Beyond Indiana

The latest Opinion Poll out of Indiana has very bad news for Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mark Levin, Glen Beck, Newsmax, the WSJ Gang-of-Four, and poor old Rush Limbaugh. The NBC/WSJ poll for 26th to 28th April had Trump at 49%, Cruz at 34% and Kasich at 13%. A poll taken without Kasich – the face-to-face contest Cruz and his allies are said to seek -still showed Trump way ahead.

This mid-west State was at one time considered to be Cruz territory. If this poll was a correct snapshot – and almost every other poll has put Trump ahead – Cruz is headed for another humiliation on Tuesday night. It is likely that Trump has continuing momentum so that the result will be even more decisive.

It is just possible that Indiana will be the biggest upset of this contest and Cruz and Fiorina will march west to more victories. If so, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh will need to take heavy doses of tranquilizers and the Wall Street Journal will print a special celebratory edition.

However, back here in the real world, we are now expecting Trump to be the one marching happily west on Wednesday, having comfortably passed the 1,000 delegate total.

Cruz, no doubt aware from his own internal polls that he will lose Indiana, has now said that he intends to fight on, confident that despite losing the popular vote by miles, he can win deals for a delegate vote majority at the Convention. Does he really mean to do this or is this his last bluff in the hope for a miracle in Indiana?

Surely a man with a vestige of dignity and self-respect would throw in the towel after being soundly trounced in Indiana at this stage of the contest? Is Cruz so thick-skinned, so unbalanced by ambition, and so self-centered that he would feel OK about getting the nomination despite having lost the popular vote by a landslide? Perhaps he will gracefully withdraw on Wednesday, throw his support behind Trump, and use his regained dignity to campaign for Conservative values, the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and the victory of Conservative Congressmen in November.

We are not holding our breath. If Cruz continues to reject the voters decision, it will be interesting to hear Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday. Levin has lost his marbles, so an Indiana defeat will tip him into insanity, but surely Rush will pull back from the brink he teetered on last Friday?

A Trump victory on Tuesday will result in the full mobilization of the Soros Red, Black and Brown Guards. Expect Trump rallies in California and Oregon to be placed under siege, with the Mainstream Media working to build a momentum of street violence that will reduce Cleveland’s Convention to anarchy. We do not expect the Ruling Class and Far left to allow a general election campaign to proceed that could result in a Trump, Nationalist victory.

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