Bill Clinton Will Be Vice President

On this website we try to raise only those issues not fully or adequately covered by other Broad-Right sources. Here is one not promoted by the Trump campaign and carefully ignored by the Republican defectors and collaborators.

No-one in the White House has equaled Bill Clinton in the exploitation of women. Nor has any President so blatantly lied whilst in office and under attack for using his power to seduce a female intern. For these things he was censored and relieved of his law license.

Now gutless Paul Ryan has publicly deserted the Republican Presidential campaign, knowing that his actions will please the MSM/Democrat Party enemy and provided timely assistance to their campaign to put Hillary Clinton and Bill in the White House.

We can be sure that Ryan’s late and tepid support for Trump was forced on him by the nature of his office as Republican House Leader. How it must have galled him, and how he -and several other gutless collaborators – must have been looking for any opportunity to desert from the Counter-Revolutionary struggle that Trump is bravely leading!

Trump’s 11 year-old ‘pussy scandal’, long nursed by the arch-collaborating Bush elite and slipped to the MSM enemy anxious to deflect public attention from WikiLeaks’ latest Hillary Clinton revelations, was the cover for Ryan to defect behind the principle that he cared too much about the treatment of women to support Trump.

It has yet to be taken up by the Broad Right websites and Talk Radio, but Bill and Hillary Clinton are, as we noted yesterday when mentioning the latest Yoko Ono claim, a ruthless business/political partnership that operates under cover of a marriage. That marriage ended decades ago, probably by mutual consent, but the business/political partnership has not only survived, but grown stronger, richer, and more ambitious.

Tim Kaine, a Far Left Democrat non-entity, was surely delighted to be rescued from political obscurity when Clinton Inc. offered him the powerless but flashy and financially rewarding, title of Vice President. All he has been required to do in return is survive one debate. Vice Presidents rarely enjoy much power or influence, except to spend 4 or 8 years waiting for dead men’s shoes. Pence may well be an exception supporting a Counter-Revolutionary leader in what will surely be a time of civil unrest, big-city turmoil and enemies on all sides.

Kaine is well aware that the Clintons are a business/political partnership. All Democrat insiders and MSM activists know the Clinton marriage is a charade, and many undoubtedly know much more about the Clintons’ sexual lives. Kaine will also know that Bill Clinton will share the Presidency with his wife, other than when he is engaged in enjoying the sexual fruits of office. A Clinton election victory will produce the unusual situation of two Presidents in the White House, and a Vice President put out to grass.

The purpose of this article however is not to make fun of Kaine but to re-state the obvious, which is that Bill Clinton, compulsive exploiter of women, will be back in power. Most importantly this inevitable reality reveals that Paul Ryan and his fellow deserters from Trump were not motivated by a concern for women. They merely sought an excuse for their treachery.

This morning I heard Rush Limbaugh reminding his listeners that John Harwood, a one-time debate moderator, and now a CNBC anchor, has been exposed as an active collaborator by the latest WikiLeaks releases. Ten years ago on this website we were repeatedly naming Harwood, then a ‘reporter’ for the Wall Street Journal, as a Far Leftist, and warning that his ‘reports’ were cunning propaganda. We named others at the same time, and continue to do so on this website. One benefit of the Trump campaign and the political fracture that it has exposed, is that many more people are seeing that the MSM is the real Revolutionary force in America and those involved in it are not reporters but Far Left activists producing propaganda in furtherance of a Revolutionary agenda.

As we constantly write, and have done for a decade, all elements of Media Class output – TV, printed and radio ‘News’; Hollywood movies, soap opera entertainment, Media cultural commentating, Pop music, Fashion, Advertising and Pro-Sports – are governed by a skilful hidden agenda and contain a message that will affect the thinking of all who expose themselves to it.

If you want to reclaim the USA you must put your TV set in the garbage bin, never go the cinema (buy pre-1960’s films, DVD’s and TV products), switch off the radio news bulletins during Talk Radio programs, never buy a newspaper, avoid reading xfinity/Comcast etc headlines when navigating to Free Republic and other websites, stop following all pro sports, buy more guns and more ammunition, get rid of your dogs and start having children, and embark on Home Schooling or find a true-Christian school for the kids you start raising! I have survived 20 years practicing what I am now preaching!

One last note. Bob Dole was badly wounded in Italy in WW2. He is a genuine war hero who has suffered for his country. Perhaps that is why he is sticking by Donald Trump.

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The sweet-voiced Mildred Bailey (1907-1951), part Native American from Washington State, and early mentor of Bing Crosby, singing ‘I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You’. This very romantic song was composed in 1932 by Victor Young and lyrics by Ned Washington. Bailey, an overweight and diabetic sufferer recorded this classic in 1939 with the John Kirby band and Billy Kyle on piano.

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