Basics – Part 6

Unfortunately, the truly nationalist parties of the UK are driven by ideology and an understandable rage. I do not intend to include as “Nationalist” the parties of Wales and Scotland, which seek small-nation independence and would break up the United Kingdom. Mention has to be made however of the Party which emerged in the 1960’s in Northern Ireland as a breakaway from the Ulster Unionist Party. The Democratic Unionist Party of Ulster is a truly patriotic party but is limited in activity to Northern Ireland and is sectarian, with its roots in the Protestant Ascendancy. This Party’s survival and electoral success is a tribute to the leadership of the courageous Ian Paisley and the Ulster Protestant people. In the face of a sustained onslaught from the emerging Media Class (with the BBC in the driving seat), orchestrated hostility from across the World’s Media and the constant intimidation of the World’s most successful terrorist organization, the IRA, the DUP has stood firm against massive forces. It’s local focus has enabled it to circumvent Media lies and propaganda but limited its message to this one small enclave.

We will here deal with the largest and most effective nationalist Party in the UK, the BNP. This Party has grown from a small White supremacist and violent fringe into a law-abiding and constitutional organization trying hard to fight through the ballot box. In the process it has recruited many desperate working poor people and patriots of all classes. It has recently attempted to clarify its ideology concerning race and has come up with something called ethno-nationalism. This, in essence, claims that if other races and cultures now resident in the UK can fight for survival, so can British White people. The Party uses this rationale to maintain links with White Supremacist movements around the world. Its policies are clearly aimed at turning back the racial clock to 1950 when the UK was all-white and homogeneous. The BNP aims to make the UK once again “all-white”. It claims to be willing and able to do so by the expulsion of illegal immigrants and by offering to all other non-White residents financial incentives to leave the country. More reasonably and realistically, it would stop any further immigration.

The Party’s attitude to racial purity suggests that once in power, it would ban inter-racial marriage, reject mixed-race children and would be willing to create millions of stateless people. A BNP-governed UK would be alienating a lot of people and Nations around the world and seems willing to embrace autarky, i.e. economic self-reliance. One gets the impression that there are some in the BNP’s leadership who would welcome a return to pre-industrial life with workers walking to nearby work, no motor vehicles, few travel opportunities for the masses, no supermarkets, a near barter economy, an allotment per person to grow vegetables and much else that would be rejected out of hand by most of today’s working class and everyone else.

The Party is, in our view entitled to believe and say that the UK would be better off if homogeneous, but who really believes that millions of non-White people will be willing to leave the country unless they are driven out by force? And who will receive them? Countries such as Sweden and Norway would react in typical liberal ways with token declarations, small quotas and virtually closed doors. Radical and Right believe that the BNP policies on race and immigration are a triumph of ideology over reality and implementing them would lead to totalitarianism irrespective of what the Party intended. So too, would the economic consequences of the creation of a fortress Britain lead to the need for terror against the British people. We do not think that the many who support the BNP are National Socialists or Nazis, but core BNP policies could only lead to an authoritarian State and the destruction of what personal liberties the British people still enjoy.

To be continued

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