Basics – Part 3

In the opinion of Radical and Right, mass immigration is one of the two most important issues facing Western Europe and the USA, the other being the war now waged against us by Islamic terrorism. Here we will deal with immigration in its British context.

Any political party that comes to power with an agenda to tackle the problems caused by mass immigration into the UK will have to deal with a fearful legacy and a deteriorating situation. Mass immigration began in the late 1950’s with an influx from the West Indies, particularly Jamaica. Some West Indians had arrived even earlier after service in the British Armed Forces. Some large companies and the nationalized Health Service actively recruited workers from this period onward. Many West Indian immigrants began to congregate in parts of London such as Brixton. White flight began almost immediately and some English working people who could not, or would not move, reacted with hostility to the newcomers flooding in to their neighborhoods. Poor and ignorant people are quick to claim superiority and to feel threatened by alien ways and racial friction was soon evident. The immigrants were subjected to abuse and violence when perhaps they had expected to be welcome. The National Front became the political expression of some poor white people and militant Leftist organizations like the Trotskyite Socialist Labour League moved in to recruit from the newcomers and to “fight Fascism”. Much of the struggle between the Right and Left was fought out on the streets and below the radar of the main political parties.

Despite the hostility of many working class Whites, the flood of Black and Asian immigrants grew and soon urban areas such as Birmingham, Smethwick, Wolverhampton, Bradford and South Lancashire were experiencing the same frictions and problems as places like Brixton.

By the early 1960’s, it was possible for any honest observer to see that mass immigration from Third World countries was creating massive social problems in English cities. At the 1964 General Election in the constituency of Smethwick, the sitting MP and Government worthy, Patrick Gordon Walker, lost a safe Labour seat to a local Tory Alderman, Peter Griffiths, who centered his campaign on immigration. The combination of jobs, easy welfare payments and the lure of urban life, was sucking in indigestible numbers of very foreign people. The verdict of the electorate on mass immigration was clear and unequivocal. What should have been a pivotal moment for political change in Britain, became instead the moment the media demonstrated its new found power.

The Smethwick election result, ostensibly a victory for English Nationalism and a Tory Party which had long passed itself off as a Nationalist Party (at least to its many party members), was to prove a major defeat for Nationalism.

At this time the Media Class was already beginning to play an increasingly important role in political life and the near-monopolistic BBC was developing a Leftist agenda. In a total reversal of the real verdict, Patrick Gordon Walker was made a media martyr from his defeat whilst his nemesis Peter Griffiths became a pariah. The immigration debate was stifled and the Conservative Party leadership beat a hasty retreat from an issue that could have swept it to election victory.

This was turned into a victory for the forces engineering mass immigration. Political opposition to immigration became politically incorrect and banished from public debate.

When Enoch Powell, a Tory grandee from the nationalist wing of his Party, once again took up the cause of anti-immigration, his sudden popularity with working class voters, traditionally supporters of the Labour Party, was another warning light to the Media Class and its Leftist allies. He quickly became demonized by the Media, and then marginalized as his party hierarchy distanced themselves in panic from his statements. Today, forty years on many of his predictions have come to pass.

In the meantime, any other political party, however small, that opposed immigration was labeled “Nazi” and “Fascist” and its activists persecuted. They were “exposed” in the Media, pursued by Unions bosses and Government Officers, and subjected to violence organized by Marxist thugs. All of this was done with the approval of, and made possible by, the Media Class.

To be continued

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