Benghazi A Scandal? Media Says No

Yesterday morning Rush Limbaugh sounded as defeated as he has ever sounded. He conceded that the House Oversight Committee hearings were not going to damage President Obama or Hillary Clinton, even though the witnesses were revealing one or all of the following; gross Government incompetence, gross indifference, brazen deceit and cold-blooded political calculation.   Rush is now claiming not to be surprised, constantly referring to the ‘low information voters’ who will not hear the facts of the scandal because ‘they’ are not reporting them or ‘they’ are putting a spin on them and presenting them as Republicans looking for a scandal where none exists. Limbaugh’s implication is that the ‘they’ are the Democrat politicians and supporters. Seemingly, according to Limbaugh and all the other conservative pundits, the Democrat politicians are either, extremely crafty and nimble, or possess the power to fool and feed the Media’s reporters with their Party line. 

    Many of the pundits on our side of the great political divide (the chasm which divides Counter-revolutionaries from Revolutionaries) were forecasting that Benghazi Gate would be Obama’s Watergate! Have these pundits learned nothing? As long as conservatives (Christians and Nationalists too) fail to recognize that the Democrat Party is merely the political tool of a master Class, they will lose the struggle and the USA will continue to slide into totalitarianism. The obvious truth, staring us all in the face, is that the Media Class exists, it holds political and economic power, and the largely incompetent Democrat Party plays only a subservient role in the Revolutionary program now being imposed on the uninformed and misinformed American people. 

    The events that surround the Benghazi deaths should be, in a just world, bringing down this President and his Administration – including Mrs. Clinton – but in this new Media Class-dominated world, scandals are the property of our Rulers. Each potential scandal is like a tree that falls in the forest, for no matter how big the tree and its fall, if no-one is aware of it, no-one will care. In this brave new world of revolutionary morality that is the creation of the Media Class, a scandal can be conjured from trivia, a rumor, even from a lie, and the unsuspecting public, after days of incessant headlines and celebrity-expert handwringing, will be convinced not only that a terrible scandal occurred and been uncovered by diligent reporters, but also who is to be punished for it. Conversely, a real scandal can be downplayed, distorted and even wholly ignored by the Mainstream Media (MSM), and the unsuspecting public will have its attention diverted elsewhere. It all depends on what ‘news item’ benefits the Ruling Class’ revolutionary agenda. 

    Since on this website we have correctly and uniquely predicted how the Media Class masterminds the release of all information so that only that which advances its agenda reaches the people, we are entitled to offer our explanation of the Benghazi affair. 

    Most conservative commentators on Talk Radio and the Internet seem at a loss to explain why President Obama did nothing on that fateful night of the attack on the Libyan Consulate. When news of the attack first reached the White House, Obama could have immediately ordered military relief for he is the Commander-in-Chief. He did not! Indeed it seems almost certain that he ‘stood down’ the military forces that could have been dispatched. We think he would have had sufficient information to hand to know that US forces could have saved some or all lives and repulsed the attackers. Such a response would have been another feather in his cap (just before the election) to match the Bin Laden feather which he was already shamelessly wearing. He must have been aware that the MSM would have endlessly touted him as the cool and decisive leader who was ready for that 3:00 a.m. call. So, why did he not send the military? 

    When we consider the actions of small and unprincipled people during great events, we must remember that their decisions are almost always decided by petty personal considerations, half-digested ideas and deep irrational emotions. Such people rarely have the ability to see a big picture, a historical context, real life experience (wisdom), concern for others or the ability to rise above the situation. 

    We have long maintained, based on the observation of his actions during his Presidency, that Obama is almost wholly self-obsessed. He is also extremely pleased with himself and enjoys the fruits and the power of his Office. We are sure he feels few burdens from the Presidential responsibilities and probably considers it to be a part of his amazing abilities that he can do the job with so little commitment, playing more rounds of golf than all the other Presidents put together, and still have plenty of time left over to smooch with the glitterati of the Media Class – pro-Sportsmen, Pop singers, Fashion designers and Hollywood Stars. It is this latter social life that he obviously regards as the best part of the job and we suggest that when the business part inconveniently intrudes he is at best irritated and at worst made angry. Those around him, sycophants all, must know what he does not wish to be bothered with. They may well have learned that he and Holder can be vindictive. No one, it seems – apart from the sycophants – knows what he was doing or where he was on that night when the Benghazi news came in. It may not have been something shameful, perhaps simply an early night in bed with orders not to be disturbed or a sports program to be enjoyed. Perhaps he had not bothered to indicate his whereabouts. 

    We can guess that if he was eventually contacted, he was only minimally disturbed from his activity and for whatever reasons gave the Consulate attack little consideration, allowing a vacuum of power to emerge, which no-one felt wholly empowered to fill. Alternatively he might have vaguely delegated his power – perhaps indirectly to Mrs. Clinton – but not in a decisive way that would have enabled a tough decision to be made. And so Benghazi was responded to with bumbling inaction and everyone evading responsibility, for small and unprincipled leaders are always surrounded by small, unprincipled minions. When the deadly consequences of inaction began to reveal themselves, genuine and panicky attention was given to a cover-up. Small people are always much better at covering their tracks for it is what they have much experience of. 

    It may be that a subtext to this inglorious episode was that the Administration had been busy touting the defeat of terrorism for the election campaign, in which case this terrorist attack was inconvenient and better denied, but we think the lack of military response was down to Obama’s disinterest in the responsibilities of the Presidency and sheer bumbling. Subsequently boldly denying terrorism and instead blaming an obscure video was sheer opportunism of the sort that comes from confidence that anything can be gotten away with. Obama, Clinton, indeed the whole Democrat leadership down to local level can be forgiven for believing that no matter how incompetent, how unprincipled, how contradictory, how scandalously they behave, there are no consequences, for the Media Class through its MSM will cover up, explain, hide and re-interpret and turn its awesome powers of destruction on any critics. 

    We think that the Democrat leadership and its man in the White House are anything but able, knowledgeable, principled or adept for they have survived the purges of their Party just because of their faults. They know that as long as they push through the revolutionary moral agenda – the top of which currently is homosexual advancement through same-sex marriage (SSM) – they are guaranteed the protection and funding of the whole Media Class. Along the way they must also push those policies that will please the Media Class’ allies from the Far Left – relentless expansion of Government, the destruction of the savings of the prudent, open borders, Balkenization and disarmament of the people. 

    There will be no equivalent of Watergate whilst the Democrats occupy the White House and hold the Senate, for the Media Class will allow nothing to halt the advance of the homosexual agenda. The Media Class alone decides what is and is not ‘a scandal’. To anyone who thinks it is far-fetched to claim that an issue as irrelevant to the Nation as is homosexuality is driving events, all we can say is that you are not seeing what is under your nose. All across the Nation, Democrat politicians are forcing through SSM legislation, their efforts financed by the wealthiest members of our new Ruling Class and the whole Media celebrating and amplifying each victory. Just as importantly this homosexual agenda is portrayed by all of them as the march of ‘human rights’ and solely about marriage, when really it is the march to the snuffing-out of Christianity, the family and free speech. 

    As we frequently point out on this website, the revolutionary struggle we are experiencing here in the USA is actually taking place all across the Western World wherever the Media Class can exert its control over politics. In France, where the economy is in tatters, and the Muslim invasion is dominating big cities, President Hollande is ready to divide his Nation in the pursuit of SSM. In the UK, Prime Minister Cameron is willing to alienate his own Party and lose elections in order to please the Ruling Media Class by forcing through SSM. 

    The recent local government elections in the UK were mostly misinterpreted on American conservative websites. Here are the facts. There is no equivalent of the Republican Party in the UK, nor is there an equivalent of the Christian movement that still exists here in the USA. The British people were long ago disarmed and cowed into silence over mass immigration and much else. The advance of the immigration and homosexual agendas in the UK have already criminalized free speech on either topic and the police force – which is much more nationalized than in the USA – is ruthless in dealing with transgressors. There is no written Constitution and so laws can be interpreted by the police and judiciary to suit the ruling ideology. European Law and the rulings of the UN have superseded the old venerable English Law. 

    The Labour Party is the equivalent of America’s Democrat Party and equally corrupted. It is funded by wealthy cosmopolitans and the all-powerful Public Service Unions. The ‘closed shop’ is widespread and there is no ‘right to work’ freedom. The tax-funded BBC (TV and Radio) and its staff are the intellectual leaders of the Left, along with the staff of the Guardian Newspaper. The Daily Mirror and some smaller circulation national newspapers are indistinguishable from the Labour Party. Some other National newspapers provide the appearance of a free press but none are truly conservative. The closest to ‘Right’ are the Daily Telegraph (once a genuinely conservative paper) and the Daily Mail but both are staffed by Union journalists whose stated mission is to change society – just as in the USA. 

    The non-BBC TV channels are as progressive as those here and as committed to abortion, SSM and all homosexual advancement, opposed to capital punishment, pushing for the swamping of the native people through mass immigration, pro UN and mostly for European Union. 

    The Conservative Party ceased to be a Nationalist Party back in the 1970’s when Enoch Powell was rejected. At that time the Party was funded by Big Business. The advent of the EU and the Tory Party’s internal divisions between its Nationalist rump and international Big Business (the latter salivated over European markets and more immigration), meant that much financial support moved to the Labour Party and the small but opportunist Liberal Democrat Party. The latter has always been the party of the ‘Johnny-come lately’s’ to politics, for membership and advance require no long years of Party service in Union branches (Labour) or ward committees raising funds (Conservative). The LibDems vie with the Labour Party for the label ‘socially progressive’, and with the Tories for the label ‘business friendly’. At some election times the LibDems have benefitted from public displeasure with the two main parties and had brief local victories from the Media-encouraged ‘protest vote’. 

    The LibDem Party is currently the junior partner in the Conservative Party (minority) Government. This is purely an alliance of the unprincipled in order that leaders can share the spoils and status of Government. The two parties are united at the top by little except this desire but SSM is certainly one thing both can agree upon and which is guaranteeing Media friendliness. Cameron is desperate not to experience the hostility that the MSM directed at Margaret Thatcher. 

    All three Parties have been tarred with endless scandals, both financial and sexual. MP’s have been like pigs in the trough with regard to expenses and new criminal charges continue to surface. Homosexuality and other pedophile scandals also indicate that perverts as well as the greedy have infested all three at the top. 

    The BNP, a truly Nationalist Party, has lurked on the sidelines for some two decades and at times has appeared to make small but significant electoral advances, only to suffer drastic reverses brought about by internal splits. These splits never reveal clear doctrinal issues and we can only assume that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, courageous though he is, is incapable of being anything but a big fish in a little pond. Since the BNP has long championed opposition to the EU and UN and steadfastly opposed immigration – both popular issues on which they had a monopoly – it is easy to attribute the BNP’s failures to the Media’s relentless smear campaigns and police and judicial victimization. However the BNP’S failure to garner votes may also be due to Griffin’s more open policies of economic nationalism. His and his Party’s writings look wistfully back to a time of wartime austerity. The BNP would re-nationalize the coal mines and heavy industry, limit personal wealth and property ownership to small amounts (we guess, roughly the amount of land that Griffin happens to own) and stop all imports competing with British business. In Griffin’s UK, the people would take their vacations in Blackpool, only eat British cheese, only have fruit when it was seasonal in the UK, shop at corner shops, wear worsted and woollen clothes and dance the floral dance around the Maypole. 

    It is unlikely that the British people find this kind of National Socialism attractive and they also see in it the glimmerings of Nazism that the MSM and Leftists seek to tar the Party with. Griffin has also failed (rather like Conservatives here) to explain what he would do with the unwanted immigrants both legal and illegal. Many voters perhaps see a brutal police State as a likely BNP means of racial purification. Although the British people may resent mass immigration and wish all future immigration halted, many know and like individuals of other races as neighbors and work colleagues and wish them no harm. The British are a tolerant people and many take vacations abroad to escape the miserable weather. The BNP does represent many good things that Americans on the Right support but it is a Socialist Party with totalitarian tendencies. 

    In the political vacuum on the Right a newcomer has emerged and it is the UKIP which opposes membership of the EU. It has few other policies and in many ways is like the LibDem Party of the past, which means it is a good election vehicle for the protest vote at a time when all three major parties are unpopular. In this recent election the UKIP took many votes from the coalition parties and to a lesser extent from Labour. It is, however, a party without roots or an infrastructure and only enjoys support in some parts of England. It is though a major threat to the stability of the game that is played by the other three and may throw the system into chaos at the next election. So far some parts of the MSM have given it a pass but its leaders and members would not survive a Media onslaught in the same way as the hardened BNP. Conservative Americans looking for a British Party that encompasses free market ideology, a commitment to a Constitution and a defense of morality will look in vain. At the present time we can be cheered a little by success either for the UKIP or the BNP. 

    Weather – Another cool period has pleased middle Californians but again a heat wave is predicted by the experts. We shall see! The UK has been experiencing what Brits call ‘nice’ summer weather i.e. dry with sunshine and not too cold.

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