Benghazi-Gate Re-visited

In our previous article we pointed out that in all the debate about ‘Who knew what, when’, conservative commentators on the Internet (The MSM is not worth discussing since 95% of it is Obama propaganda) were missing the most obvious point that needs constant hammering i.e. that even a President with an IQ of 100 would have known that any anniversary of 9/11 required extra security for American Officials and property, particularly in Middle East trouble-spots. Add to this the soon-emerging fact that the Benghazi Consulate had asked several times for increased protection and been refused, and we have a Presidential scandal.

On top of this Presidential ‘sleeping on the job’ scandal that has cost American lives and emboldened America’s Muslim enemies, we have learned that the White House has been lying every step of the way since in order to cover up its failures. Predictably, the lying has been knowingly aided and abetted by almost all of the MSM. We now know that when Susan Rice was telling the UN that the murderous attack on the Consulate was an unforeseen consequence of an obscure Internet DVD causing a spontaneous protest, she was lying on behalf of the White House. We also know that Hilary Clinton was peddling the same misinformation, as was every White House spokesperson.

Next we had the spectacle of the President using his authority to heap blame for all Muslim 9/11 anniversary violence-especially Benghazi- on one of his own vulnerable citizens in LA. This was despicable but typical of a man who has several times used the immense power and authority of his office to unfairly target (presumed innocent until found guilty) US citizens. I refer to his interference in the case of Harvard ‘scholar’, Henry ‘Skip’ Gates, who back in July 2009 claimed racism when the Cambridge Mass. Police investigated him when he was caught breaking in to his own house late at night (he had lost his keys.). Obama, in comments to the Press, whilst admitting that he did not know all the facts, called the actions of Sgt James Crowley ‘stupid’ and was quick to jump on the bandwagon of ‘here is an example of racism (Gates was Black and Crowley was White.) I refer readers to our article of 26th July 2009 for full details.

More recently, Obama has interfered in the pending case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, calling the dead Martin “the son he never had”. Zimmerman, already facing massive MSM- orchestrated dishonest smearing, has since had to cope with the White House taking sides in his quest for a fair trial. We see here a pattern of the occupant of the White House using his power to deny American citizens justice, in order either to side with people of his skin color and his religious leanings, or simply to benefit politically. The midnight arrest by the Feds and subsequent incarceration of a Coptic Christian in LA are further examples of Presidential intimidation.

On this website we strive to avoid repeating the news and opinion that has already been supplied on other conservative websites. Our use of the term ‘Benghazi-Gate’ is, we claim, original and now we believe that we have another take on the Benghazi scandal. We ask ‘where and how did the story about the protesting mob arise?’ It is now common knowledge that on the night the Consulate was attacked by terrorists, there was no mob. So how did the story of a protesting mob outside the Consulate arise? There could have been no eye-witness accounts of a mob that did not exist. Presumably the occupants of the Consulate were able to use cell-phones to call for help when the attack began. Since mobs do not materialize suddenly, but take time to assemble, the frightened people inside the Consulate would surely not have been reporting the growth of a mob outside. Yet the story of a protesting crowd that turned violent was confidently peddled by the Obama Administration the next day. We find it hard to believe that the Consul and his fellow victims did not use their call phones repeatedly as the violence began. Someone or some group within the Administration invented the story of a protesting mob that eventually turned violent and we should be told who.

I recommend a good article on Benghazi-Gate in today’s WSJ. It is headlined “The Unreality of the Past Four years” and has been written by the excellent Dorothy Rabinowitz.

Gallup is under fire from the Administration for its polls showing Romney ahead by 6 points. The same Gallup is reporting a survey showing that 3.4% of the US population is admitting to perverted behavior (LGBT). If this figure is as true as Gallup’s Presidential polling figure, then I think the numbers of perverts has been growing. When I was a kid, there were surely fewer sexually abnormal people. I believe I am correct in reporting that Gallup’s figures show that there are more perverts among the African-American population. This would not surprise me since the breakdown of two-parent (male/female) marriages has been most devastating in the Black-dominated inner cities. The increase in the number of sexual perverts has little to do with race or skin color and a lot to do with dysfunctional families and boys without dads. The Media Class is of course delighted, for it is constantly seeking a growth in the number of sexually- available young boys (and girls) and ultimately a society dominated by perverts, where Media people can feel ‘normal’.

The scandal now engulfing the Boy Scouts of America (decades of abuse of boys by scoutmasters) is surely supportive of the organization’s long struggle to keep homosexuals out. When I was a boy, my friends and I were well aware that scoutmasters, choirmasters, boys’ club leaders, cubmasters, swimming-club officials, teachers in all-boy schools and soccer coaches of boys’ teams, were all to be watched. It has always been true that homosexuals looking for young males gravitate to such organizations, where they wait for opportunities to exploit the most vulnerable boys. This is why no society not ruled by a Class of perverts, would allow same-sex foster parents and adopters. Discrimination? You bet!!

Weather – Here in California, temperatures have dropped dramatically and rain and snow have arrived quite early. It is reported that 2 feet of snow has been dumped on the Sierras and there is more to come this week.

Music Choice – As an antidote to the contemporary Media-lauded growth of homosexuality, I recommend the 1967 recording of “Music to Watch the Girls Go By” by the late and excellent Andy Williams. This tune was originally written as a Diet Pepsi jingle.

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