AP Plays the Race Card

Associated Press is one of the leading Media Class campaign organizations and since it supplies constant ‘News’ to almost every ‘newspaper’ in the USA and also dominates the ‘News’ on computer sites, it is highly politically influential. Whilst posing as an objective provider of news, AP actually pumps out propaganda that would shame Pravda. AP is totally committed to the re-election of President Obama and all of its ‘news’ regarding the election campaign is worthless.

The problem facing AP and all of its Mainstream Media (MSM) comrades is that the genuine Opinion Polls such as Rasmussen and Gallup are showing a small but significant lead for Mitt Romney and have been doing so for many days. Clearly the AP is being forced to prepare for the likely defeat of their man in the White House. This is not to say that the MSM will be throwing in the towel between now and November 6. We can expect the distortion of news to increase in the next 8 days but MSM editors are looking ahead and seeing what the rest of us are seeing, which is that Obama may be a one-term President.

Romney has proven himself to be a candidate who can stay focused and cool under MSM fire. However, he would not have overcome Media Class opposition and misrepresentation, no matter how many good speeches he delivered around the Nation or how many TV adverts he funded, for the MSM has the ability to shape the contest and effectively smear a candidate’s character. It was succeeding in this until the three televised debates provided Romney with his three opportunities to speak directly to the American people. Better still, the three debates enabled Romney to stand and argue man-to-man with the President as he really is – no tele-prompters, no shielding Media comrades. Romney took his three chances and those American people who rely on the MSM for news suddenly had chances to compare the two (real) men. Romney clawed his way to the front and has remained there ever since, for those Americans who are not committed Leftists, not racist or who do not have a vested financial interest in Government largesse, saw the real Romney and his strengths. They also saw the real Obama, and he was not at all impressive when shorn of Media camouflage.

The Media Class faces a dilemma now. Few in that Class care a fig about Obama and many may have long concealed their contempt for an arrogant, ignorant and unprincipled man who seems never to have understood that he owed all his success to others. It is ironic that the man who casually dismissed America’s business-builders and innovators as people who owed their success to the feckless and untalented, really does owe his own ‘success’ to others, yet thinks he is a genius. Whilst not caring about the fate of Obama, the Media Class movers and shakers do care about the policies Obama was charged to implement. They may drop Obama but they can never admit that the policies he has pursued (Big Government, increased welfare dependency creating an America people made spineless, moral degeneracy and the destruction of the Judeo/Christian culture, and a road to totalitarianism) are unappealing and un-American. Their explanation will have to be that Obama failed because of his personal inadequacies or because of the inadequacies of the majority of Americans. The AP has shown us that they will claim in the aftermath of an Obama defeat, that the fault is that of the majority of American people. According to the AP, if Obama is defeated it is because of Racism. We can expect this accusation to be taken up and peddled by the whole Media Class and its Leftist allies after November 6th.

Whenever the Media Class and those on the Left seek to support their own lying propaganda, they invariably turn to their comrades in Academia to provide quasi-scientific evidence and so the AP arranged for some academics to carry out a poll. No doubt the results of the poll were pre-determined.

On 27th October the AP had a very long article circulated entitled “Majority prejudice against Blacks”. Prejudice is always a hard thing to prove and mostly subjective but this never worries Leftist Academics for after all, the ends justify the means. The first question we might legitimately ask is why a ‘news’ organization is attempting to manufacture news. The motive here is clear. The AP is seeking to explain away a Romney victory as unfair, unprincipled and illegitimate. The AP wants to shape the history narrative ahead of time and claim that Obama’s loss is the result of racial prejudice and not his policies or his behavior.

It is easy to sum up what the article claims the pollsters have uncovered. It is that racial prejudice against Black people in the USA is as strong now as it ever was and that Obama will not receive the crucial percentage of votes that would take him to a second term, solely because there are many White people who are driven to vote for Romney on the basis of skin color. Since the pollsters could not find enough White (non-Black) voters willing to admit to such prejudice, they asked a series of questions on other matters which they claim cunningly revealed the voter’s real prejudice. Wow! Is this scientific? My guess is that these questions were along the lines of “Are you afraid to walk in Black areas at night?” “Do you think Black youths commit more crimes than other racial groups?” “Do you think too many Black women have illegitimate children and rely on welfare?” Since Media Leftists like Chris Matthews can detect raging racial prejudice in almost any statement by a conservative, it is not hard for Leftist pollsters to devise questions that, if honestly and rationally answered, confirm their ideas of racial prejudice. The pollsters’ conclusions, ratified by the AP, fail to explain how Obama got comfortably elected in 2008, but that is a mere inconvenient detail to be passed over. The current accusation is what is important.

Actually, on this website we believe that racial prejudice is a fact of life, though in ways the MSM always avoids noticing. The fact that some 95% of Black Americans did and will unashamedly vote for Obama is incontrovertible evidence of prejudice and racism. Certainly if white voters unashamedly admitted voting for Romney simply because he is White, the MSM and the Left would be screaming. In the AP report, prejudice is only against Blacks and to a lesser extent Latinos. It seems that for these Leftist academics Indians, Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asians are invisible. Yet I know from personal experience that many of these minorities of color are far more prejudiced against Blacks. So are many Latinos. This is often because they have suffered physical or property damage from Black youths. Many, who are hard-working and have prospered (without help and against great odds) regard most Blacks as lazy and ignorant.

On this website, we do not tar any racial group with the stigma of innate inferiority, but racial prejudice can be widely shared and attributed and much prejudice is founded in real life experience. It is better to accept that some racial prejudice exists in all camps and that Obama’s defeat – if it happens – is down to his (and his White comrades’) policies and behavior in office.

If the Media Class and its Leftist allies succeed in creating explosive racial resentment over an Obama defeat they will be happy, for they intend to do everything possible to make America ungovernable for Romney and his Conservative allies.

Weather – Pleasant Fall weather here in central California. On the East Coast a mighty storm is imminent and no doubt MMGW will be blamed by those who crave totalitarianism. In the UK, much of the country is enjoying endless grey cloud, mist and cold temperatures. This sounds like business as usual!

Music Choice – My son has just played “Mad About The Boy” by Dinah Washington and I recommend it to you. This is the second time I have recommended this outstanding recording which brought together the excellent tune and lyrics penned by the great Noel Coward and the very distinctive voice of the late Miss Washington. What a dramatic opening! It is certain that Coward, a dignified and talented homosexual, was writing about a man he lusted after, but like all great music it transcends its origins.

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