Amtrak Crash. No Media Interest

As far as we can ascertain, the Amtrak crash in Vermont has aroused no interest in the May 12th Amtrak crash near Philadelphia that killed 8 passengers and injured hundreds.

As we constantly point out, the Mainstream Media (MSM) News is a propaganda weapon of the Media Class and its Leftist allies. As such it has an agenda and creates news and suppresses news to further that agenda. A leading item on the agenda is homosexual advancement.

The shocking Philadelphia Amtrak crash happened a mere four and a half months ago and initially attracted much MSM coverage. For those with short memories, the packed commuter train went into a bend at 106mph which was more than twice the permitted speed. There was no doubt that it was the speed which caused the deadly crash. The engineer responsible for the train was Brandon Bostian, and he survived the crash with mild concussion and minor injuries. He was an experienced engineer with Amtrak.

Bostian claimed to have no memory of events leading up to the crash and was not examined or questioned by the police in the immediate aftermath of the crash. He quickly arranged to be represented by a lawyer. An official enquiry began into the cause of the crash although it might be more accurate to say that the enquiry was into the trains excessive speed. A number of rumors were started to explain the crash in terms other than engineer responsibility. These included a lack of investment in Amtrak infrastructure and vandals dropping rocks on to passing trains.

MSM interest in the crash and the enquiry terminated when website bloggers revealed beyond doubt that Bostian was not only a homosexual political activist but also a homosexual activist who had been posting perverted pictures of himself on-line. This information if true, suggested -at least to normal people – that his private life might be a key to the reckless speed he drove into the bend.

As far as we are aware no official report or interim report has surfaced concerning the cause of the excessive speed which led to the deaths, injuries, trauma, cost and disruption. This seems strange, given that any discoveries might have an effect on the safety of other trains. The MSM can be expected to ignore this tragic event now that the likely culprit is a member of a protected class.

Prior to 2008, it could have been expected that an official enquiry would be energetically and honestly pursued, but in these post-revolutionary times all events are subject to Government political calculation. Around the same time as the Amtrak crash a young unmarried German Airline pilot took several hundred passengers into a mountainside. It appeared that there was no mechanical explanation for this terrible event so the pilot’s private life should surely have been a factor worth intense investigation. There were pictures of him in San Francisco but he may simply have been a normal vacationer.

If any of our website visitors have recent news of either of these tragic, yet seemingly forgotten, events we welcome an update.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, has been pandering to a gathering of wealthy homosexual activists and reassuring them that he understands that their agenda is far from completed. This is a sure sign that Bully Biden is close to declaring a run, for he is addressing the Party‘s most influential and wealthy constituency. We suggest that he has been waiting for Hillary to withdraw or be arrested. As we have noted in previous articles, the Totalitarian Democrat Party allows no internal dissension to be made public. Just as in China, aspiring leaders do not publicly criticize those they seek to replace. Instead they engage in risky conspiracies behind the scenes. At this point if Biden seriously entered the race he would have to criticize Hillary in order to justify his candidacy. This would not be tolerated by the Party leaders or the rank-and-file for the Party’s strength is marching in lockstep. Playing safe, Biden is waiting for her fall.


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