Where is America’s Churchill?

We ask this rhetorical question because America’s Republican Party already has its “Guilty Men”.

There are always dangers in believing that history repeats itself, for no contemporary situation is ever identical to one from the past. Nevertheless, there is much wisdom buried in the old adage that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Hitler would have done well to learn from Napoleon Bonaparte’s mistake.  Invading Russia was surely Hitler’s most foolhardy adventure. Despite his army’s initial successes we can now look back and see that the seeds of his ultimate downfall began at the Russian border. Americans would do well to read Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’. The problem is that a declining Nation’s people are mostly too attached to bread and circuses to read real history.

The Republican Party has just won a significant electoral victory. Not only has it reinforced its grip on the House and captured the Senate, but it has achieved legislative domination in the majority of States. No sooner have the celebrations subsided however than a new reality has emerged. The Party is about to experience a civil war that will bring comfort to Obama and his Far Left Democrat Party comrades and provide the Media Class with countless opportunities to demonize as ‘extremist’ and ‘marginalized’ those who aspire to the restoration of Constitutional rule.

It seems clear that many voters recognized –no matter how dimly- that Obama and his comrades are implementing a dangerous revolutionary agenda. This conclusion can be drawn not only from the election results but because so many say that America is being taken “in the wrong direction”. What other conclusion can be drawn from the fact that many Democrat voters stayed home on Election Day and many Democrat candidates galloped away from Obama during their campaigns. Given that the Republican Party also gained seats at every level it is clear that a majority of Americans, having experienced Obama’s six years of ‘change’ i.e. his revolutionary agenda, now want it halted and reversed. Yet already the Republican leadership in both Houses has opted for compromises with Obama that amount to surrender. There is no evidence yet that this is anathema to most Republican legislators in Washington DC. Indeed it seems that it is those who would resist Obama and his quickening march to Socialism who will be on the receiving end of leadership rage, spite and persecution. A look back at the British Parliament’s Conservative Party appeasers of 1938/39 and the unpopularity of conservative Winston Churchill at that time is relevant.

In Britain in 1938 the people began to understand- no matter how dimly- that Hitler had an agenda that was far more revolutionary, ambitious and dangerous than merely restoring Germany’s pride and territorial integrity. In both the House of Commons and the House of Lords the Conservative Party (at that time a quasi Nationalist Party and not to be compared to the brazenly traitorous Cameron Party of today) had big majorities. Yet its leadership and many of those who were comfortable with power had no understanding of Hitler’s revolutionary agenda and no stomach for resistance to it. Neville Chamberlain, the Party Leader in the Commons and Prime Minister of the Nation, was capable of ruthlessness when dealing with dissenters on his own side but a compromiser when it came to dealing with the Nation’s enemies. Does this scenario sound familiar to those rank and file conservatives who expect their Congressmen to use November’s electoral victory to resist the revolutionary Obama?

Tomorrow in theory the House will elect its Leader but in reality the Republican Party, with its resounding majority, should be choosing that Leader of the House. Boehner, who has been holding the office for the last two years and who could have used its Constitutional powers to block Obama’s illegal edicts, is clearly unfitted to lead, especially as the new Senate Republican majority should be leaving Obama legislatively isolated. Boehner has already signaled that he intends to hold on to the House (Republican) leadership for which he is unfitted, that he will appease Obama and the Far Left, and that his ire will be directed at those in his own Party who wish to restore the Constitutional government for which the American people voted.

Many conservatives are hoping that enough House members will vote against Boehner to remove him from both the Leadership of the Party and the Leadership of the House. Boehner and his many fellow-appeasers are busy bribing and intimidating the waiverers in their own ranks but it is possible that Boehner will only win the House Leadership with the extra votes of House Democrats. We can be sure that if this scenario plays out the MSM will savage and de-legitimize Boehner’s opponents and simultaneously reduce Boehner’s stature to that of a minion of Obama.

Several House conservatives have shown principle and courage in opposing Boehner but unfortunately none appear to have the necessary grasp of events (that Obama is a revolutionary representing a new Ruling Media Class), a gift of rhetoric and the intellectual stature of the Winston Churchill of 1939. This is true also of the Senate Republicans who would challenge the self-serving leadership of McConnell. And at this point in time there is no Churchill among those who aspire to lead the Party to the White House in 2016. The best of the Senate Republicans- Lee, Cruz and Sessions- are fine Senators but sadly have none of the personal stubborn, uncompromising qualities and intellectual authority of a Reagan or Thatcher and certainly not of a Churchill.

America’s internal situation today is as dire as was Britain’s within Europe in 1939. Ruthless revolutionary leaders stalked across the Continent seemingly representing the unstoppable forces of progress, change and the destruction of the old European civilization. These leaders, masters of propaganda, intolerant of opposition and debate, spreading collectivism and cynically flaunting their psychopathic attributes as evidence of their ability to shape history, played Neville Chamberlain and his ilk as dopes. Hitler and Stalin knew weakness when they saw it. As men who had suffered hardship and literally and bloodily fought their way to the top they also understood opponents who were too comfortable to take on a powerful enemy.

Churchill had been a warrior, had studied history and was unapologetic about himself and his Nation. He was not afraid to walk alone. He also recognized that the politics of 1939 were a historic confrontation between conservatism and revolution. He was under no illusions about the beliefs and intentions of Hitler and Stalin. Chamberlain and Halifax failed to see that it was no longer ‘politics as usual’ in Europe. They thought that under the surface Hitler was just another opportunist with the same shallow, compromising character as themselves. They assumed that he and Stalin could be appeased, bought off, out-witted by old hands at the game of politics. Churchill knew evil and revolutionary agendas when he saw them. Ultimately, and perilously at the last moment, Churchill ousted Chamberlain and Halifax and probably bought time for Europe’s civilization. They went down in history as ‘the guilty men’.

It is possible that America’s Churchill, a man motivated by patriotism, possessing an intellectual grasp of history, with leadership abilities and the moral beliefs of conservatism, might be found among the military leaders who have been purged by Obama because of their commitment to patriotic principles and opposition to sexual deviancy within the military. Perhaps in looking for a Presidential candidate in this coming year we should be looking outside of the ranks of professional Republican politicians.

In the meantime it seems likely that Boehner and McConnell will not be ousted, and will be feted by the MSM as having achieved ‘peace in our time’ between Congress and White House. In reality the Republican Party will be torn by divisions by these ‘guilty men’ and Obama will continue to remake America in the decadent moral image of the Media Class and march its people on to collectivism.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

America is gripped with extremely cold weather. Here in Middle California the weather is dominated by high pressure over British Columbia that has driven away rainfall and left cold clear skies and frosty nights. There is no evidence of global warming anywhere in the Northern hemisphere and even the Southern hemisphere has large cold areas.

Music Choice

The late Leroy Anderson was a prolific writer of catchy, melodic tunes and his ‘Blue Tango’ was a hit in the UK in the early 1950’s. His greatest composition however was ‘Sleigh Ride’ and this seems appropriate for our weather. Any version is likely to be good for the tune is too good to spoil. The Johnny Mathis recording is recommended.

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