BBC Arrogance and the BNP

There are a number of Internet websites and Talk Radio stations (in the USA) drawing attention to the Leftist grip on the mainstream news media, though only Radical and Right make the claim that we are under the political and cultural domination of a Media Class that happens to be Leftist. The reason that there are now a number of sources of criticism of media bias is because the Media Class daily becomes more assertive and bold in its manipulation of news and entertainment.

Unfortunately, the media critics, though accurately and effectively drawing attention to the lies, omissions and distortions of the mainstream media, get things the wrong way around. We despair at their inability to understand that it is not the Media obeying Democrat Party (USA) or Labour Party (UK) instructions, but the other way around. How anyone can conclude that the BBC dances to the Labour Party’s tune when it constantly gives Blair negative treatment on the Iraq war, is to simply ignore the evidence. And what other explanation can there be for the Tory leadership’s willingness to jettison its own rank and file in pursuit of media approval for its new pro-homosexual and pro-multicultural policies? Cameron’s Tories may soon become a party of MP’s and officials with no ground troops, as he desperately toadies to the BBC and the rest of the British media world.

On this website, we do not underestimate the Media Class’ power. It is unprecedented in its ability to define the public’s daily news agenda in a way that is virtually undetectable. The totalitarian regimes of Communism and Nazism were able to control news and information, but everyone knew what they were doing. Since Soviet and German newspapers and radio were under Party control, everyone knew the Governments wrote the news and censored everything else.

The Media Class, in contrast, has been enjoying power without the responsibilities of government. The proliferation of media outlets fosters the illusion of an information democracy. Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians and business leaders are often targets of Media criticism and attack, so it can seem as if free speech and the diversity of ideas are safe. Nothing is further from the truth, since a restricted and controlled agenda is pursued everywhere except on the fringes of US Talk Radio and on the Internet.

No aspect of life, however, is immune to change and the Media Class cannot prevent its own evolution. Thus, as its power increases, so it becomes bolder and more arrogant and its naked power emerges. At some point, the many and not the few will begin to realize that the daily news and information sources are practicing deceit on a massive scale.

The UK’s BBC has surely taken the lead in arrogance and it was perhaps inevitable that it would be the trailblazer for the Media Class. It is after all taxpayer-funded and few UK citizens can avoid “donating”, even if they do not use its services. It is thus immune to any commercial or populist pressures. Its legacy of years of monopoly over broadcast news on radio and television has bequeathed it an aura of “officialness” that still lingers in the public mind. Its personnel – elitist, academic, economically protected and wholly Leftist – can convince each other of their power and moral superiority. Governments, when appointing members of the BBC Board of Governors, feel the need to have the approval of its monolithic bureaucracy. The BBC has become a power unto itself.

It has decided, for example, that it will mostly conceal the race and immigrant status of perpetrators of serious crimes if the victims are native Britons. In many recent cases when crimes have involved white victims and minority perpetrators, the BBC has chosen not to report at all. Simultaneously, it is giving maximum publicity to crimes where the victims are black and the perpetrators are white. It has also decided to pursue a campaign of infiltration and persecution against the British National Party even though this party is legitimately taking part in the electoral process. This campaign recently culminated in an unsuccessful prosecution of the BNP’s leader by the Crown Prosecution Service. In these examples and many others, we see the BBC emerging as an organization with its own political and social agenda and using its power to crush people who help to pay its overheads.

In this last week, the BNP has reported an incident in the Midlands that, if true, should receive huge publicity and thorough investigation by the BBC and all serious news agencies in the UK. The BNP claims that one of its teams in Birmingham was delivering election leaflets accompanied by a loudspeaker van playing the well-known patriotic tune “Land of Hope and Glory”. This is typical electioneering practice, but on this occasion an 8 strong police team led by a female inspector stopped the campaigning and interrogated the activists, claiming the music amounted to a racial offence. It is not our purpose in this article to discuss this outrageous police action against legitimate and free political speech, but to predict that the BBC will not report the event. It will be ignored as though it had not taken place.

The fact that this incident has already received publicity on the Internet will not compel the BBC to cover it, because the BBC feels it can ignore whatever it chooses. It now believes that the news is what IT says is the news and that it is not accountable to the British public. Most other Media outlets will follow the BBC lead. This arrogance, exhibited with ever increasing frequency, demonstrates Media Class control over news, but also enables more and more people to see that the Media Class is pursuing an agenda of its own.

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