An Open Letter to Joee Blogs

On 19th September 2006 we posted an article on this website referring to what we called the faintheartedness of the Pope and others when addressing Muslim imperialism and the violence which now accompanies it as a matter of routine. In that article we referred to some photos of a very intimidating Muslim demonstration that had taken place outside Westminster Cathedral last Sunday and had appeared on a blogsite. They had been taken and posted by a shocked young Catholic worshipper who goes under the name of Joee Blogs.

Our interest in the photos was twofold. We take every opportunity to help alert the world to the deadly Islamic threat now unfolding but we also constantly draw attention to the dishonesty of the Western Media and, in the UK, the particularly brazen role of the tax-funded BBC. We have monitored Joee Blog’s website since last week and also emailed him suggesting he read our website, so better to understand why the BBC did not cover the Westminster demonstration and why the BBC works against the Pope, President Bush and all genuine Christians. He has not replied and it may be that having looked at our website he has come to the conclusion that we are part of the “hate-filled” Right that tolerant people should avoid.

Joee Blogs describes himself on his website as “A Catholic Londoner and a medical student” who is trying to follow his faith and uses his website to communicate and share his struggles with other Catholics.

His blog of Friday 22nd September is very informative, though not perhaps in the way he intended it to be. Here are some quotes. “There’s an outside chance I’ll be on BBC Radio 5 Live on a program dedicated to what’s happening on the blogosphere called pods&blogs some time next week to talk about my pictures of the Westminster protests. I have to be honest that I’d never heard of this program, but just listening now on ‘BBC listen again’ it sounds really really good fun”.

Joee then asks readers to email Chris Vallance (the program presenter) who “will decide on Monday whether its big enough news to have me on or not, so the more comments the better my chances of getting on! There’s now been 30,000 hits to my blogs in the last week….pictures reproduced in several well read web news sites…..its still fascinating that whilst on the blogosphere there’s so much reporting of the current situation with regards to Islam, there appears to be far less reporting of it in the mainstream media….after my prayers this morning I caught the tail end of a Today’s interview with a Muslim protester. It was frightening”.

Dear Mr. Joee Blogs.

Clearly you did not visit our website, or if you did, you did not read it, for how else can you continue to be so naïve about the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media? Lenin once referred to ‘useful idiots’ and you would do well to ponder that concept of his, since the heirs of Lenin infest the BBC in large numbers. Don’t get carried away about an appearance on that Radio 5 Live program, since you are not alone in never having heard of it. You might ask yourself why a Muslim protester is being interviewed on ‘Today’ (now there’s a program that many will have heard of) whilst you stand only an outside chance of getting on the obscure Vallance program next week despite 30,000 hits on your pics and only if your readers mount an email campaign. Try not to get excited, in case you get disappointed! Vallance will not be deciding your fate on the basis of emails or the number of hits on your photos of that demonstration, but more likely as a result of a political discussion with his editor and other BBC Leftists, to decide whether or not you can be used to further the BBC and Media Class agenda. This agenda is not about letting the British public know what is actually going on in the country or outside Westminster Cathedral, believe me! When you posted your very informative and truly newsworthy photos of the hate-filled, threatening Islamic protestors, and those photos got picked up and disseminated by people who really do know what the BBC is up to, you embarrassed the BBC no end. The people at the BBC are very superior people and they believe they should decide who sees what. They had decided that the events at Westminster should not be publicized just as they think that a Muslim ‘protestor’ should be given a platform on the ‘Today’ program. If you are smart enough, you will work out why this is, and if you are still puzzled, visit our website again and this time read it in depth. Incidentally, stop using the Media term “protester”. Those angry Muslims you saw outside Westminster Cathedral are not protesting, but threatening and you were right to feel frightened when you passed them and when you listen to one of their comrades talking on the ‘Today’ program.

Why do you think that your photos got over 30,000 hits? If, and it is a big “if”, you get on the obscure Chris Vallance program, I doubt that 30,000 people will bother to see you. The 30,000 plus who have visited your photos are not interested in you nor do they find any of this “really really good fun”. They are people who have worked out that the mainstream media is denying the world honest reporting and that the Muslim imperialist threat is deadly dangerous.

I am trying not to be too hard on you, Joee. Clearly you are a sincere Catholic and believe you should love your fellow men, even when they are men who would get their kicks from slowly sawing off your head as you scream, and doing so with a video camera recording it so that they could enjoy the experience all over again after your head has finally hit the ground. When you posted your photos on the Internet, you unwittingly injected yourself actively into a war that has two fronts, and you are on the “wrong” side both times.

First, you got yourself into what some call the ‘culture war’. This is the war being waged against Christians, nationalists and other people who hold to traditional principles and stand in the way of the newly empowered Media Class. This Class, led in the UK by the BBC, despises people like you and your leader, the Pope. Indeed they would hate you if they thought you were important enough, just as they hate the Pope, President Bush, Rev. Ian Paisley, Nick Griffin and now, even Tony Blair. At this moment, they are considering whether they need to acknowledge your photos in some obscure corner of their network and use you in their cover-up. Your mood of excitement and your naïve comments suggest that you are usable. Unless you manage to get some more photos at a future Muslim demo of hate, you will quickly be forgotten, I can assure you.

The other war, that began rumbling in distant places and erupted on 9/11, is that of Islamic Imperialism and its quest to rule the world. It is a totalitarian movement with an ideology of death and is even more dangerous than either Communism or its racist imitator Nazism ever was. You have inadvertently put yourself in a dangerous position in this war. Whilst the Media Class will quickly forget you, the Islamists may not. They are very vindictive and unforgiving and kill unbelievers who cross their path. You loving everyone, and praying for good things is unlikely to pacify them.

Human history is an unpredictable and complicated business. Here we had the rise of a new Class, taking power on the back of technical innovation, and setting about imposing new social mores on the world in order to reflect its own habits and tastes. As it began creating a brave new world by normalizing casual and innovative sexual behavior and stripping it of uncomfortable consequences, it created a reaction from amongst people whose ideology is shaped by a cruel and very judgmental religion of the Middle Ages and who feel hugely aggrieved.

In the same way as the Bohemians of the media world have felt aggrieved because ordinary people reject their tastes, appetites and lifestyle, so, many (though not by any means, all) Muslims have felt aggrieved because their way of life and beliefs have caused them to be also-rans in most of the world’s social and economic progress.

Well, Joee, we all have to start somewhere and you are not alone in having been unaware that the Media Class has taken over Western society and is doctoring our news and entertainment to further its agenda. We who no longer believe what the mainstream media churns out all had our moment of Epiphany (to use a word you will be familiar with), too. Perhaps this could be your moment of awakening and you will realize that Christians, like many of the rest of us, are under attack from two deadly enemies. Hitler and Stalin made a pact that shocked the world at the time, and now Media Leftists and Islamic Imperialists are forging a temporary pact against their common enemy.

If you get invited to pods&blogs, fully digest our website beforehand and you will avoid becoming a ‘useful idiot’ for the Media Class. Best wishes.

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