Amtrak Cover-up?

A website investigator appears to have uncovered important information about Engineer Brandon Bostian’s private life and sexual obsessions and posted them on-line. (See ‘’ May14th 2015 by Charles Johnson. Alternatively go to Free Republic of May17th for an article headed ‘Breaking & NSFW: Here Are # Amtrak Engineer BrandonBostian’s Disturbing xxxx Pics’ There is an alleged link to Mr. Bostian’s Skype ID: BWBNEP.)

The ‘gotnews’ site shows a number of pictures it alleges have been posted online by Mr. Bostian. In them he is showing his penis and flushing his pubic hair over a toilet bowl. Charles Johnson has previously uncovered website information that the MSM has hidden. It is of course possible that Mr. Johnson has made a mistake or has deliberately faked the pictures.

Normal people, who assume that what they read in the MSM about the homosexual lifestyle is the full story, will find it difficult to believe that Mr. Bostian, or any other rational person, would post on the Internet such pictures or expose (no pun intended) themselves to ridicule in this way. Consequently, our website visitors, unaware of the depravity associated with homosexuality, may dismiss the Johnson revelations as a hoax.

On this website we are not so naïve. Many years ago, when the AIDS epidemic began to decimate the homosexual population, the Terence Higgins Trust was permitted to send its printed information to all British local government Social Services Departments. The information leaflet was supposedly intended to help Child Care Social Workers counsel teen-age homosexuals about the risks associated with common homosexual sexual practices. The contents came as was a shock to many social workers.

Terence Higgins, a British youth, was an early victim of the AIDS epidemic which was then panicking San Francisco, Hollywood and other centers of sodomy. The Terence Higgins Trust was set up by homosexual activists to ‘honor’ Higgins’ memory and ostensibly to educate homosexual youths about safe sex. It was the view of this writer that the Trust was the beginning of a publicity campaign to familiarize people with homosexuality, employing ‘prevention’ of disease as a means of enlisting the help and authority of public officials to corrupt the vulnerable young. As always with campaigns mounted by those who seek to spread harmful lifestyles, ‘education’ is the vehicle for ‘promotion’.

The Trust leaflets revealed that besides the disgusting and grossly unhygienic anal intercourse (condoms were recommended!), other common homosexual practices included ‘water sports’ (urinating on a partner) and ‘rimming’ (licking a partner’s anus). Later, as part of our education and social enlightenment, we social workers viewed film of homosexuals having various things anally inserted, including metal objects, live snakes and gerbils.

It is this direct knowledge of homosexual practices that informs our website’s frequent assertion that homosexuality is unnatural and sado/masochistic. A sad and dangerous depravity inevitably lies at the heart of male homosexual activity since hygienic male-female intercourse, enabled by natural physical differences, is denied by nature.

And so we come back to the train crash. Assuming Mr. Johnson’s article is correct and Mr. Bostian is an active homosexual, then it is not at all improbable that he has been posting up pictures of his penis on homosexual websites. This indicates an unstable personality and is relevant to any enquiry into the cause of the crash. The Media Class, infested with perverts at the highest levels, will do all it can through the MSM, to cover up for Mr. Bostian and direct public interest to a ‘projectile through the windscreen’ or some other external cause.

No-one should be reassured by reports that the FBI will examine the locomotive’s windshield. Under Obama’s reign, the FBI, like the DOJ, has become an organization whose purpose has been corrupted to advance a political/moral agenda. It cannot be trusted on anything.

Cover-ups are rarely possible in the first days of an incident and in this one the usual procedure of crash investigation has been operating. National Transportation Safety Board member Robert Sumwalt has publicly dismissed a Media-promoted claim that Mr. Bostian had communicated with crew members about an object hitting the windshield. He also dismissed the possibility that the train had been shot at, saying that the fracture pattern on the windscreen indicated something the size of a grapefruit and “did not even penetrate the entire windshield.”

Mr. Sumwalt, an expert who seems to be undermining the possibility of an external object causing the excessive speed on the bend, may find himself under pressure to change his findings. If he is a stubbornly principled man he may find himself removed from the investigation. We can be sure that the MSM will be glad to see him gone.

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