BBC Bias? An Inadequate Charge!

In a previous article I referred to the website ‘Biased BBC’ and also discussed a quotation from the BBC’s Andrew Marr. In passing I also said that ‘bias’ was an inadequate word. On reflection I concluded that the whole notion of Media ‘bias’ needed refutation.

So I looked up the word ‘bias’ in my old dictionary. This is often a good starting point, since my New English Dictionary is anything but new and was compiled at a time when accurate language was respected, hyperbole was avoided by good writers and ‘spin’ meant twisting and drawing out yarn. The word ‘bias’ in my old dictionary is defined as “a leaning of the mind, inclination, prejudice, prepossession, slanting, oblique”. Now I can see that those who respect truth in reporting would argue that the Media in general and the BBC in particular, appear to be guilty of bias all the time, but I think they are really on the wrong track. Words like ‘leaning’ ‘inclination’ and ‘slanting’ imply that there is a level base to the edifice and that the deviation occurs somewhere in the upper structure.

Let us, for simplicity, concentrate on Andrew Marr’s BBC. As he is quite ready to concede, there is absolutely no reason for the rest of us to assume that at the base of the BBC there is a cross section of the population and a cross section of viewpoints. Would anyone be naive enough to imagine that anywhere in that organization can be found even a handful of employees who hold the views of the majority of British people on immigration, capital punishment, crime and punishment in general, same-sex marriage and sodomy, abortion, Islam, cultural diversity, Christianity, divorce and heterosexual marriage, the EU, or the UN? I could extend this list ad infinitum, but then so could any intelligent BBC watcher. There is no level base to the BBC or almost any other Media organization, if ‘level’ means reflecting and representing the views and interests of the native population of the UK. And just in passing, who would claim that there is a cross section of views in the showbiz and Arts world? Andrew Marr informs us (‘admits’ would be the wrong word) that the BBC is stacked with immigrant, gay and urban (whatever that means) people. Let’s forget the reference he also made to the youthfulness of its employees. This was just verbal camouflage, since who is to define youth (anyone under 30? 40?). In any case young people undeniably hold a cross section of views and I doubt the BBC’s young employees do. We can take Marr’s word for it that the BBC’s young people are overwhelmingly ‘diverse’ and I use ‘diverse’ as the code word it has become in today’s Media.

The truth is that the BBC’s structure is monolithic from the base to the top, i.e. it’s people are Leftist, pro abortion, pro homosexual, pro racial diversity, anti Christian, anti Nationalist, anti Death Penalty, anti George Bush, anti US, and once again, any intelligent person can extend this list ad infinitum. And just in passing, so are the people who inhabit the showbiz and Arts world!

To suggest that the people in the BBC’s organization can be persuaded not to ‘lean’ as a result of constructive criticism and that its ‘leaning’ structure is amenable to straightening is clearly fatuous, since it is what it is. That is to say, it is a vertical organization that stands tall and strong on its base. The BBC (and on this website, we would say the Media in general) is best described as a social/political movement and not far removed from being a political party. It has a membership (employees), it recruits only from selected groups of people (Leftists, homosexuals, certain minorities and immigrants), and it embodies a set of core beliefs that have nothing to do with the BBC’s charter. Its members understand and fervently believe in their mission, which is to advance its radical/revolutionary political, social and cultural agenda. In so doing, its members exercise their newfound power to change society, normalize their own lifestyles, become more affluent and important, and destroy their enemies.

The BBC is without doubt the most powerful component of the Media Class in the UK, spanning TV, radio and print and enjoying near monopolistic status and the benefits of being tax-funded. It has international tentacles and still enjoys a reputation for integrity that it owes to its distant past and no longer deserves. It has no interest in reporting honest news, and no interest in reflecting the genuine diversity of views and culture of the native British people. Like the Media Class in general, it is dead set on changing British society in a revolutionary way and like all revolutionary movements it will do so by fair means or foul. Revolutionary movements believe that the ends justify the means and on this website we remind you that the Media Class has no interest in democracy, free speech or objective truth. Through its manipulation of the existing political parties in the UK, (BNP excluded!) it has already achieved changes in law whereby truth is no defense when exercising free speech that challenges its agenda.

The BBC, which orchestrated the recent prosecution of the BNP TWO in Leeds, clearly has no attachment to free speech or to truth and we can predict it will throw all its considerable weight behind those politicians who promise to strengthen the laws curtailing them. Gordon Brown may well become a BBC favorite. And how long will it be before the jury system is consigned to history?

Christians, conservatives, nationalists and all who believe in truthful reporting, would be well advised to stop using the word ‘bias’ and instead start talking about the Media Class and its agenda.

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