Appraisal on the war on Terror

The relentless Media-orchestrated attack on the twin invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by coalition forces, is taking its toll in several predictable ways. Firstly, it is chipping away at President Bush’s credibilty. This is of prime importance to the Media Class, desperate for a President who will validate Media culture and morality.

Secondly, it damages those world leaders like Blair and Howard who had the temerity to support the invasions. The BBC, for example, no longer gives Blair the pass on any failures and portrayed his party’s (remarkable) third election victory as a poor showing. The story of the shooting death by London police of the illegal Brazilian immigrant will be magnified and endlessly replayed if it looks like embarrassing Blair. (This is hard luck for his namesake Police Chief of London, who has sucked up to every whim of the Media Class since his appointment and now finds himself in the firing line between the Media and Blair).

Thirdly, it panders to, and rewards, one of the Media’s most fanatical constituencies, the Peace People. These assorted Leftists, many of whom are unhappy and disaffected failures needing to act our their anger, are the troops who take to the streets of large cities when the Media needs a “mass protest”.

Fourthly, and most dangerously for all of us in the West, it bolsters the enemy OUR troops are fighting in a desperate war. Cindy Sheehan, her supporters and the Media which has plucked her from obscurity, are directly aiding Bin Laden and his psychopathic killers, just as “peace” demonstrations in London and New York would have aided Hitler in 1944.

It is worth going back and putting the twin invasions in context. New York and Washington had just suffered cowardly and murderous attacks, killing 3000 innocent civilians. These were the latest in a series of attacks on Americans and others around the world and Bin Laden was crowing over his successes and promising much, much more of the same. His organisation, well funded, was using a number of Muslim countries as safe havens, including Afghanistan, Sudan, and the border areas of Pakistan. He was almost certainly receiving sympathetic practical support from Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria and funds from sympathisers within Saudi Arabia. The unique advantage which terrorist organisations have is that no Nation State officially owns them but can employ them as a proxy. Of all the Nation States in the Muslim world, Iraq was one of the most dedicatedly anti-American and the biggest threat to Middle East stabilty, having twice invaded neighbors in a bid to expand Saddam’s merciless empire. Iraq was also in posession of chemical and other deadly weapons, having used them widely in the invasion of Iran. Saddam had never co-operated with international inspections imposed after the partial defeat following the invasion of Kuwait. No rational person could doubt the dangers Saddam’s regime now posed in the burgeoning war by terrorists. Saddam was a dictator who had even employed chemical weapons on his own people on many occasions and would certainly have slipped such weapons to proxy organisations for use against the USA.

How to react to the terror attacks on the USA was clearly problematic and no-one on the Left in the Western World had solutions other than “gesture” responses such as “acting through the UN” and catching terrorists in the USA and using the “full force of criminal law” on them (but only after ensuring their civil rights!)

Bush, newly in Office after an acrimonious delay by Gore and his Democrats, made a tactical mistake in trying to assuage Leftist opinion by pandering to UN sensibilities. To his eternal credit (and to Blair’s and some other State leaders), he finally stepped up to the plate and embarked on pro-active military actions. Western military unpreparedness (mostly to be laid at the doors of generations of Leftist politicians) restricted options, as did the cowardliness of many world politicians. Some opposition to military action stemmed from corruption deep in the UN (now partially revealed in the Oil-for-food scandal). Bush and his military and political advisers chose Afghanistan and Iraq for invasion, though a case could have been made for any number of permutations including Syria, Iran, Yemen and Libya.

The invasions and subsequent overthrow of the Taliban and Saddam and his Baathist Party sent out a clear message that the USA and its Allies would not continue to be passive in the face of orchestrated terrorism. The pincer movement left Iran in a very vulnerable position and intimidated Syria. It has subsequently taken Libya out of the terrorist camp, persuaded the Saudi leaders to clamp down and re-inforced Pakistan’s and Egypt’s rulers’ determination to crack down on Muslim extremism in their vulnerable countries. Saddam had plenty of time to hide weapons and his Baathists had time to plan resistance, but it is surely telling that Saddam could find refuge in no Muslim country. Unfortunately, the fear of US miltary power and the political will behind it, has been squandered by political dissent in the US and UK.

It is a sad state of affairs in our two countries (and in the West in general) that so many people are unwilling to recognise the enormous dangers of Islamic extremism and the war that it has unleashed against us. Much of the blame for this can be laid at the door of the Media Class which has chosen to put its own social agenda before National security. There was always going to be a “Peace” mob in lunatic asylums such as San Francisco and in urban areas where naive, idealistic young students make a temporary common cause with society’s misfits, but the Media has used these fringe elements to portray an America fatally divided. In doing so, it has given our enemies a new lease of life and cost the lives of many more patriotic young soldiers than might have been the case.

All is not yet lost! Despite the enormous efforts of the Media and George Soros, and their pawns in the Democrat Party, Bush was re-elected and has kept his resolve. Howard has been re-elected in Australia and Blair in the UK. (This website does not support Blair on other issues and is not uncritical of Bush and the Republican Party). Allied soldiers continue to do a magnificently professional and humane job in very difficult circumstances. The Muslim fanatics have been forced to display their barbarity in Iraq and ordinary Muslims may yet take the lead in crushing them. Many Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan have bravely fought for a better and more democratic society. Finally and most importantly, the war has largely been fought in the fanatics territory. The US has gone three years without an attack.1 Who can doubt that Bin Laden and his henchmen intended to fill those years with death and destruction in our cities. The recent attacks in the UK are the result of past laxness about terrorists and have been a wake-up call to Blair and hopefully to the British people. Their scope did not suggest that the Bin Laden network has regained its balance.

We must hope that mainstream America will continue to see that the Media Class is acting against America’s interests and that bringing down George Bush is not a sane option. It would be a great step forward however, if patriotic political activists better understood the forces now attacking Western societies from within. Only this website tells it like it is.

Note: 1. Except, perhaps, the “Washington Sniper”, John Allen Muhammad (born John Allen Williams), and his young pupil.

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