Assange, Comey, Lynch, Wiener, Clinton and Obama

The dust is beginning to settle a little after yesterday’s dramatic news of a new FBI investigation related to the missing Clinton emails. Republican euphoria is ebbing and Democrat/Media paralysis is turning into offence. As a respondent to our website late yesterday noted, the news of the FBI’s renewed probe is a blow to the Clinton campaign, and a boost to Trump and the Broad Right.

In expressing Comey cynicism in our last article we were not dismissing the blow this latest news is to the Clinton camp. We think Hillary had no idea this was coming and was in a state of shock before she exited her campaign plane in Iowa.

It is our view that the Comey move is a damage-limitation measure by a panicking Ruling Class, and its man in the White House. The near-desperation has been caused primarily by Julian Assange and his claim that, on top of what he has already released, there is worse (for whom?) to come in these last days of the campaign. Whether he has ‘worse’ may or may not be true, but the Ruling Class is not taking chances.

Since the Clintons never tell the truth, have been reckless and self-serving in their whole career, and their crooked web extends across continents, the Ruling Class can be forgiven for suspecting that Assange has ‘worse’ to reveal. After all, Julian has shown great skill in pacing out his material, no-one disputes its authenticity, and the content absolutely defines the Clintons, the DNC and many foreign leaders as crooks. It has also revealed the Mainstream Media as the orchestrator of political propaganda.

An honest appraisal of the WikiLeaks impact on the election contest has to be that it has been damaging to the Clinton campaign but not deadly. It should have been fatal, just as the original email scandal should have put Hillary in Federal Court many months ago, but today’s America is no longer a united moral society. Thanks to the rise of the morally corrupt, Godless Media Class and its near-monopoly of news and entertainment over decades, the American people has been morally downgraded.

Christian morality is in a disorganized retreat, and probably half of the current population, consciously or unconsciously, views morality as relative and not absolute. Another way of putting it is ‘ends justify means’, which is the Far Left’s rationale for lies, deceit, the denial of facts and common-sense and the implementation of its Revolutionary agenda.

The WikiLeaks revelations of Clinton criminality have not bothered a portion of the American population, probably more than a third. For most African Americans criminality by their politicians is confirmation of smartness. For many Latinos too newly arrived to be integrated, criminality in politics is the norm. Before Whites and Jews get to feeling superior, Anti-Christian Whites and Jews who infest Academia are in the forefront of the destruction of America’s Christian morality.

For those on the Broad (Christian/Nationalist/Conservative) Right, who get their news from the alternative media, the WikiLeaks releases have not changed their view of Clinton. They always knew she was crooked and they yearn for a return to the Old (pre-Revolutionary) America of traditional morality and honesty. But they probably only make up about 40% of those who vote – or might vote for a non politician.

The remainder of the population consists of those who might be affected by the WikiLeaks revelations, and it is these potential voters who the MSM must distract by any means, especially if the final WikiLeaks content has bigger bombshells.

It is our belief that Comey would not act on new incriminating evidence without first seeking the permission of Obama through Loretta Lynch.

According to Michael Savage yesterday, Lynch, facing a Congressional probe just took the Fifth Amendment!! I have seen no mention of this astounding event in the MSM. That America’s Attorney General would take the Fifth Amendment (“I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me”) and survive in office for a day, is staggering except in the context that America is now under the rule of lawless Revolutionaries.

We can assume that the relevant incriminating material on the computer of the sex-addicted Anthony Wiener was discovered by FBI operatives and not Comey. If Comey alone had had the knowledge he would have concealed it after alerting Lynch, but the information was already ‘out’ in an organization already seething with discontent.

But whatever it is, it cannot be any more incriminating than that which Comey dismissed as non-criminal. Moreover, nothing uncovered about the Clinton inner circle will shake the popular support for Clinton that already exists. WikiLeaks however may be about to release material that will shift the focus to Obama and others beyond the Clinton gang. Given this risk, Obama may have judged it prudent to give the MSM material that will allow it to distract attention away from whatever WikiLeaks still has.

He and Lynch, near-desperate, have risked sacrificing Hillary via an FBI probe that will produce nothing substantive before November 8th. It will produce much distracting speculation and drama from the MSM and diminish the impact of WikiLeaks.

If this all sounds Machiavellian, remember that we live in Revolutionary times and are ruled by people for whom ‘ends justify means’.

Finally, Clinton will not be withdrawn from the race unless Obama and his bosses calculate that he can get away with postponing the election. It is not possible to insert Biden or Michelle for November 8th, for too many people have already voted.

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