The Mainstream Media is doing its very best to bury Obama’s Libya fiasco and subsequent cover-up for it knows that it is a disaster in the final days of his re-election campaign. For once, the October surprise is not a Leftist Media-manufactured blow to the Right but a genuine crisis for Obama’s campaign. Conservative commentators and the Romney campaign are mistakenly focusing on the “Who knew what when?” cover-up. It is an important question of course but there are other aspects of the Benghazi fiasco that are emerging that are much more telling and need constant hammering. At this stage of the election campaign intricate detail will confuse ‘floating’ and less attentive voters.

These are the basic questions that Obama should be forced to answer and they are easily understood questions:

(1) Why were not US Embassies and Consulates in Muslim States heavily protected on the anniversary of 9/11?

(2) Why were the Libyan Consulate and the Cairo Embassy respectively not especially well-guarded, given the current instability in both countries?

(3) Since the White House is supposed to have a security briefing every morning, what security topic could have greater priority than the approach of 9/11?

(4) Even if (and it is an ‘if’ beyond credibility) the Agency spokesmen who attended the briefings failed to give warnings, surely any President with an IQ over 80 would have known that the 9/11 anniversary would be a flashpoint for the terrorists?

It is surely inconceivable to any minimally-intelligent American that our Consulates and Embassies in the Middle East would not be heavily guarded at ALL times. The Consulate in Benghazi was virtually unprotected, this situation made even more dangerous by the presence of a known homosexual Consul (Chris Stevens) and local adverts for guards stipulating that homosexuals would be especially welcomed to apply- all this in a Muslim country where many see the USA as decadent.

These are questions for Obama as President, for he is supposed to attend Security briefings. He should be asked why he has attended less than half of them when every previous President (including Carter and Clinton) attended daily without fail. No-one should waste time questioning Hilary Clinton or Obama spokespersons for Obama himself must be flushed out as a dangerous incompetent. He is the man who claimed to be ready and able to deal with that 3am call and as President, National security (including Consulates and Embassies abroad) is supposed to be his first priority. The general public will not know that he frequently misses the morning meetings (to play golf, fundraise etc) and the MSM will not reveal this vital information, so Romney should issue a public challenge to Obama at a special Press Conference and ask him to explain.

One question stood out from all others at Tuesday’s debate. It was the one from a man who claimed to be asking it on behalf of a group of workers. He asked Obama if it was true that the Benghazi Consulate had repeatedly asked for extra protection and that this had been turned down. He also asked who in the Administration had been responsible for the decision. Obama did not answer either of these questions though he waffled far and wide about his responsibilities and the emotional burdens that went with his responsibilities and how he had personally put in hand an investigation to find the culprit. Obama at this point really demonstrated the characteristics of a skilled psychopath as he fluently and cynically dodged the question, dodged responsibility and resorted to special pleading and playing on the emotions of his audience. Romney failed to point out that Obama had not answered the questions but given that Romney was debating both Obama and the Moderator, he could be forgiven.

It is reported that Obama took the questioner aside after the debate and talked to him. It is surely telling that he did so for it shows that he knew he had not answered the man’s question and he needed to make it appear to watchers that he was ‘putting things right’. He probably also calculated that by giving the man attention (from the President no less!) he could use his powerful personality and verbal skills to put the matter to rest. This is further evidence that Obama is a formidable and calculating psychopath.

In a public Press Conference directed solely at the President Romney needs to ask this man’s questions again. He should point out that Obama, as President, has the power to discover, within minutes, the identity of the Administration Official who denied adequate protection to Stevens and his assistants. It is likely that the Official who turned down the request first sought guidance from the White House.

On this website, we exist to point out that the Media Class now rules and that Obama and the Democrat Party are simply its agents. The Benghazi affair and the ongoing cover-up is a worse scandal than Watergate, for four men needlessly and cruelly died as a result either of Presidential flippancy or deeper ideological-motivated decisions. It also revealed the USA to be vulnerable and incompetent in a part of the world where our most determined enemies plot our destruction. The difference between Watergate and Benghazi-gate is that the latter, if exposed, will not advance the Media Class agenda and will therefore be erased from the public record.

Some website visitors may not be aware of the case of Dr. Angela McCaskill. For the record, Dr. Mc Caskill is both African American and deaf. Despite the latter handicap, she has enjoyed a successful career and was, until last week, the Chief Diversity Officer of Gallaudet University in Maryland. On this website we regard all such posts as a waste of money and actually harmful but nevertheless the fact that Dr. McCaskill has now been placed on Administrative Leave should alarm every conservative and Christian. Here, once again is proof of what we repeatedly claim, which is that the advancement of the homosexual agenda requires theincremental advancement of totalitarianism.

Dr. McCaskill’s crime is that whilst at Church she signed a petition requiring the issue of same-sex ‘marriage’ to be placed on the November ballot so that Maryland’s voters can decide. Please note that the petition’s only purpose is to give voters a choice. It is not taking sides and it is possible that even homosexuals might want to sign so that voters get a say. Yes, I know that this is highly unlikely and that those who sign the petition are probably against same-sex marriage, but signing such a petition is simply exercising a Constitutional Right and nothing more. Being Black and deaf has not protected Dr. McCaskill from persecution and victimization simply because she is suspected of supporting real marriage. On this website we have long claimed that our Media Class Rulers have no genuine interest in the rights of people of color for their real agenda is the advancement through totalitarianism of ‘sexual liberation’, perversion and homosexual power.

Weather – Here in central California, a few days of unusually hot weather, has delayed the arrival of Fall but temperatures are due to drop dramatically by the weekend. In the UK, the cool and wet weather has continued with no evidence of global warming. I see that Ocean levels have not yet risen and that is now official!

Music Choice – Benny Golson was a superb Tenor Sax player and for a time was the star soloist of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. Golson was also a prolific composer of great jazz tunes. In 1960 he recorded one of his own compositions with a band consisting of Art Farmer (tpt), Tom McIntosh (tmbn), Cedar Walton (p), Tommy Williams (b) and Albert Heath (d). “Five Spot After Dark” has a brief melody line but it is catchy and the band uses some intriguing harmonies before getting into the improvisational solos. The ‘Five Spot’ was a nightclub much -loved by both musicians and jazz fans.

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