Barking up the wrong tree

The confirmation of the Iraq constitutional vote merited only an article on page 17 of the Wall Street Journal (26th October). A story about a serial dog killer in Hong Kong merited a front page spot and a lengthy article in total. For those of us who monitor the mainstream media, such things give a daily clue as to the agenda of journalists and the Media Masters.

Greg Jaffe was one of two contributors on the Iraq report, though whether or not he wrote the headline, we do not know. “Iraq Vote Confirmed as U.S. Deaths Reach 2000” was certainly in keeping with Jaffe’s story. He is a regular Iraq reporter and his pieces are always doom and gloom. He is clearly one of those Leftists who is determined never to find a ray of hope in “Bush’s” war, and his piece today echoed the Media’s line everywhere, which was to downplay the vote and magnify the US death toll. One has to conclude that the Media people are pleased to see the death toll mount and are displeased that the Iraqi people are moving towards democracy. The Journal is ostensibly a conservative, pro-war paper, but only on the Opinion Pages. Its reporters are all Leftists, and so presumably are the editors as the paper runs the same stories with the same slant as all the other outlets. One has to wonder if a bulletin goes out each day to every reporter and editor with directions on the content and its spin.

We expect Leftists to oppose a war initiated by a Christian and right-of-center President whom they hate. Acting against one’s national interest, is a habit for American and British Leftists, and so it is never difficult for them to enjoy casualties and setbacks. For those who claim to be on the Right, opposing one’s country when it is at war, leads to some awkward and conflicting political positions. Thus the British National Party, an opponent of both the Iraq and Afghan invasions, finds itself in a position where it can only be proved right if things go badly on the battlefield and there is a disastrous collapse in the two attempts at democracy. I suspect there were three motives in the BNP’s policy decision – isolationism, a hatred for Blair, and political opportunism of the worst sort. This is a Party which talks tough on dealing with Islamic terrorism, yet cannot stomach taking that fight to the enemy.

On this website we have almost nothing good to say about Blair’s Party and Government, but on the crucial issue of fighting terorism and supporting Britain’s historic ally, Blair has done the right thing. In doing so, he has forfeited the support of the Media Class, no mean sacrifice for a poster child.

The page one dog story signals something too, since there are now regular media articles about pets, and they always have the same drift, which is to have quotes by people who equate their pets to humans. This is always treated approvingly by the reporters, the same people who are happy with millions of abortions of babies. I sense that there is an agenda here which runs counter to traditional religious teaching. Westerners have few children and dote on dogs as a substitute. Not only are these wrong values, but they will lead to our social and moral decline. One can be sure that Islamic Fundamentalists will not be making the same mistake.

Remember what we say on this website time and time again! Everything that comes from the mainstream media carries the Media Class agenda and some of it is carefully camoflaged. You have been warned!

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