Basics – Part 5

An objective look at mass immigration from the Third World into the UK cannot fail to convince an observer that up to the present time it has been at great cost to the host people. Foreign people, legal and illegal, step off planes from Africa and Asia with AIDS, TB, and a multitude of diseases that were long ago eradicated in Western Europe. They immediately have access to “free” and costly treatment paid for by long time citizens. Many cannot speak English and are incapable of holding jobs, so receive welfare. A sizeable minority and their offspring fill the prisons. Inner cities have become no-go areas for indigenous people.

It is a fact, in the UK today immigrant involvement in criminal activity including drug dealing is hugely out of proportion to their representation in the population. This is reflected in the crime statistics and the prison population. Conversely, the victims of violence and racism are overwhelming White, despite the impression created in the Media.

This list could go on and on, but readers with intelligence and common sense know it all. The Media, which should be reporting all of these costly results of immigration, has chosen to omit any mention of them except to claim that such things are the result of White racism.

There is a much shorter list of benefits – some skilled health workers, Asian entrepreneurs, a more varied cuisine, some clever and highly motivated children in the education system, and an inflation of house prices that has enabled White home-owners to retire to Spain and to the UK’s rural fringes. I am sure I have overlooked other pluses, but they are dwarfed by the costs.

The future, following recent terrorist bombings by residents of Asian origin, points to a greater disaster for all residents. Perhaps, most dangerously in the long term, there is the loss of ancient rights like free speech and political activity, now abolished by Government, bureaucrats, police, Church “leaders” and other Media agents under the cover of political correctness and new laws to “protect” the human rights and sensibilities of designated minorities. And this without protest from the main opposition Parties and civil rights groups.

Why was this great and reckless experiment in population movement allowed to take place and who has gained?

Failing policies that have stamina, have it, because dissimilar forces combine to sustain them. In this case Big Business, many small businesses, Leftist political activists, public-service bureaucrats and the Media Class all have a vested interest in the continuing flood of immigrants.

It requires the equivalent of a town the size of Reading to be added to the cities of the UK every year to house the newcomers and this is a conservative estimate. One can see that builders and land developers will like this, as will Town Hall and Government office staffs. Educationalists, social workers, probation officers, “outreach” workers, health workers, professional charity workers and many others in the welfare field are able to carve lucrative careers from the problems of immigrants. Big Business and some small business owners welcome cheap labor. Capitalist economies are lazy if enabled to be so and a growing population provides markets and increased consumption with little effort or innovation required. Never mind, that just as the reckless printing of money breeds inflation and trouble ahead, so this kind of population increase is a “live now, pay later” solution for the Nation.

Until recent times, the Tory Party has been financed by Big Business and for this reason as well as others, its leaders have always been mooted on immigration, despite the concerns of its rank and file. The Labour Party has been willing to alienate its traditional industrial worker base in order to please its burgeoning membership base in the public service sector workforce, its new ideological social extremists and to win the ever-growing voting blocs of ethnic minorities. The LibDems have been attempting to outflank Labour on the Left and to court Big Business. More crucially, all three Parties have sought the support of the Media Class and feared its destructive wrath. The Green Party, which might have been expected to be the most vocal opponent of an influx of population, has revealed itself to be nothing more than a front for Leftist activists. Only the Nationalist parties have consistently fought the swamping of an already overcrowded island and the destruction of the British culture. These parties have paid a heavy price at the hands of the Media Class.

Mass immigration should never have been allowed to happen, but we cannot blame it on the millions of decent people who have come to try their luck. They are no better and no worse than the rest of us. That hundreds of thousands of undesirables have also slipped in is our fault and not theirs and it is not their fault that more are coming if we do nothing to halt the flood.

To be continued

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