My, how the Media is in a spin! Just two short weeks ago, every MSM outlet was swooning over the prospect of its own manufactured candidate, Barack Obama, sweeping into the White House in January. Not only that, but with an overwhelming Democrat majority in Congress to enable him to stack the Supreme Court with activist judges and thus rewrite the US Constitution. The Media Class anticipated an unending stream of legislation that would transform the USA’s social order and bring the culture war to a successful conclusion. There is nothing worse than having everything in your grasp only to see it snatched away at the last moment. My heart bleeds for those Media people who assumed that McCain and his totally divided and demoralized Republicans were down and out.

The MSM had put so much effort into the Democrat primary contest, conferring ‘rock star’ status on an empty suit and clearing away the ordure of the stubborn Clintons. It was expected that Hillary and Bill, once told that they were being replaced by a younger and more colorful candidate without baggage, would slink into the shadows. Instead, Mrs. Clinton, suddenly cast as the underdog, revealed a stubbornness, tenacity, stamina and appeal that few would have expected. The longer the primary contest went on, the more exposure Obama got and the emptier his suit appeared to be. In the end, the Party insiders had to engineer a defeat for Clinton that ignored the majority of its own voters. There are always unintended consequences in life and the Media Class, in plucking the over-confident flashy Obama from the supporting cast and anointing him, underestimated the Clintons, misread the feelings of the American white working class and opened a can of worms amongst the tribal voters of African America. Although Obama’s lack of talent and dodgy history were unmistakable early on in the campaign, the Media Class could not risk the Black explosion and Black voter defection that would follow the re-adoption of Mrs. Clinton.

Nevertheless the Media got stuck in and in the end was able to bring the Clintons to heel and thus manufacture the myth of a deliriously happy and united Democrat Party. The Hollywood style Denver Convention acceptance speech, staged to present Obama as a Messiah so popular that his popularity made policy redundant, was to be crowned with his choice of running mate. Obama and his advisors however, made their first really big mistake, for they felt vulnerable to the charge that their man could not match the elderly and struggling John McCain on foreign policy experience. In fact, Obama cannot match the war hero McCain on anything except brash youthful over confidence, but so what, when you have a Media that can manipulate all news. Obama really missed his cue when he chose the unappetizing Washington insider Biden and hyped the announcement, for even the MSM was challenged to turn this into a master stroke. The uninspiring Biden has never been able to get his own campaigns off the ground and was probably the worst pick Obama could have made, but of course there was Hillary on the sidelines and no doubt the Obama team was distracted with the problem of not offering her the vacant spot.

And then, the stumbling old maverick on the other side revealed that he is not quite the dope that the MSM had assumed. For with one well-timed move he spoiled the Media party by picking a red-blooded genuinely conservative young, reforming, female and mother as his running mate. The Media, in its feral rage that an unapologetic Christian anti-abortion woman should be injected into this contest, reacted in the worst possible way, for they gave her publicity (no matter that it was all bad) and took the oxygen from Obama’s coronation.

And so, Obama got no bounce and the conservative base of the Republican Party that actually has deep roots amongst the people of the American hinterland, was truly and amazingly energized. Overnight, the duo of McCain and Palin was drawing huge enthusiastic crowds and galloping past Obama/Biden in the daily tracking polls. This is a nightmare scenario for the Media people and an unexpected one. More than 30 lawyers and investigators have been parachuted into Alaska to find dirt on Palin. If nothing substantial is found the MSM will have to invent some, but that will not be an ethical problem for this new Class. It has been practicing and honing unethical reporting for many years and for revolutionaries, ends justify means. Make no mistake this new Class is intent on making a revolution, for sweeping away the morality that has been underpinning and shaping Western civilization for 2000 years is revolutionary. This is the culture war, Christianity versus moral relativity.

On this website we insist that under the surface issues of the election- economy, health provisions and Iraq war that preoccupy ordinary people, is the revolutionary social agenda of the Media Class. Today’s Wall Street Journal continues that paper’s relentless campaign against McCain and Palin with pages of bad news topped by negative headlines set against good news for Obama. Significantly, on the supposedly conservative op-ed page is a giant article headlined “The GOP Should Kiss Gay-Bashing Goodbye”. It carries a large picture of one Patrick Sammon, apparently the president of the Log Cabin Republicans. In the article, James Kirchick, as assistant editor of The New Republic, calls for the Republican Party to embrace the cause of homosexual ‘rights’, be ‘gay-friendly’ and support ‘gay marriage’.

Nothing gets into a newspaper or on TV by accident or chance, especially in the run-up to an election. A center page op-ed piece is always planted by those who control the editorial room and this one reminds us that the WSJ, like virtually all newspapers and TV stations is signed up to the culture war. The reporters and editors at the WSJ are as determined to defeat the McCain/Palin ticket as the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, the LA Times and the Washington Post. I won’t bore readers by extending this list of newspapers and magazines for it would contain the titles of almost every publication in the USA. We can add the Associated Press, Reuters, ABC news, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS and every TV station except Fox. Many commentators and most voters now acknowledge that the MSM is actively campaigning in this election, yet only on this website is there an explanation of this phenomenon. We make sense of it. A new class has risen to dominance, it has a revolutionary agenda that it seeks to impose on American society, it has taken over the major political party that is most amenable and Left-leaning and it has created a candidate for the Presidency who will pander to its aims when in office. The revolutionary social agenda it has been advancing through endless propaganda in the Media news, entertainment and in Hollywood films has created tensions that have been labeled by some as a culture war.



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