Basics – Part 4

Today forty years on, many of Enoch Powell’s predictions of civil unrest and inter communal violence in the UK, have come to pass. Mass immigration has continued uninterrupted, reinforced by an open door policy to refugees from every corner of the Third World.

Most major British cities, including London, have now been surrendered to a patchwork of races. Some immigrants have integrated, but most have not, and integration is no longer on the agenda of the rulers of the UK. In fact, the Media Class celebrates these alien cultures at every opportunity, portraying their various carnivals and religious festivals as evidence of “diversity” whilst at the same time orchestrating the elimination of historic British customs on the grounds that they are divisive, hostile to minorities and irrelevant in the new multi-cultural society. It is no exaggeration to say that the Media Class and its willing agents in politics and Government bureaucracies are relentlessly destroying traditional British culture. In this endeavor, they are vigorously aided by the Business world, eager for Media approval. Thus we see Christmas morph into Winter Holiday and many other Christian and historic national events in the calendar being quietly eliminated. At grass roots level ethnic minorities are urged by Leftists, mostly funded from the public purse, to maintain all of their traditions and retain separate identities. The result is a Britain that would be unrecognizable to those who fought in and endured the Second World War. The speed of this quiet revolution in which British culture is being displaced, is breathtaking, and has only been possible because the Mainstream Media has silenced opposition. Some British people grumble if they dare, but do so in whispered voices, aware that views only recently condemned as “politically incorrect” are now vaguely illegal and likely to lead to loss of employment. Only the British National Party (BNP) has any claim to being a potential voice for those British people who are opposed to the loss of national identity but the Party is effectively marginalized by Media-orchestrated and Government implemented, persecution.

At this point, it is only fair to make some other observations. There are millions of immigrants and their offspring, and the latter know no other country than Britain. Some immigrants have assimilated and most are just trying to get on with their lives. They have been encouraged to come to the UK by the British political elite, so are not blameworthy for the status quo. Some, (the Indians in particular) contribute intellectual and business talents and are, so far, extremely law-abiding. It is not their fault that they are being used to destroy British identity. Few ethnic minority people demand the cessation of the Christ in Christmas or claim to be offended by the many other native British customs that are being eliminated in their name. We do not know that they would be offended by being taught patriotic British history. It is White Leftists who demand that the British people should sacrifice their identity and they can do so only with the connivance of the Media Class.

It must also be said that many White people, especially in rural areas, have not truly experienced the ill effects of the burgeoning alien peoples and cultures and have been deprived of truthful information by the Media. For those living closer to the immigrant communities, personal experiences will be mixed. For the poorest, living cheek by jowl with many minorities, life is dangerous and blighted.

It suits the Media Class and its tame politicians to group all immigrants together and to mobilize them against the host people. In reality, though one would never know it from the Media’s reporting, immigrant communities vary greatly and are often at odds with each other. For example, Indians from Asia have prospered economically and Blacks hardly at all. Indian families have made use of education for advancement whilst Blacks and Pakistanis have not. When rioting has broken out, Black mobs have often targeted Asian business premises.

As generalizations are just that, generalizations, individual British people will have had many different and conflicting experiences of minority communities. Here are some examples. Good experiences will include being expertly treated by an Indian doctor, well nursed by a Jamaican nurse, well served by the open-all-hours Indian corner shop, forming a friendship with a neighbor, having a family member marrying an immigrant’s son or daughter.

Bad experiences will include being driven from one’s lifelong neighborhood by violent intimidation (ethnic cleansing is the term used by the Media in other contexts, but never in this one), being raped by both individuals and gangs, having a family member or neighbor casually murdered when being in the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing that areas of your town are “no-go” areas for you because you are white, and seeing minority members being given priority treatment for everything from police recruitment and Government jobs to welfare and every kind of financial grant.

These bad experiences will have been sifted out of all Media reporting, so only those affected by an experience will be aware of them. Public discussion of the plight of Whites, who live close to certain immigrant communities, is at best stifled as politically incorrect and at worst, now made illegal. The British have been conditioned to believe that other than the “exceptional” event they know about first hand, all violence and discrimination is White on Black.

The British have also had a long history of being charitable and humane to other races, as the Empire and Colonialism will attest to. (This statement must be put in context with the Belgians, Dutch and Germans in Africa, the French in Algeria, the Russians and Japanese anywhere). They also know that their forbears took over many foreign countries during the era of imperialism. Many feel uncomfortable about claiming back their country and also know that today’s world is dependent on co-operation with other races and nations.

Nevertheless, it is certain that an honest and free public debate and referendum would result in a call for many changes in immigration policy and public policy towards minorities.

To be continued

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