Associated Press Goes After Hillary

The daily headlines of the Mainstream Media rarely provide a guide to the real news. The MSM after all, is merely the propaganda tool of the Ruling Media Class. Its headlines are chosen, together with the articles the headlines lead, to manipulate the American public. The important facts are either partially concealed and twisted or ignored altogether. The most frequent evidence for this at the present time is the MSM reporting of Black violence in cities all across America. Only a small proportion of these events are reported and those reports all conceal the most important element which is the racial component. Thus we read about ‘teens’, ‘youths’, ‘crowds’ and ‘young people’ being involved. The word ‘Black’ never appears despite the fact that almost all such outbreaks of violence are committed by Blacks.

Today, the MSM reporting of the latest shooting in Ferguson, Missouri,  has so far not reported that the two policemen victims are White and that the mob that harbored the shooter was Black.

Conservatives who get most of their news from websites regularly assume that if the race of the victim is not mentioned, he is White and if the race of the perpetrator is not mentioned, he/she is Black. The mistake many conservatives make is in assuming that most people understand this truth about the MSM and realize that it is a propaganda tool. Still, conservatives do understand that the MSM is on the side of the Democrat Party even if they fail to appreciate that the MSM controls the Democrat Party.

What even fewer understand is that there is a Media Class and it rules America in alliance with Leftists made up largely of those who work for Government. The heavily unionized Public Service employees provide the ground troops for the Democrat Party (a wholly owned political machine for the Ruling Media Class) and Academia indoctrinates the young and provides the Left’s intellectual cadres.

The Media Class is the senior partner of the alliance. It is senior because it incorporates the MSM (controlling the Nation’s news reporting, transforming news into propaganda, promoting the Ruling Class agenda, purging waverers from the ranks and destroying opponents) and its core members in Hollywood have great disposable wealth.

These core members are in the most powerful position within America’s Ruling Class and in 2007 put their money into Barack Obama’s Democrat Primary campaign. This was instrumental in depriving the Clintons of the Party’s nomination. They have continued to fund Obama, as evidenced by the frequency with which he visits Beverly Hills and San Francisco, confers in secret with its members, and benefits from their astonishing fundraisers. In return he has promoted their revolutionary homosexual, anti-Christian agenda before all other Leftist ‘reforms’.

Clearly there must be other Media Class cabals besides the Beverly Hills billionaires. Some will have slightly different priorities and may reflect rival egos. All will attempt to influence or control the White House. Some will favor Hillary Clinton. We outsiders will never have penetrating insight into the web of rival Media Class alliances but on this website we believe that the Hollywood homosexual/anti-Christian cabal is most successful because it is effectively focused by its exclusive sexual agenda and geographical position in Beverly Hills. Crucially it has the most money to spare for politics. How it exerts its influence in the News Media is concealed but the results speak for themselves.

The Associated Press is perhaps the most influential element in the news propaganda arm of the Media Class, for it distributes and conceals ‘news’ all across the Print, Radio and Internet Media. It is more ubiquitous, anonymous and influential than Reuters, ABC News and better known Leftist organs such as the NYT, Washington Post, LA Times, SF Chronicle and Boston Globe. Today’s Newsmax is reporting “Hillary Losing Hollywood”, “Hollywood Democrats Consider Hillary Alternatives” and “Warren supporters in the entertainment industry are numerous and passionate”. This supports our claim that Hollywood is working to ‘take out’ the Clintons.

Somehow, the Hollywood cabal has already persuaded some of these newspapers to begin attacking Hillary Clinton. The biggest news however is AP initiating legal action to uncover more of what the Clintons have attempted to hide by using a private server. This publicized delving by a powerful MSM organization into the secrets of a leading Democrat is surely unprecedented. The unfolding picture, which the MSM will do its best to obscure, is that once again a key element in the Media Class, as in 2007, is about to come into conflict with a big faction of its allies in the Unionized Public Services. We predict Academia will go for Squaw Elizabeth Warren. Democrat Party primaries may become very interesting.

A few days ago on this website we decided to call Hillary’s latest problem ‘Emailgate”. The next day America’s most-listened-to Talk Show host Michael Savage picked up the term. We believe that Savage, who often goes where angels fear to tread, visits our website. We angels welcome his visits and admire his courage on many issues. Today, many across the Nation are using the term ‘Emailgate’.

We also pioneered the term ‘Islamic Imperialism’ and have long described the UK as a ‘police state’. Our qualified support for the UK’s BNP has led to us being banned by Free Republic. We mention this because recently on FR a blogger called ‘maceman’ discovered that FR bans mention of some conservative/Nationalist websites. Well, maceman, Radical and Right is one of them. It seems that not all on the Right welcome free speech.

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