Back Home In California!

It is with great pleasure that I take up this column again from California in the good old USA. My time in the UK coincided with a wet, grey and dismal August that followed a wet grey dismal July. It is amazing that the British stay so cheerful but I suppose it builds character to experience so many disappointments like cancelled sporting events and BBQ’s under a tent awning. Fortunately for my relatives, the weather has greatly improved since my departure and there is talk of an ‘Indian Summer’ in September. Perhaps I should stay away for I damage Al Gore’s reputation with my presence.

On 21st August I read a piece in the UK Daily Telegraph that was more significant than the Editor will realize. The report was of a speech given by Kirsten O’Brien and I think she gave it in Edinburgh. Ms. O’Brien is a presenter of BBC Children’s programs and she revealed that “everyone at CBBC is either gay or childless and don’t like kids”. CBBC is the Corporation’s Children’s Channel and she has worked there for more than a decade so presumably she knows what she is talking about.

When there was a small public reaction to her comments she claimed that she was being flippant and the BBC quickly attempted to both deny the charge and her intent. Well, they would, wouldn’t they! This is not the first time a BBC insider has revealed that the Corporation employs a greatly disproportionate number of homosexuals and that its workforce is not at all representative of the UK’s population. I put these ‘slips’ of the tongue down to the increasing arrogance of the members of the Media Class, particularly at the BBC. It is almost as though they are boasting and I am reminded of psychopaths who, when a little inebriated, begin to giggle and recount some of their crimes in order to show their superiority.

Despite the subsequent denials from the BBC, I think we should assume that Ms. O’Brien was not exaggerating. Besides the preponderance of homosexuals in BBC Children’s broadcasting I am not surprised that many other employees don’t like children, for when I first worked in public service child protection services many years ago, I was shocked at the number of women social workers (more than a few of them lesbian) who didn’t have children, didn’t intend to have any themselves and lacked any affection for them. I concluded that there were a number of reasons for this anomaly. First, many were attracted to the work, not to save kids from ill-treatment, but to sympathize and identify (they used the word ‘empathize’) with the rejecting and dysfunctional mothers. They also were damaged people unconsciously seeking solutions to their own dysfunctional lives. And they enjoyed the public’s esteem for people who worked with c hildren. Lastly, birds of a feather flock together! The BBC is not so different in the character of its employees than a local government child care service. In a more sensible world, both would be staffed with heterosexual married adults who had children and loved children in a strictly non-sexual sense. Something has gone wrong in society and it is that a new and dysfunctional Class has been granted power and upturned our values and ability to make judgments.

In the US, I see that Ford Motor Co. has given another $25,000 to a homosexual cause. It is amazing that a company that is laying off thousands of its workers and losing millions of dollars every day, should give to the activists of one of the most affluent groups in society and risk a loss of sales to potential customers. What is even more amazing is that the Media Class keeps quiet about this scandal. Well, actually it is not amazing to Radical and Right.

In Martha’s Vineyard (the spiritual home of those who REALLY care about the poor and disadvantaged) according to an approving Associated Press report, 2,000 celebrities gathered to – No! Not to give money to the poor – to raise $100,000 for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Amongst those who cared were Carly Simon, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. We are told that the celebs “showered the Clintons with praise”. I wrote on this website way back that Mrs. Clinton was the choice of the Media World and will be anointed in 2008. I think she is unstoppable, for the Media Class is more powerful than ever before and can and will ensure that all competitors will be tarred with one brush or another. Hillary will get a pass on every negative issue including the court case she is about to face in California.

Finally, we should not overlook the two bombs in Hyderabad India, even if the MSM gives only fleeting attention to them. 42 people were killed and hundreds injured. 19 more bombs were found by security forces. India has no troops in Iraq and Afghanistan but it is another frontline State in the war with Islamic Imperialism, as is Thailand and the Philippines. It is a world war that continues to hot up and looking the other way or turning the other cheek will only embolden the Islamists. If our forces leave Iraq and Afghanistan, as the Leftists and the Media Class demand, that war will move into our backyards overnight. Hillary Clinton knows this, for she is not driven in her politics by idealism, and she is now positioning herself as a warrior for after the election when she and Bill are Presidents. Some commentators say that she runs the risk of alienating the Leftist Democrat base. They fail to understand that she can say black is black today and black is white tomorrow, and get away with it for the Media Class is going to collude on her behalf. I suppose Mrs. Clinton and Bill the White House will be safer than Edwards et al, in the war against Islamic Imperialism, for she has no need to worry about the opinions of her Leftists and she is ruthless. However, in every other respect the Clintons will be a disaster, for they are totally unprincipled and will stifle opposition and seek permanent power.

Despite all this, it is nice to be back and I take comfort in the line from Donne’s poem “The best laid plans of (mice) rats and men” etc. for between now and November 2008 much could go awry.

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