Alan Van Dyke of Chicago – We Salute You!

When I first came from the UK to the USA to live, I considered myself a Conservative. Having gradually moved away from the political Left over several years of parenting and other life experiences, and having decided that the British Conservative Party was no longer a conservative party, I thought I knew quite well what a conservative stood for. I had come to reject the notion that welfare of any kind should be non-judgmental, I had come to see the one-parent family as a disaster for any Nation and most children, I now had many reservations about abortion, I considered homosexuality to be horrendously unnatural, I had reluctantly come to see that mass immigration from the Third World was insane, I had come to believe that all social change should be extremely gradual and I believed that every Western Nation should retain its national identity and be fully armed.

On my first day as a US resident, my new insurance agent told me I should tune in to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage on KSFO. Conservative Talk Radio was a wholly new experience for me for it was inconceivable in the UK that any broadcast should be unapologetically anti-Socialist. I was used to broadcasting that was constantly Left-leaning. The only serious radio was from the BBC and two of the four TV Stations were also BBC – and that meant that every program was politically Left-leaning and socially very progressive. The two commercial TV Stations were only marginally less Left-leaning and just as socially progressive. It is difficult to identify when the BBC (once a government monopoly) became controlled and wholly staffed by Leftists (Feminists, Homosexuals and Internationalists) but it was probably some time in the late 1960’s.

At first I felt uncomfortable listening to KSFO, as if I was listening to a clandestine radio station and that it would not belong before the station was taken off the air. At the same time it was also intensely liberating to hear articulate Conservatives staking out Conservative principles and calling the Clinton regime what it was – a sleazy gang of sexual libertines and crooks. But after a while I realized that there was something more shocking being proclaimed and it took me a long time to re-adjust my thinking. This was the concept that government existed to serve the people and not the other way around. The Conservatism of Rush Limbaugh – and these days it is superbly articulated by Radio Host Mark Levin – demands that the Federal Government should be limited to the minimal powers enunciated in the Constitution and that in the States each Constitution also severely limits the powers of State Governments over their people.

When these Conservative Talk Radio hosts proclaim that what anyone legitimately earns is his own and it is no business of anyone else – and especially not the Government’s – I am reminded that coming from the UK I still find it hard to accept that the Government should not have a right to my money. In the UK (and all European countries) the people unquestionably believe that they are only entitled to keep a proportion of their income and that the Government decides what proportion that should be. It also decides what it will give them back and political parties are elected on the promise of benevolence when in Government. Thus UK citizens are heavily taxed and then certain fortunate groups are, through bureaucratic channels, rewarded with small ‘goodies’, some of which may make the difference between being warm or cold through the winter. The elderly get from the Government ‘free’ bus passes enabling them to travel around without paying at certain times of the day. Most see this as a lucky perk and many elderly people travel just for the sake of it. Buses are full of the elderly taking little jaunts and thus taking advantage of their bus passes. I know people who could not wait to reach retirement age in order to qualify for a bus pass. In winter, many people qualify for a fuel allowance and then there is the Christmas bonus. Working Class people greatly value these ‘treats’ from Government, along with their ‘free’ health service. It is little wonder that the British people have become serfs in their own country and are passively sleepwalking into oppressed minority status in their own once-great country.

I strongly recommend a letter published in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal in the “LETTERS TO THE EDITOR” section, Page A16. Mr. Dyke has put the contrast between the Conservative vision and the Collectivist position better than I can. He is to be congratulated. His letter is a response to Peggy Noonan – a Republican commentator greatly influenced by a life spent moving in Washington circles. The two other letters that follow are also well worth reading.

I will mention here that Limbaugh has become quite depressed and pessimistic since the re-election of Obama. He still does not realize that Obama is merely the tool of our new Ruling Media Class but he does now realize what we have long maintained, and that is that most people (Rush calls them ‘low information’ voters) are heavily influenced by the Mainstream Media (MSM). Rush used to trumpet that the MSM had lost its monopoly, thanks to Talk Radio and the Internet, and he thought this would lead to a rebirth of conservative values. We have never believed that the MSM had lost its power over the masses and the Internet is mostly merely another propaganda voice for our Ruling Class. Comcast News is wholly Leftist and the AP’s reports are everywhere on the Internet. The Internet has enabled Conservatives to exchange information with each other, and Talk Radio has provided Conservatives with a voice, but the low-information voters do not search out alternatives to the MSM propaganda and are very likely to be the types who are addicted to Pro Sport and TV’s celebrity garbage.

Was there ever a more nauseating picture in the Media than that of a US Marine on his hands and knees before his standing erect (no pun intended) male ‘bride’ in the White House? Such a fine picture of a fighting man will surely have the Islamic Imperialists around the world quaking in their boots. Perhaps I have it the wrong way around and it is the ‘bride’ on her knees, if so I apologize for my ignorance. On this website we have long maintained that homosexual sexual relationships are sado/masochistic and I suppose that this picture unwittingly captures the truth of our claim. A free society must include the right of sadists, masochists, rubber-fetish addicts, animal-lovers and those who crave sex with dead bodies to indulge their sad fantasies but we can at least demand that they do so in dark and private places. After all, adulterers have had to do this since civilization began, and no-one has complained and adultery has not declined. The US Marines have been building their fearful reputation for 50 years or more and now, with this Obama-sanctioned picture, the only fear they will generate is the fear of bending over in front of one.

It is surely time for the George Zimmerman Show Trial to begin down in Florida. The MSM has buried this story, yet not so long ago, when the Media Class was busy ramping up the Black and Guilty-White votes for the November election, poor Zimmerman was more famous than the Sandy Hook shooter now is. It is still possible that the prosecution (lynch mob might be more apt) will reveal some evidence that Zimmerman was a racist hate-monger waiting to eliminate a young Black man on the cusp of a great career. On what we have seen so far from sources other than the MSM, Zimmerman was a young community protector fighting for his life with a thug. If Zimmerman has been framed by the MSM and those Florida Republican lawyers who craved Media plaudits, I hope he takes them all to Court for every last cent and becomes a rich man.

Weather – Back last summer, the UK meteorologists (experts) were forecasting that the UK was about to experience the first of endless dry winters as a result of Man-made Global Warming (MMGW). Administrators were salivating over the prospect of hose-pipe bans and even greater control of the British people, whose water supplies are stretched by unlimited immigration into a tiny island that lacks the space for reservoirs. The experts were wrong! Fancy that! The UK is experiencing the wettest winter since 1962/3 and this one will surely beat that by March. Our Starcross (Devon, England) informant is building her Ark, not because of rising sea levels, but because the rains are swamping the countryside.

Here in California we are also getting plenty of rain and it is most welcome. Despite the storms that are coming in from the Pacific, most nights have been freezing and MMGW is still on hold. Nevertheless, Obama and his comrades will find plenty of other ways of ignoring the Constitution and getting control of our lives. I can’t wait for my bus pass and winter heating allowance.

Music Choice – I was never a great fan of singer Rosemary Clooney though she was more talented than her Leftist son. In 1962 she was lucky enough to get the opportunity to record with the great Mambo King, Perez Prado. One song stood out for its beautiful melody and lyrics written by Eddie Woods and Enric Madriguera and it was entitled “Adios”. Enjoy it as you say ‘adios’ to freedom here in Obama’s USA.

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