Anne Coulter and GOP: RIP

Super Tuesday is over and it is clear that McCain is going to get the Republican nomination barring an earthquake on the political scene.  Since the Clintons are now virtually assured of the Democrat nomination, we can expect to see Ann Coulter’s intense face in the platform photo ops for Hillary.

There are three possible explanations for Coulter’s amazing posturing. One is that she is developing manic depression (known as bi-polar in the US) and is now in a manic stage. I do not say this tongue in cheek. Mania often develops noticeably in people in their forties and I assume that she is reaching that milestone of age. There is something quite manic about her appearance when I see her on the Fox programs. The unusual emotional energy and excitement which are constant features of her performances make me uneasy. The problem is that there are many female political commentators and ‘experts’ who appear on various shows and they all have much the same excitable volubility. I suppose they are chosen for these characteristics. They can’t all be suffering from early mania. Still Coulter’s amazing pronouncement that she would vote for and campaign for the Clintons since, “Hillary is more conservative than McCain”, is surely deranged.

The second explanation is that Coulter is engaged in a plot to damage Hillary’s chances with the Democrat base. An endorsement from Coulter might in some circumstances be disastrous for a Democrat candidate. However, I reject this explanation. Not even the most unhinged Democrat is going to believe that Hillary is more conservative than McCain. Surely Coulter herself doesn’t really believe it, though sadly I am concluding that there are quite a lot of bloggers on conservative websites who are irrational enough to embrace this nonsense.

That leaves me with a third explanation. Sometimes on the Human Events website after a Coulter article, a few bloggers have accused her of going ‘over the top’ simply to achieve notoriety and media appearances. I am beginning to think that on this occasion Coulter has made her outrageous statements in order to outflank Rush Limbaugh and the rest. She has certainly done that, since Rush may have campaigned against McCain with unusual intensity, but he has never threatened to vote for Hillary or accused her of being to the Right of John McCain. Coulter has certainly propelled herself into the headlines and taken over the leadership of the anti-McCain conservative fanatics with this one move.

I think this is her motive and I come back to earlier warnings I have given on this website. Rush, Savage, Hannity, Levin and Coulter – they are all part of the Media Class and are engaged in a Media competition for ratings and cannot be wholly trusted. Lee Rodgers (an excellent Talk Show host on KSFO) often warns listeners to his program never to trust any politician. We should also add never trust any Media person.

Limbaugh has spent every recent program rebutting MSM jibes that he has been more defeated than any Republican contender as a consequence of the McCain ascendancy. He has a point when he says that he is never on the ballot. MSM Leftists are going a bit overboard when they see the McCain success as a refutation of Limbaugh. He will still be a conservative heavyweight after November by reason of his intellect and personality and he is certainly right when he predicts that McCain will not stand a chance against the Clintons in November. The MSM will see to that! McCain should enjoy Media indulgence whilst he has it for it will be in short supply when he is up against the Media’s own anointed couple.

The whole Republican Party is now doomed in November unless there is a terrorist attack on the US mainland. Even that might not be enough to halt the Democrat landslide that I foresee. The Republican civil war that conservatives have unleashed over McCain (aided and abetted by the Talk Show gang and certain Rightwing websites) will likely consign the Party and the Conservative cause to a life on the political margins. I do not buy the comparison to the Goldwater/Reagan ultimate comeback. Things have changed since the 1970’s and the Media Class is now dominant. (In any case, where is the new Reagan?)

What has caused this disastrous Republican civil war? I think the root cause is that conservatives fail to understand that the Media Class is now dominant and that it has an agenda that it will pursue both all across the Media and through its control over the Democrat Party and the Judiciary. Conservative activists who spend their time on the Internet and listening to and phoning Talk Radio can easily slip into the delusional belief that their views are both widespread and popular. Rush is said to have 20 million listeners, though I doubt that number. Nevertheless he has a big audience by political standards and most of his listeners are knowledgeable. Fox News is now the most watched news channel and I daresay that conservative websites have a large and loyal following, but we should remember that it is mostly the same people who are tuning in to all of them. The MSM newspapers and TV news programs may be losing readers and listeners but they still dominate in total and those who get their news from such sources include all those non-political people who are unaware that they are being fed Leftist propaganda but who vote. On top of this, nearly every TV and Hollywood entertainment is saturated with camouflaged Leftist indoctrination.

Conservatives, invigorated by Rush and his Talk Show colleagues and buoyed by the people who phone in, have come to believe that there are more of themselves than there actually are. Conservatives are not in the mainstream and that is the point. They have been marginalized. The tide is running against those who believe that sodomy is perverted and same-sex marriage a grotesque joke and those who believe that abortion is infanticide and those who know that capital punishment is a deterrent – not because these views are wrong but because the Media Class has the power to brainwash most people. On top of this, the education system is also brainwashing the young and the latest generations are being taught that having two ‘daddies’ is normal.

This 2008 election campaign is a reminder that conservatives are more marginalized than ever before, even though there are more of them who are able to communicate with each other thanks to the Internet and Talk Radio. Rush may be right about conservatism being good for the nation but his message doesn’t reach the Nation, only a small and interested part of it. The ‘moderates’ who he mocks are the vast number of people who are not very interested in politics and who get their opinions from headlines in the MSM and from comedy programs and soaps.

I doubt that a united Republican Party could win the next election, for there is too much to overcome. Eight years of Bush destruction, eight years of Republican Congressmen – destruction by the MSM and none of it helped by a good but inept and lethargic President and Congressmen who fed too often at the trough or chased skirt.

I know that many conservative websites sift and purge any mention of UK politics that includes the BNP, so this website is excluded. I assume that this is in deference to Jewish sensibilities unless someone can offer another reason. This is a pity, for our message is crucial to turning around the fortunes of the Right. The UK Media Class is every bit as powerful over there as the Media Class is in the USA. Like conservatives here, the BNP fails to understand who is the real enemy of the British people and therefore makes snail-like progress. FIRST KNOW THINE ENEMY is unbeatable advice on both sides of the Atlantic.

We conservatives, traditional Christians and Nationalists will lose big in November and the Clintons will enter the White House to jubilation from the world’s Media. The Media Class agenda will accelerate and the Supreme Court will be packed for the next 20 years. A Democrat landslide will make this easy to attain and today’s Republican civil war will have played its fatal part. Conservatives, believing that they could get everything they wanted and unleashing a civil war when they would not settle for less, will now get nothing.

Hillary and Bill will march on to the White House and McCain will march on to November defeat. Obama will learn that the core of the Democrat Party, especially its White privileged female constituency, considers its own selfish agenda to be far more important than supposed racial injustice. Maybe American Blacks will emerge from this election with a more realistic view of the Democrat Party. Not likely, but possible.

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