. The same MSM policy is employed in the UK. This self imposed (imposed by Media owners and Union employees in collaboration) policy of ‘racial preference/selectivity in reporting’ in both countries has been practised now for more than two decades and its unpublicized introduction coincided with the birth and rise to political power of the Media Class. 

    For the benefit of website visitors who have yet to learn of Mr. Lane’s murder, the facts are as follows. Earlier this week in Duncan, it is alleged by the police that Chauncey Allen Luna (16), James Edwards Jnr. (15) and Michael Dewayne Jones (17) sat in a car in the late afternoon and spotted Christopher Lane (22) jogging past. Lane was in the USA in pursuit of a baseball career and visiting his American girlfriend. He was presumably jogging as part of a keep-fit program. As far as we know, the unfortunate Mr. Lane was a normal, law-abiding young man with a bright future. 

    The three teenagers decided to kill Lane, who was a complete stranger to them, and it is alleged that they drove up behind him and either Luna or Edwards fatally shot Lane in the back. They then drove off, though it is reported that their crime was caught on a surveillance camera. It is alleged (though not part of the AP report) that they drove to a parking lot where they were about to commit another shooting. The AP reports (and on this website we regularly claim that AP is one of the prime propaganda arms of the Media Class and its reporting is wholly politically filtered and therefore never to be trusted) mention the accused teenagers’ ages and names and that one of them has allegedly confessed to the police. The AP reports also quote two of the parents in the aftermath of the arrests and charges. Edwards Snr. is reported as claiming that he knew where his son was 90% of the time and Luna’s mother has said “I know my son. He is a good kid”. According to the AP report – and other MSM reports – the police are saying that the teenagers were bored and killed for the fun of it. Since race and skin color get no mention in the AP report, or in other MSM reports including Wednesday’s WSJ, readers are left to speculate. Our website visitors would know immediately that as race and skin color are not mentioned by the MSM, the victim must be White and the alleged killers Black. 

    Rush Limbaugh has for the past two days, and to his credit, weighed in on the race factor of this crime and accused the MSM of deliberately concealing it. Rush has stated that the two alleged shooters are Black and the getaway driver (Jones) is White and some Internet pictures portray Jones as such with blue eyes. I have read that he has one White and one Black parent. I would warn our website visitors that the MSM is quite capable of doctoring a picture. Obama has mixed parentage but is touted as America’s first Black President so if Jones has mixed parentage we can class Jones, along with Obama, as Black. Indeed I doubt a White youth could safely sit in a car with two violent Black youths in Obama’s post-racial America. The three accused are – according to their Facebook entries – Rap followers and enthusiasts for gang violence. 

    As I wrote at the beginning, the MSM would sooner not be reporting this crime at all, for its policy is only to report the rare events of White on Black violence, or White Latino violence on Black, as in Zimmerman and Martin. However since Lane is a foreigner and his death was bound to be widely reported in Australia, the MSM has had to provide minimal coverage whilst carefully and dishonesty leaving out race as a factor. The AP report, after mentioning that Lane was Australian, said that the three alleged killers came “from the grittier part of town”. This is a new addition to the MSM vocabulary of Orwellian Newspeak and we must congratulate AP on its creative use of vocabulary. Here we have a reporter – and editorial staff – who have been unable to notice the White skin of the victim and the Black skins of the accused and yet have identified the victim’s home town (Melbourne) and the home neighborhood of the accused, even to the point of being able to describe the latter in such descriptive language. I admire ‘grittier’, which cunningly suggests unattractive, unpleasant, dirty and perhaps more than a little deprived and unjust. 

    I find it quite unbelievable that Lane was selected as haphazardly as the police are reporting and that his White skin color was not the deciding factor. As always, we must put aside the narrative planted by the MSM and fall back on our lying eyes and reasoning minds. Here we have two Black youths and one mixed race youth, all apparently of school age, who were sat in a car and armed. All were too young to legally own a gun so must have obtained the gun (or guns) illegally and from criminal sources. Whose car were they in for they could surely not afford a car of their own or have passed a test? We know that Edwards was on probation. We can assume that all were festering with anti-social emotions and, lacking a proper education, were ‘bored’. I find it hard to believe, however, that these youths will have moved from no crime, or very low-level crime, to casual assassination. Then again, I suppose anything is possible within a sub-culture that has been encouraged by the President and his Justice Department, and any number of celebrated Race Hustlers, educators and Leftist politicians, to regard racial revenge as both historically justified and justified by contemporary events such as the death of Trayvon Martin. 

    Since I started this article, the casual killing in Spokane of 89 year old Delbert Belton has been reported, initially on KXLY4 (Ian Cull) and then on Free Republic (See FR Aug 22nd). Mr. Belton, a WW2 veteran was outside Eagle Lodge on Wednesday evening when attacked. He died on Thursday in hospital. Two Black youths aged 16 and 19 have been arrested in connection with the attack. Given that this seemingly Black on White (and of a near 90 year old vet) killing has occurred so close to the Lane killing it is going to be hard for the MSM to wholly ignore it and its racial characteristic. However we can be sure that the MSM will bury it as quickly as possible and work to make the focus gun control, boredom, unemployment or ‘gritty’ living conditions. 

    The real truth is that the Obama/Holder Administration and its Leftist supporters in the Democrat Party and Labor Movement unashamedly and, with non-stop MSM support, have been promoting Black discontent and resentment since 2008. Their dominant motive may not have been to encourage the murder of Whites but rather to further Balkanize American society, mobilize Black voters and ensure Obama’s/Democrat Party re-election. However the mob, once aroused, can never be wholly controlled. The result of the quasi-official approval of Black on White revenge has been an epidemic of race-motivated murders by young Blacks on White victims. Whilst these have been hidden from the American public by the MSM, Conservative visitors to the Free Republic website – and similar websites including ours – will have been made painfully aware. Other such murders we can add include Free Republic (posted Tuesday Aug 13 from The Examiner) “Media Blackout: Nurse shot to death on the streets of Memphis”. David Santucci aged 27 and White was walking on South Main St. in the early hours of Aug 12th when murdered. His alleged killers are Dondre Johnson 19, Mario Patterson 23 and Jerrico Norfleet 23. 

    Also not reported in the MSM is the current trial of Mona Nelson, a middle-aged Black woman accused of kidnapping White 12 year old Jonathan Foster on a Christmas Eve, then tying him up and burning him to death with a blow torch.(See “The Last Refuge”. 8.14. 2013 and “The Welding Torch Killer – posted by Sundance on Aug 23rd.) Not a week goes by but the conservative Internet records another horrific racial murder of a White or Asian by young Black men. We can assume that murders are only the tip of an iceberg of violent attacks on the streets of our cities and all are deliberately ignored by the MSM, the Obama Administration and the extreme Leftists of the Democrat Party. In the meantime they all continue to ignore facts and inflame Black violence by portraying poor George Zimmerman as a child-killer who has walked free. 

    As observant White and Asian citizens well know, there is now one law for them and a different one for African Americans – so long as the latter are signed up for the revolution. As Eric Holder’s Racial Justice Department works flat out to prevent proper oversight of voting and to harass sheriffs who guard our borders and Federal Judges set aside voter-passed laws regarding genuine marriage, Jesse Jackson Jnr. gets a slap on the wrist for a massive theft. Jackson, the privileged 48 year old son of the Reverend Jackson who is currently working for Trayvon-style justice, longtime Leftist Chicago politician and comrade-in-arms of our President (not from the grittier part of town!) was in Court on Wednesday 13th August. It was lucky 13 for Jesse Jnr. who was sentenced to 2.5 years for illegally spending on personal items (including fancy restaurant dinners and an expensive watch) some $750,000 of campaign funds. He was given significantly less prison time than Federal guidelines recommend (should have been 4-5 years) as the judge recognized him as a “complex person” who had done both good and bad. It is reported that he used the campaign funds as a “piggy bank”. Jackson has been the Congressman for Illinois since 1995. 

    At the same time that Jackson was tried, his wife Sandra Jackson, a Chicago Alderman, received one year in prison for filing false joint Federal income tax returns. We might justifiably describe them as partners in crime and assume that her crime was discovered during the investigation of his crimes rather than by the IRS, which was too busy harassing conservative election activists. I doubt Eric Holder will be investigating Jackson’s very lenient sentence but I would bet that Obama has been on the phone – though off the record – commiserating with his old Chicago comrades. Obama is vacationing on the gritty Martha’s Vineyard at the 5,000 sq ft/$7m home of Chicago friend David Schulte. I would also mention as perhaps significant that Jackson’s lawyer was Reid Weingarten and his judge was Amy Berman Jackson and probably Jewish Leftists. 

    In post-revolutionary America, it is not only skin color and politics that now impinge on Justice in Court and in the place of work. Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported on Aug 14th (posted on FR by ducttape 45)) “Airman punished for objecting to gay marriage” that Sgt Phillip Monk was disciplined for voicing an opinion on same-sex ‘marriage’. His openly gay (female) commander is reported as saying “If you publicly say that homosexuality is wrong, you are in violation of Air Force policy”. In the post-revolutionary America, perversion is now officially beyond criticism in the Armed Forces. Meanwhile, on Aug 13th EAG News, Victor Skinner (Posted Aug 14th by grundle) “Father of molested student talks about his outrage toward seven teachers who supported the rapist and school board member Michael Eagan”. It is reported that at Ogemaw Heights High School in Rose City, Michigan, teacher Neal E rickson had been caught having sex with a boy pupil. He was prosecuted and convicted and Judge Bumgartner sentenced him to 15-30 years. Justice was done here, though one wonders how much longer homosexuals will be punished for seducing boys. I say this because 7 of Erickson’s teacher colleagues made representations to the Court on his behalf. The judge told Erickson that he was “appalled and ashamed that the community could rally around in this case, you”. No doubt Eric Holder’s Justice Dept is already investigating Judge Bumgartner as to his suitability to be a judge and the IRS will not be far behind in asking for 5 years financial records! The parents of the corrupted boy have had their home subjected to arson. 

    Weather – Here in middle California two or three days of around 100F were preceded and followed by unusually cool weather for August. In the UK it is much the same. Nevertheless Al Gore is busy forecasting imminent doom.

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