Basics – Part 7

To conclude on the topic of immigration, let us look at what a Nationalist government could realistically and humanely do to deal with the issue if elected to power.

It could stop all immigration forthwith. Not another one to enter the country. It could seek out illegal residents and phony refugees and expel all those with criminal records. It could exit from the corrupt and unpopular United Nations, pre-empting that organization’s predictable attempts to interfere and rally world opinion against us. Better to be on the offensive! It could similarly begin to disengage from the EU and cease all commitments to supra national bodies like the European Court. A Nationalist Government could make it clear to its own people and the world that it would not let the UK be hamstrung by rules imposed from outside the Nation. It could stop all publicly financed special aid to minorities and curtail the many charities and foundations that have been hijacked by Leftists. It could in a series of steps reduce the reach of the welfare state. It could outlaw all positive discrimination in jobs, housing and financial benefits. It could reorganize education at all levels so that integration and loyalty to country were re-asserted. It could break the power of the Trade Unions, which have become Leftist political tyrannies in the workplace. It could draw up and put to a plebiscite, a Constitution that narrowly defined citizenship, guaranteed free speech and free association, severely limited the powers of government vis-à-vis the individual, guaranteed property rights against government confiscation, limited the power of government to tax, brought back the death penalty for murder and treason and made it retrospective, and restored the right of the individual citizen to own firearms to defend his home and property.

These are tough and effective actions that a Nationalist Government could take which would have the effect of restoring a civic society beneficial to all patriotic citizens. Governed within these terms, the British people could, we believe, digest the alien peoples now in their midst, large though the numbers are. We are confident that the British would soon regain their old energies and self-confidence and would no longer need to worry about alien cultures erasing the best of theirs. Racial integration by gradual intermarriage would not be a threat to the people’s heritage if the native British people became once again masters in their own house.

However, no Nationalist Government could begin to go down this path without first breaking the power of the Media Class, since that Class would use its power over communication to prevent the public from hearing the Government’s case, give encouragement to our enemies abroad and much else. Herein lies the most difficult task, for it is the Media Class that has stifled debate on mass immigration over the last few decades, and orchestrated the persecution of those who have tried to raise the issue.

In a subsequent series we will explain why the Media Class supports unlimited Third World immigration and is a deadly enemy of Nationalism. We will also discuss why the issue requires different solutions in the USA.

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