Arizona Immigration Decision – Nail in Coffin of Concept ‘Nation of Laws’

The decision of US District Judge Susan Bolton, which in effect bars any State from implementing Federal laws concerning illegal immigration, came as no surprise to Radical and Right. We would have been surprised if an ambitious Federal Judge had disappointed the White House and the Ruling Class simply by being logical and upholding the Law. As we often maintain on this website, anyone who expects logic and consistency in anything such as laws and Media reporting, risks becoming the little boy who said ‘The King is in the Altogether’. The facts of the Law are quite simple and irrefutable. There is legal immigration and there is illegal entry. Those who do not come into the US by the many legal routes are here illegally and have broken US Law. Since the proposed Arizona Law was passed lawfully in the State and since it mirrored the Federal Law on all important points, it cannot be legally wrong. Of course many might argue that having the police put an emphasis on a suspected lawbreaker’s status and expecting people to carry evidence of legal status at all times, might frighten not only ‘illegals’ but citizens who happened to look like ‘illegals’. Mostly, in the Arizona context, this would have affected people of Mexican and Central American origin. This is regrettable, especially since Latinos and Arizona’s White citizens have been living in harmony for decades. However the willful avoidance of Border control by the US government, allowing masses of Mexicans to exchange their own country’s misery and violence for US welfare, has changed the racial dynamics. I am sure Arizonans would prefer the old comfortable arrangements but reckless and dishonest politicians have for various reasons grossly upset the balance.

Like the little boy who saw the King was naked, it is worth blurting out the facts. Arizona is a key conduit for illegal entry from the Mexican side of the border. Arizona has a major problem of criminal activity by a significant proportion of those who slip over the US border. Ranchers who live on the border not only cannot peacefully tend their lands but are at risk of theft and death at the hands of these intruders. Over the border in Mexico there is a most brutal civil war being fought between drug gangs and the Government, and the Government is not winning. This civil war threatens to engulf US/Mexico border States and especially Arizona. Arizona’s public services and social services are being overwhelmed by the demands of illegal immigrants. If current trends of incursion continue for much longer, Arizona will revert to Mexico. Sensing US weakness and perfidy, many Mexicans in the US are expressing irredentist objectives. The Federal Government is willfully refusing to implement its own laws regarding illegal immigration and failing to protect its lawful citizens. Many Leftist dominated cities have declared ‘sanctuary status’ for illegals and the Government has looked the other way.

In a wider context we must recognize that the Ruling Classes all across the Western World are determined to swamp the native European people by ramping up Third World immigration, both legal and illegal. In this they have the very active support of their Leftist allies. Thus those organizations that are funded by rich Leftists to undermine National integrity, like the ACLU, have very deep pockets and can mount expensive ‘legal’ actions and organized protests. However the most important factor in the current struggle between the citizens of Arizona and the Ruling Class is that the Media (Ruling) Class controls most of the news. Thus almost all news reports framed Bolton’s ruling as a victory. All printed news reports I saw carried large pictures of jubilant Latinos and continued the sad tales of families being threatened with severance from children. ACLU-type protests have been supportively and extensively covered and the protests of citizens get little Media exposure and what does reach the inside pages is rarely sympathetic.

Third World immigration, legal and illegal, is now a litmus test issue for the Ruling Class along with homosexual promotion and special legal and employment status for certain favored minorities. Federal Judges are appointed by politicians, Bolton having been appointed by President Clinton. Most are ambitious to rise higher in the profession and future promotion depends on political and Media support. Any Judge with half a brain knows that to frustrate the Ruling Class and its Leftist allies in the White House and Congress on a litmus test issue is to kiss goodbye to promotion. Also any Judge, indeed any alert citizen, knows that our new Ruling Class is cherry-picking which laws to implement and which laws to quietly bury. Susan Bolton had to know that siding with Arizona, no matter how lawful, would guarantee her the undying enmity of the White House and the Democrats and the likelihood of a very hostile Press forever after. Any smart and ambitious Judge, whether in the US or the UK, knows that Law is now intended to be arbitrary and always Left-leaning on all social and moral matters. No politician has to write and circulate an explicit list of ‘leanings’, for all citizens are Media-indoctrinated with the correct responses. Who can not be aware that the Media Class favors mass Third World immigration; that the same Ruling Media Class is promoting homosexuality and regards Christianity and Nationalism as backward forces that it must eliminate. Radical and Right expect the judicial systems in the US and UK to reflect the agenda of the new Ruling Class and to ignore the law whenever it clashes with its revolutionary program. This official lawlessness has the added bonus for our Rulers of demoralizing the native people. When the native people’s majority votes are ignored or overturned by judges, many become cynical and give up.

Radical and Right are also not surprised by the decision of another Federal Judge. Julea Ward was a Christian student on a counseling Course at Eastern Michigan University. She was challenged by an educator as to whether her Christian views would prevent her from offering ‘positive’ counseling to homosexuals. When she replied that she regarded homosexuality as a sin she was summarily dismissed from the Graduate program. A Christian group took her case to Federal Court and lost. It is clearly not now possible to gain admission to any such University Course without passing the homosexuality litmus test. Today it is counseling courses but tomorrow it will be all courses. Prospective students will have to take an oath confirming their enthusiasm for the ‘Gay Lifestyle’. Ultimately there will be laws making it a crime to express any hostility to sodomy, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and mass immigration. Behind that (no pun intended) will come acceptance of Man/Dog sexual relationships and all sado/masochist activities. Is there any visitor to this website who thinks that Julea Ward would have been dismissed if she had been a Muslim, if so, please get back on your medication! What we all instinctively now know as a result of Media indoctrination is what laws are to be implemented and what to be ignored.

In many previous articles on this website we have pointed out that the rise of the Media Class has transformed the Parties of the Left. The Democrat Party now exists to advance the agenda of this Ruling Class. As a consequence it is no longer the Party of the poor and underprivileged but of the super rich and the perverted. In Hollywood they are mostly the same people! It is however greatly to the advantage of both the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies to keep up the pretense that the Democrat Party is the Party of the ‘little people’, for it is necessary to get the votes of poor people. This week, Obama is once again fund-raising for his Party and the poor should take note of where and with whom he fund-raises, for those who pay the piper call the tune. In the current cycle of fund-raising Wall Street has given $4.26m to the Democrats and just $870,000 to the Republicans. Marc Lasry, a founder of the hedge fund Avenue Capital Group is behind one of this Wednesday’s big fund-raising bashes whilst the other is being held at the home of Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. The price of a ticket is $30,400!!

Wintour is regarded as one of the most powerful people in the Fashion World. This supporter of Obama and the ‘little people’ is said to earn $2m a year for her work at Vogue plus perks that include a chauffeured Mercedes S Class and $200,000 annual shopping allowance. In case anyone thinks that Wintour came from a humble background and worked her way up, it is worth noting that her father is the editor of the London Evening Standard and her brother is the political editor of the Far Leftist UK newspaper, ‘The Guardian’. According to Wikipedia the soon-to-be 60 Wintour began dating well-connected older men when she was 15 years old and she has been through several husbands and many relationships since. On this website we have long asserted that the Fashion World is a constituency of the new Ruling Media Class and an important one. Those who are part of it have access to the revolving door that characterizes a Class. The door includes important and well-paid jobs, sexual partners and political affiliations.

It is hard not to be greatly pessimistic about the future both here and in the UK. What chance has the much-persecuted BNP got of surviving for it really does represent ‘little people’ and poor people who have White skins? What chance has the National Organization for Marriage got of resisting same-sex marriage? The Ruling Class is fabulously rich, controls almost all the news and entertainment, is united by the revolving door (this explains why Class maverick Rush Limbaugh paid $2m to Reggie Dwight to play at his wedding) and can depend on a Legal system that cherry-picks which laws shall be implemented.

Here in California we have been experiencing cool weather for July and no-one is complaining. I checked with friends on the UK’s Exe Estuary and they confirmed that there is still no rise in the sea level. Just thought I would set the record straight!

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