This website interprets daily political events and their treatment in the mass media from the starting point that the Media Class is now the most powerful and dominating economic/social Class in Western Society. Here we argue that the Media Class has an agenda to reshape society in its own image and for its own advantage. Only from this standpoint can current political events be properly understood and an opposition to the Media Class’ agenda be effectively mounted. We argue that the Media Class has two conservative forces that it particularly seeks to destroy in order to reshape society – Christianity and Nationalism.

Radical and Right do not wholly subscribe to either, but we do see them as bulwarks against the complete victory of a Class that is amoral, corrupt and decadent. At this moment in history, we should be particularly alarmed, because if Christianity and Nationalism are effectively destroyed by the Media Class, our Western Democracies will be unable to defend themselves against external enemies, such as militant Islam and Communist China.

Radical and Right recognize that Nationalism, like all ideologies, can harbor dangerous and extreme forces, and there is in the human psyche a deadly potential for primitive racial and tribal excesses, once unleashed. Even in more moderate forms, Nationalism can have unintended consequences, especially when obsessed with Darwinian racial beliefs about blood, skin color and other characteristics of appearance. With or without racism, it often carries with it the seeds of authoritarian government and the crushing of individual freedom.

Christianity, has at the core of its teachings, a commitment to the individual, his dignity, the brotherhood of man and a recognition that man is accountable to a greater force for moral behavior. Nevertheless, it has spawned some intolerant and despotic movements.

On this website, whilst we resolutely defend the right of political parties like the British National Party to put forward their views, we do not agree with them, neither do we advocate or support policies and Parties that would create a theocratic state. There are alternatives to both extremes and the US Constitution contains safeguards that the Founding Fathers in their wisdom, saw fit to include. That is why we oppose the Media Class and Leftist attempts to set aside and circumvent the US Constitution through the appointment of activist judges. A constitution that places clear limits on government, guarantees all religions freedom from State control, upholds its citizens’ rights to self protection and guarantees free speech and property rights, is both an example to the world and a guarantor of freedom and prosperity for its citizens. It is an obstacle to those groups which would like to remake society without proper recourse to the electoral process. Unfortunately, when control of news and information is the virtual monopoly of a single Class, a good Constitution is not enough on its own. In the UK, which has no Constitution, the Media Class and its allies on the Left, have already abolished free speech and acquired the power to silence political and ideological opposition by misuse of law and the use of legal and illegal thuggery.

The British National Party and its members are the daily victims of unprecedented persecution, yet the vast majority of British people are totally unaware, since the Media Class both orchestrates it, conceals it from the public and paints victims as perpetrators. In the USA, thanks to the Constitution, the internet, and a more robust conservative movement, things are not yet as bad. However, Leftist thuggery and intimidation, especially at election times, goes unreported and unpunished, as it does in most academic institutions. US conservatives should pay close attention to what is happening in the UK, since the Media Class has every intention of implementing its agenda in the US by the same means.

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