Biased And The Biased BBC Website

I am a daily visitor to the ‘Biased BBC’ website. Its editors cite current BBC news programs on TV and radio and demonstrate with evidence the consistent Leftist bias that permeates almost everything the BBC broadcasts. Many of the bloggers add information and good analysis and often furnish further examples of the BBC’s deceitful reporting that they have uncovered.

Occasionally, the bloggers get involved in lengthy disputes with a handful of BBC apologists and lose sight of the original issues, but this is a small price a visitor has to pay for finding such an effective watchdog. Clearly there are a good number of people in the UK who now realize that the BBC has a political agenda and that that agenda is anti-conservative and anti-Christian. The elitist Mandarins at the BBC, and their comrades at the Guardian Newspaper, are almost certainly irritated by the presence of alternative news on the Internet and by the opportunities the Internet offers for public criticism. I can only imagine the anger and spite that this website engenders in the BBC’s staff rooms. The BBC’s tax-funded near monopoly over news is being effectively challenged just at the time when it seemed to have domination of the airwaves. It is a pity that the BBC critics who run and contribute to the site do not read and thus gain an understanding of how and why the BBC has become the official and most doctrinaire voice of the Media Class.

The ‘Biased BBC’ website identifies several issues on which the BBC relentlessly and consistently misreports and spins the truth, including the war in Iraq, the domestic terrorist situation and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The latter issue gives rise to so much angry comment that I have to conclude that the editors of the website, or at least some of them, and many of the bloggers, are Jewish. This is fine by me, as I am convinced like them that the BBC is very pro-Palestinian and anti-Jewish in line with current Leftist orthodoxy. As it happens, I am sympathetic to the Palestinians’ and their loss of land as a result of the Zionist movement that began only in the 1890’s in Russia. It is hard not to view the 1948 establishment of a Jewish State on Arab land as the convenient but unjust solution of a European problem.

One cannot blame the Jews for this, for they were a desperate people searching for security, and no-where else was on offer. After the German nightmare of the 1930’s,the European-wide holocaust of the war years and the persecutions of Stalin’s purges in the USSR and Eastern Bloc, Jews could not be blamed for convincing themselves that they had a claim on their Biblical birthplace. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict that has certainly further inflamed Christian/Moslem friction since 1948 is a good example of the law of unintended consequences, and of good intentions going awry. History can be rewritten, and Leftists do it all the time, but real events cannot be undone, and Israel exists as a State of some 5 or 6 million Jews. Many of them are post 1948 refugees from surrounding Arab States. Israel’s Jews have long given up terrorism as a weapon. The Palestinians, or at least many of them, have embraced terrorism, and by that I refer to the planting of bombs in cafes and buses and the use of suicide bombers against civilian targets.

There is no longer an equation to be made between the Israeli Jews on the one hand and the Palestinians and their Muslim allies on the other. Events in Gaza this week demonstrate once again that the West now has to support Israel as a bastion of civilization compared to its Muslim neighbors. At this point in time any sane Palestinian must wish to be under Israeli rule. The BBC twists the news from this dangerous area and in so doing makes it even more dangerous by misleading the British people. The ‘Biased BBC’ website therefore carries out an important public service when it publicizes and castigates BBC propaganda.

The ‘Biased BBC’ website’s preoccupation with this topic contrasts with its failure to monitor and criticize the BBC’s treatment of British nationalists. I have yet to see a mention on it of the BBC’s blatant campaign against the British National Party and its members. Surely, a tax-funded public service has a duty to fairly report the activities of a legitimate political party? And isn’t the false imprisonment of its members on trumped-up charges also newsworthy? And what about police harassment of party activists who are electioneering? Not only does the BBC misreport these things, but the ‘Biased BBC’ website avoids them, too.

The BBC gives hugely sympathetic free publicity to all homosexual propaganda activities such as ‘Gay Parades’. Indeed, one can truthfully say that the BBC celebrates these events as though it had organized them itself. Yet the Bias BBC website never mentions such examples of social and political activism by the BBC.

It may be that the website editors view the BNP as anti-Semitic. If so, they have been misled by the very Media people they condemn for dishonesty. In any case, bias is bias and has no place in a tax-funded public service and the website should publicize it.

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