Bergdahl and Obama

On this website we avoid duplicating what other conservative websites are commenting about current events, partly because repetition is boring for our website visitors, but mainly because other writers usually do a better job. We also limit our scope to aspects that throw light on the MSM’s role in perverting truth, and its relentless imposition of the Media Class agenda.   The Bergdahl prisoner exchange, unlike many of Obama’s scandals, is one that, as of now, he has assumed full ownership. This week, following a publicity stunt in the Rose Garden with the Bergdahl family, and despite an unfolding debacle, Obama stood in front of the cameras and microphones taking the credit for re-uniting a family and leaving no American behind. He has decided to go on the attack rather than blame others for incompetence; rather than claim that he has only just learned the bad news and rather than haughtily claim that he is angry and about to appoint a commission to investigate and identify culprits. The MSM is scrambling to re-cast the Bergdahl story as an example of the President being driven by sympathy for two obscure and desperate parents. It is also scrambling to portray Bowe Bergdahl in a sympathetic, even heroic light. This will be a tough sell in view of the facts that have already emerged and with more to come, and there must be times when overwhelmed MSM editors almost despair of covering for their man in the White House. However, as long as he drives the homosexual agenda and rolls back the Constitution, they will continue to prop up him and his Party. Their job is being made even more challenging now that several Democrats, including Senator Diane Feinstein, are breaking ranks on the prisoner swap. Still, we must not underestimate the MSM’s ability to create a new history. 

    The Bergdahl/Obama scandal – for scandal is what this Taliban exchange is – reveals much about Obama’s character. But first we need to take another look at the mysterious Pte. Bergdahl before falling for the narrative that is in danger of being accepted even by conservatives. We shall refer to him as ‘Private’, for his promotions whilst absent from his unit are in themselves scandalous. There is something that doesn’t add up regarding the strange nature of his disappearance from his unit 5 years ago. The narrative that is too readily becoming ‘fact’ is that he was disillusioned with the Afghanistan war in general and his comrades conduct of it, and deserted. He would not, of course be the first young soldier to become so disillusioned with his Nation’s military policy that he deserted. In past wars soldiers have deserted to Canada and Scandinavia and other civilized non-combatant countries. A few, ideologically drawn to the enemy by Communism, have defected, most notably in Korea and Vietnam. 

    But surely Pte. Bergdahl, if simply disillusioned, would have sought a dishonorable discharge and a safe journey back to the USA? We can assume that no sane American or Allied soldier would risk falling into the hands of the Taliban. We have yet to encounter anyone who is indifferent to having his head slowly severed from his body by a saw. The absence of US prisoners in Taliban hands is testament both to US soldiers’ knowledge of the cruel fate that awaits them (thus fighting to the death) and to the fact that the Taliban does not waste food and water on infidels. On this website we find it unbelievable that a soldier would wander into this enemy’s territory as a means of expressing disillusionment with the war. We also find it unbelievable that the Taliban would have kept Bergdahl alive for 5 years, especially as the USA had a policy of no prisoner exchanges. Why did the Taliban keep Bergdahl fed, watered and protected? 

    Bergdahl has a strange background for a soldier. Contemporary pictures of his father, said to be a devout Christian, but looking like a bearded Muslim cleric and, ‘it is alleged’, speaking in a tribal Afghan tongue, add to the strangeness. We assume that Obama did not reply in the same language in their Rose Garden celebration- but who knows? Bergdahl Seniors’ ‘Muslim’ behavior is now explained by the MSM as an attempt to enable him to find sympathy with his son’s captors. Certainly both parents, assuming that they believed him to be an unwilling prisoner, will have struggled through the last 5 years knowing that he was in the hands of militant members of the cruelest religion in history. This might explain strange behavior. 

    Young Bowe, it is reliably reported, was not only an enthusiastic cyclist but a talented ballet dancer. Are there any heterosexual male ballet dancers in this world? Perhaps there are but then again perhaps Bowe was unfortunate to be a year or two ahead of the age of acceptance of gender and sexual confusion. As Theodore Dalrymple recently wrote (Taki’s Magazine June 1st 2014) “What in youth is called idealism is more often resentment”. Sexually uncertain people are probably resentful. Some young men, wrestling with sexual problems, seek a tough life to convince themselves and the world that they are ‘manly’. Often it proves not to be a solution and unnatural appetites persist. The Taliban are well- known for regarding young males as proper objects of sexual satisfaction. Should a confused sexual motive be the explanation for Pte. Bergdahl’s voluntary entry into Taliban territory, then much becomes clearer and we might feel some sympathy for a desperate and sexually-confused young man. Sexual appetites drive many desperate males into dangerous situations! 

    It is, of course possible that Bergdahl was snatched by the Taliban and taken into captivity but the reported actions he had taken prior to his disappearance seem to rule that out, as does his survival in Taliban hands for 5 long years. The other explanation is that Bergdahl had become, or already was a Muslim sympathizer and took a chance that he would be accepted by the Taliban once he had made this clear. In this scenario he is a traitor and has the blood of many US soldiers on his hands. Now that Obama has nailed his colors to the mast of the prisoner exchange we can expect that today’s post-purge military leadership will ensure that Bergdahl’s story is well-laundered. We should be suspicious of official reports about his health at the time of the swap. The MSM will certainly not delve for facts that would further embarrass Obama. 

    Given the facts that have emerged, even if some essentials are still missing, this prisoner exchange has Obama’s critics- and even his political allies- scratching their heads. It seems incredible that he and his close advisers were unaware of Bergdahl’s history and the pitfalls waiting. Five leading terrorists in exchange for one deserter/defector must have looked like a very bad deal to even the most casual investigator. There have already been many explanations floated in various places for the miscalculations of the regime and here they are; 

    (1) Obama is motivated by idealism. He sees US power as a source of the world’s problems and by reducing America’s standing he is shaping a better world. 

    (2) He has a Communist-influenced background and is secretly undoing America’s power and prestige. This explanation is close to (1) but paints him as a Leftist and not an innocent. 

    (3) He is a devious Muslim fellow-traveler and seeks to advance the cause of Islamic Imperialism whenever an opportunity occurs. 

    (4) He cares little about foreign policy and all his actions in this field are driven by his domestic political calculations, in particular emptying Guantanamo to please his Leftist and Muslim supporters. 

    (5) He is lazy, arrogant and sloppy, pays little attention to facts, and flies by the seat of his pants, confident that the MSM will cover up any mistakes. 

    We believe that all of the above except (1) are plausible but are inadequate without a thorough understanding of his character and his astonishing ascent to the White House. On this website we have maintained, from the earliest days of his primary victory over Mrs. Clinton and subsequent election to the White House, that his character is one key to his actions (and the Media Class is the other key to his success). The ensuing 6+ years of his Presidency have reinforced our oft-stated view that he is a psychopath. 

    Not all psychopaths have criminal histories. Many get married, have families and more than a few prosper in the workplace and in politics. They find wives who are dazzled by lies and flattery, or are stupid, or are happy to share the rewards of financial or political success. In the workplace, a clever psychopath can often greatly prosper. Small and big lies; lack of integrity; consuming, impatient ambition; the ability to spot and exploit the weaknesses of those around him; a willingness to do the dirty on rivals and to steal the credit for other people’s efforts-these are all the everyday behaviors of psychopaths. Some- when misdeeds and lies threaten to catch up with them- turn to desperate measures and crime, but many are adept and nimble opportunists and prosper. Some have charm and what is mistakenly called ‘charisma’ so that those around them are perpetually dazzled. 

    Since a psychopath lacks conscience, lying and taking advantage of others is modus operandi. The true psychopath, unfettered by conscience, considers himself superior to those around him and consequently is both super-confident and arrogant. He abhors hard work and routine and expects to get to the top very quickly. The knowledge he values is not that of his workplace or profession but the knowledge of the exploitable weaknesses of those around him or in his way. Since it is helpful to the psychopath to conceal his real self, many are good actors, capable of simulating pity, sympathy, kindness etc but never actually wasting time on commensurate actions. Most are narcissists. The less able psychopaths are often drawn to the stage and Hollywood-for obvious reasons. The danger of psychopaths with power is that their knowledge is superficial, their calculations entirely self-serving, they ignore the rules and refuse to be held accountable – and they can be very ruthless. 

    We leave it to our website visitors to compare the PUS and his actions to the personality traits listed above. We would add that in so far as he has any motivations beyond psychopathic self-advancement we believe that he has absorbed a Leftist worldview and he may also have absorbed Islamist sympathies. Neither ideological influence drives his political agenda however which is set by the forces that have promoted his career and now protect him. We believe that he is personally most influenced by racial resentment as a result of his mixed- race parentage and inadequate parenting. This racial resentment, which he shares with Eric Holder, results in actions which are calculated to punish White America. It is an emotion that is entirely selfish however and does not result in a desire to genuinely improve the lot of African Americans. 

    The Bergdahl/Taliban swop was almost certainly dictated by self-serving domestic political calculation-to distract from the VA scandal- with a little pro-Islam sentiment and a dose of anti-Americanism thrown in for good measure. Clearly, little attention was given to detail. Supermen do not waste time on detail or the drudgery of homework. Those ‘advisors’ around Obama will inevitably consist only of calculating yes-men/women, people fearful of his cold ruthlessness or those dazzled by his charisma. We can be sure that no-one in his inner cabal would dream of challenging the wisdom of any of his political impulses. 

    In the normal course of events we might expect that the billionaire Gods of Hollywood, who have financed his political campaigns, placed him in power and now cover his mistakes through their MSM, would conclude that their man’s character weaknesses (for which he was selected) have become a liability. However, as we have long explained on this website, our Media Class Rulers have minimal contact with reality down there in Beverly Hills and in their other luxurious retreats. In any case they care nothing for the Nation and its masses; they live for the present and its highs and orgasms; and believe that history can be re- written and filmed with any number of alternative outcomes. They are confident that Obama’s unconstitutional exercise of government power and their grip on News is sufficient to stifle public awareness, criticism and dissent. Most importantly for them, he continues to deliver on their social/moral agenda, advancing not only unhygienic homosexuality but every obscure sexual aberration. As for the Media Class allies, those not enthralled with him have nowhere else to go! 

    In the days and weeks to come America’s people will be fed false information as Obama and the Media Class scramble to re-present the Bergdahl/Taliban swap in a positive light. Since this regime took power, the Nation’s purged military leaders and its government bureaucrats have shown an astonishing willingness to lie and falsify. Bergdahl will be described officially and in the MSM as a man rescued from death’s door. His departure from his unit in 2009 will remain unexplained along with his activities whilst in Taliban hands. The soldiers who attempt to put the record straight about his defection will be vilified or ignored like the Swift Boat vets once were. The MSM will quickly move the News narrative on to other issues. Given time, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, a bold liar in the Obama mold, will once again describe Bergdahl as a soldier who served the USA with honor and distinction. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will keep saying that the swap was a great day for America. The Taliban 5 will disappear from Qatar and the MSM will look the other way. 

    There are more than 2 years of Obama’s rule ahead and no matter the outcome of November’s elections, he has become confident in ruling without Congress. We believe it likely that the suppression of free speech will be near completion by 2016. We are following in the path of the UK, where the people have quietly surrendered their freedom of expression for free bus passes and TV soccer. It appears likely that the Republican Party will have been neutered by those within its ranks (egged on by its Media and Big Business ‘friends’), who are preparing to eviscerate its base by abandoning traditional morality in favor of flippant abortion, enthusiasm for sodomy and transitional sexual identities, open borders, toleration of all things bizarre and a revised code of what is officially intolerable. 

    America desperately needs a strong, uncompromising conservative leader to emerge. One who recognizes that the Media Class and its allies are master-minding a revolution, that the MSM is their most powerful weapon, that the Democrat Party is merely a tool of the Media Class, that Big Business and the wealthy are on the side of the revolutionaries and its government, that the Judiciary and Military have been politicized and are now ready as tools of repression, and that new ways must be found to talk directly to the people and mobilize resistance. 

    Whist we wait for such a leader we must continue to resist in our daily lives. Amidst much depressing news there are often things to encourage us and they can mostly be found on the Internet. For an excellent and truly objective analysis of the recent Euro elections we recommend Adrian Davies’ article on the American Renaissance website of May 27th, entitled “The European Elections”. We like his word “Identitarian” to describe those who seek to protect their national and racial identity. We don’t believe that racial purity is worth a fig but protecting national boundaries and resisting Third World invasions are vital goals. The proponents of racial purity people have respectable arguments that deserve a hearing. In any case free speech must be defended at all times and everywhere. 

    Yesterday morning I was talking with a Mexican American resident of San Leandro (Bay Area of California). San Leandro has large Latino and Asian populations of working people. He told me that last week a mob of African Americans came by train from nearby Oakland and proceeded to rampage, loot and randomly attack the local people. This was not the first episode. It has been ignored by the MSM, as are so many similar episodes, and when reported locally no mention has been made of race. If a mob of White Christians had invaded San Francisco’s Castro and rampaged, the Western World’s Media en masse would have rushed to report and condemn. No-one directs the MSM to ignore the San Leandro riots or hide their racial significance. It is Class consciousness and a Class agenda that ensures all news is purged. 

    On this 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings I will provide a personal anecdote. I was a small boy living in a British southwest coastal town that had been devastatingly bombed by the Luftwaffe. Food was rationed and we spent our nights in air-raid shelters. All windows were covered at night by black-out curtains and there were no street lamps. My father and every other child’s father was away or abroad in the military. Suddenly our town was occupied by American soldiers- many thousands of them. They roamed the streets and distributed spearmint, candies and dried egg-powder to the townspeople. To certain young ladies of easy virtue they distributed nylon stockings-or so my disapproving mother alleged. On the streets in daytime I was one of the many small kids who followed them continually asking “Got any gum, chum?” and mostly being amply rewarded by these young men far from home. On Sunday afternoons I remember seeing American soldiers playing baseball in a wide street junction near our home. There was no traffic so the streets were safe places. Black troops played in a nearby space. These easy-going and generous Americans were very popular and I hope that Brits of my generation never forget their kindness, and the sacrifice that they ultimately made. Many played their last game of base-ball in my city. We Brits had no idea why they suddenly appeared, not only in our town but throughout the county. However there was a general feeling that their arrival heralded an ultimate victory. Just as suddenly as they arrived, they vanished. The beach landings were just the beginning of their hardship and suffering. Many never made it back to home and all were heroes. 

    California’s primaries have been completed. The successful Republican candidate for governor is an Indian. This would not in any way deter me from voting for him, though I voted for his competitor. The WSJ is jubilant about his success, as is the Cal Republican establishment, for he is approving of same-sex marriage and flippant abortion. He will not get my vote! We might just as well have Jerry Brown! 

    Weather – Hot weather has arrived in middle California but in the UK it is rain, rain, rain and cool. Despite the UK having a long cold, wet and dreary winter and Spring, the official message is that 2014 has been a record warm one so far. We always recommend that one must believe one’s own lying eyes! 

    Music Choice – Buddy Greco, still alive at 87 years old was an outstanding pianist who played with the Benny Goodman band at aged 17. He then took up singing. I recommend his recording of the Ellington composition “Satin Doll” from the album “I Had a Ball”. On this recording of a live Las Vegas concert, Greco impeccably cruised and ad- libbed above a tight arrangement played by a superb band. Talented, hip, cool and happily enthusiastic, he reminds me of those ‘yanks’ who arrived in our city for a brief but unforgettable time back in May 1944. Enjoy!

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