Before Super Tuesday

The polls all seem to agree that the Democrat race between the Clintons and Obama is tightening in these last days before Super Tuesday. This must mean that Obama has been gaining support across the States, for he was way behind until very recently.  I have no doubt that the polls are correct, but I still believe that the Clintons will win – by hook or by crook (no pun intended!). After the desertion of the Massachusetts and Californian Kennedys comes the news that the George Soros-funded has also deserted the Clintons for Obama. The Moveon (Hate America) crowd are said to have many hundreds of thousands of activists in the States that will vote on Tuesday and it is claimed that they voted 71% to 29% for Obama on their website. We shall see!

There are three reasons why I still put my money on the Clintons. First they have the Democrat Party organization under their control and have had since Clinton was President. This includes the Union officials and Party officials who get out the vote. These people are (like Union Officials in the UK) bought and paid for and willing to stoop to just about anything. Second, Mrs. Clinton has pitched her appeal to those privileged women who are college-educated, doing extremely well in professional occupations and who nevertheless wallow in the feelings of victimhood. I know some of these women and high IQ’s do not get in the way of their emotions. There are many of them and they will vote, for they feel so hard-done-by. When you hear about Mrs. Clinton getting the women’s vote, believe me the commentators are not talking about poor Latino women who do their housework and care for their kids. These Latino women rarely vote and have no time or energy either for politics or self-pity. Lastly, I am convinced that many Democrats are telling pollsters that they will vote for Obama because they hate to appear to be bigoted, but in the privacy of the booths and the secrecy of the postal vote they will vote for the White privileged woman and not the Black upstart. California will indicate how the Democrat contest will pan out.

If all else fails the Clintons and their Media sponsors will cheat to win. I would love to be wrong, but the Media Class is proving time and again that it can turn any situation to its advantage. I doubt that Super Tuesday will settle the Democrat race and the Clintons are capable of dirty tricks right to the end.

On the Republican side, McCain appears to have the edge, but I think a very bad result for Huckabee will see him drop out of contention and this could rescue Romney’s bid. He has the money to fight all the way to the Convention and surely Limbaugh’s obvious support for him will rally the conservative base. Each Party’s race is unexpectedly close. Do not overlook that this is fine for the Media Class in two ways – excitement/ratings and money spent on advertizing.
Here in California the wet, dismal cold weather continues day after day. Across the mid-west the cold is intense and in China the army has been enlisted to battle the snow and freezing temperatures that threaten to kill tens of thousands. I know I am a scientific simpleton, but surely GLOBAL warming would be obvious everywhere and pretty much all of the time. Heating up cannot come and go, otherwise it would be just weather. A Leftist believer in the Gore predictions recently assured me that unusually cold weather was also a forerunner of (man-made) global warming. Now there is a woman with faith!

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