BBC – The Voice Of The British Media Class Cannot Print The ‘M’ Word

On this website we maintain that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the power base of the British Media Class. Cushioned from economic realities by taxpayer funding, enjoying a near-monopoly in radio broadcasting, guaranteed TV channels by Government and still dining on the legacy of its now-distant past (when it was a pillar of integrity) the BBC controls its own recruitment and is thus able to stuff its workforce with Leftists and perverts. The preponderance of homosexuals and other perverts in its employment surely justifies renaming it the Bum Boys Cabal. If someone else has already coined this term, I apologize, but as far as I am aware you read it here first!

We rarely refer to the BBC’s political bias and propaganda on this website because (1) It is so commonplace, (2) There is a website called Biased BBC that does a daily review of the Corporation’s dishonesty. However, just in case that website has missed a blatant example I will mention a flagrant one that I saw this morning on the BBC daily news website. It concerned the conviction in a British Court yesterday of one of the terrorists who attempted to bomb Glasgow airport and murder countless numbers of innocent citizens. The BBC report began “An NHS doctor has been convicted of plotting to bring chaos and murder to London and Glasgow airports”. As I read through the report I was expecting to meet the ‘M’ word. It never came! The report mentioned that Bilal Abdulla, the man convicted, was an Iraqi born in the UK and that the second ‘attacker’ was another NHS doctor, Kafeel Ahmed who was Indian-born. Nowhere in the report was there a mention of motive, surely an aspect of the case that justified, indeed demanded, extensive Media commentary. Then I realized why motive was not even mentioned, let alone explored. Any discussion of motive cannot avoid the religion of the ‘attackers’ for it is in the name of their religion that they intended to commit mass murder. Thus, according to the BBC we have two fanatical, cruel killers who ostensibly had no motive for their crimes and whose most notable feature was either that they were doctors or were employed by the NHS (National Health Service). It is difficult to imply a motivational link between either the profession of the killers or their employment by the National Health Service, but clearly the BBC invites us to do so.

The two men, and their accomplices were, of course, all Muslims and it was in the name of Allah that they planned and executed their crimes. This most obvious of facts is embarrassing and dangerous to the British Government, the wider British establishment and to the Media Class power-behind-the-scenes, for it lays bare the terrible consequences of the mass immigration policies that have been imposed on the British people over decades. Like all the other crime statistics and reporting, those concerning terrorism have to be tiptoed around at all times for fear of igniting the wrath of the British people and, God forbid, advancing the electoral chances of the British National Party. Not only was there a motive that cannot be mentioned in relation to the Glasgow terrorist attack but there is a motive for the Media’s constant dishonest reporting. The mistake of the Biased BBC website is to believe that by revealing the BBC’s dishonest reporting, that institution will be shamed into reform. Only by understanding that the Media Class (and its Leftist revolutionaries who lead the revolution from their powerbase at the BBC) is imposing a new society on the British people by stealth, can sense be made of relentless Media dishonesty.

From my window I can see snow-covered hills here in mid-California. For the last few days the temperatures have hovered in the low 40’s by day and the low 30’s by night. I will not claim that we are experiencing that great new ice-age that was forecast by global weather alarmists back in the 1950’s, but as I look at extremely cold temperatures across North America and Europe I find it hard to believe that the Media when reporting them fails to mention that they sit uncomfortably with reports in adjoining newspaper columns on global warming. And yet, why do I find it hard? After all, a Media that can avoid mentioning the religion of terrorists and their motivation surely also has confidence in its power to ignore the weather before our eyes. Perhaps we can call it a ‘snow job’.

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