Biden and the Media Class Litmus Test

What an anti-climax! After all the Media huff and puff aimed at building up the tension for Obama’s pick for VP running mate, we had the damp squib of Joe Biden. No matter how the MSM spins Biden, he is both totally unexciting and totally politics-as-usual. There were several candidates who might have given some small credibility to Obama’s claim to be about change. There were several who might have brought in wavering voters. There was one, Mrs. Clinton, who would have healed the wound caused by the bruising campaign just passed. Biden, a life-long member of Congress and Democrat insider is, as Republican commentators are quickly pointing out, also a Washington insider and his selection shows that Obama has abandoned his former campaign tag of being about change from the ‘old Washington-style’ politics.

The Biden selection is an admission by the Obama campaign that Obama is viewed by too many voters as inexperienced and lacking judgment, particularly on foreign affairs. This is therefore a defensive move from a position of weakness. In past weeks some commentators speculated that Obama might pick a ‘moderate’ Democrat who was against abortion and against same-sex marriage. No chance! Such commentators reveal that they have no understanding of the dynamics of today’s political forces. Obama was selected by the newly-dominant Media Class and his only chance of getting elected to the White House is that the Media Class continues to manipulate the news and entertainment on his behalf. Rush Limbaugh has now begun referring to Obama as a ‘dofus’ and he is right, though a little late in noting that the man is way out of his depth. The Presidency is indeed beyond his abilities and knowledge, just as it was beyond Jimmy Carter’s. Bush is hardly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is a veritable razor blade compared to Obama. However, Obama is all image (Black, slim, young, new and over-confident just like a guitar-strumming rock star in the making) and to the Media Class that is important for it is what their business is all about. The Media Class has no depth and its most powerful  (and richest) constituency (the entertainment industry) knows nothing else. More importantly, the Media Class is driven by an agenda that it will not compromise on. It is permeated by people who crave revolutionary social change for they are misfits in traditional society. We must not underestimate their hatred of traditional Christianity, their fear of any conservative Nationalism that would put emphasis on strong families, traditional virtues and the old culture.

Biden, like Obama, is sound on abortion and sound on same-sex marriage. He may go to church for appearances and votes, but I bet that there is no permissive social change that he would oppose. Some might argue with this website’s premise and say that surely the Media Class, if it is as powerful as we claim, could tolerate a VP candidate who opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, in order to pull in conservative voters for Obama. The answer is ‘no’ for this Class could not risk a VP who fails the litmus tests because Obama’s death would put him/her in the White House. The culture war that is raging in Western Society is compelling evidence that a new Class has taken power and is hell-bent on changing society to reflect its needs. This Class is not seeking small reforms but revolutionary change. It will not compromise, for new ruling classes never do. Abortion on demand is a litmus test issue for it encompasses many changes in society. Its legitimacy deals a mortal blow to traditional Christianity thus paving the way for moral relativism. It signals the triumph of convenience over consequences. It is sexually liberating for heterosexuals and divorces sex from procreation. The parallel need for the powerful male homosexual constituency in the Media Class is the cure for AIDS. Spending whatever it takes on finding a cure for AIDS is another litmus test issue for many, perhaps most homosexuals, who are not prepared to consider, let alone tolerate abstinence or caution. Same-sex marriage is not a final ‘right’ to be won. It is merely a step on a never-ending road of permissiveness.

Politicians, observers and commentators who believe that there could be some kind of compromise position for Western society in the culture war, fail to see that the Media Class and the people it represents have a revolutionary agenda. Every advance in the agenda is just a step forward and never a final resting place. Those who believe that human appetites should never be curbed and that the old wisdoms of traditional religions (wisdoms that have been hard-won over 2000 years) are simply oppressive, have to pursue new experiences like an addict craves bigger doses.

Obama, Biden and the Democrats do not ponder all this but intuitively understand that to get elected and achieve fame they must have the support of the MSM. It is that simple. This is not to say that theObama/Biden team will win. The Media Class certainly has formidable power but it is not all-powerful in the US, at least not yet. The Constitution, the Internet, and Talk Radio are all impediments to the Media Class. So are all those Americans who unlike their European counterparts reaffirm their faith in Christianity. There are also forces out there in the real world that the Media Class cannot control including natural disasters, economic trends, terrorism, and hostile foreign powers and one or a combination of these might propel John McCain into the White House despite the best efforts of the MSM and their Leftist allies. And, dare we say, there is also human nature which remorselessly defines normal and abnormal no matter what the ‘enlightened’ might wish for. Let us hope McCain ignores the advice of MSM commentators to choose a ‘moderate’ running mate. Their choices of abortion-supporters and same-sex marriage proponents are not motivated by a wish to help McCain but to ensure his defeat. Nothing would please the MSM people more than for McCain to alienate the Christian and socially conservative base for this would probably guarantee Obama’s victory and if not, given McCain’s age, would ultimately put a MSM pick in the White House.

I am grateful to a visitor to this website who has sent me several newspaper cuttings from rural Devon in the UK. In the next article I hope to comment on the Media’s treatment of the BNP in Broadclyst Village Hall for such anecdotal evidence tells us much about the Media’s ability to manufacture ‘news’.

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