Al ‘Carbon Credit’ Gore

If Al Gore were not so self important and pompous, he would be wishing that he had never opened his mouth or written a word about global warming. Last week was not a good week for him, as temperatures plummeted across the US and the Diablo Range of California was deep in snow. He also had an icy time in the Media.

One evening I caught ten minutes of “Hannity and Colmes” on the Fox Channel in which Sean Hannity revealed the details of some research he had been conducting on Gore’s jet travel. Gore, it seems prefers not to travel on ordinary commercial flights but gets about on small private jets, thus being responsible for consuming large amounts of fuel. Hannity detailed the Gore consumption and compared it to the amount that would have been saved had Gore traveled with the ordinary public. The difference was pretty dramatic. Hannity, who likes to confront opponents on his program (and encourage free speech), had two young women Leftist environmental activists in the studio to defend Gore. The facts, and the charge that Gore is a hypocrite, seemed like a slam dunk, but these two women were not chastened. Like many modern Leftist women, they were not lost for words and shamelessly asserted that Gore was entitled to use more gas because he was campaigning to save the environment. Neither of them showed the slightest awareness of the indefensibility of Gore’s position, but I suppose elitist Leftists always consider themselves to be outside of the rules they would set for the masses. Gore, they insisted, had protected the environment by the purchase of ‘carbon credits’.

Later in the week, more damaging facts surfaced in the Media about Gore’s fuel consumption. Drew Johnson of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (a Think Tank) released information that Gore’s vast home uses more electricity in a month than the average household uses in a year. Gore’s swimming pool burns $500 a month of natural gas.

Gore insists he has a clear conscience because he makes sure he pays a premium for fuel from ‘renewable’ sources and purchases ‘carbon credits’.

Some have likened Gore’s sophistry to that of rich men who were once able to pay off for their sins in the Catholic Church. An even more enlightening comparison has been made of the overweight man who pays someone who is poor to diet so that he can keep eating and yet lose weight! What we have here is of course, nonsense, and this from a politician who is being lauded around the world (and awarded an Oscar) for his recent film and his writings on man-made global warming. Gore specializes in the prediction of imminent disaster for the earth and mankind unless everyone, but especially Americans, follows his advice. So far the elites and Leftists have felt the same kind of thrill that they felt when Rachel Carson predicted doom in the 1960’s. The global warming hysteria that Gore is peddling will provide an excuse for more taxation, a leveling down of Western societies, more bureaucratic controls, a growth of government and the impoverishment of the USA.

At the same time, the deceptively named ‘carbon credits’ will enable the Gores, Clintons, Soros’s and celebrities of the world to change their habits not one bit.

It must surely dawn on some people that if Gore really believed the nonsense he is peddling, he would lead by example, and no sane supporter of him would swallow the ‘carbon credits’ artifice.

On this website, we always submit all political events to the Media Class test for it is important to monitor what our ruling class is up to. The Media Class loves the man-made global warming thing, for all the same reasons that I outlined above. It is also shock news rooted in fantasy, and so resonates a deep chord in all those who make up the Arts and Entertainment world. Gore’s movie resurrected his political career with the Media Class and it has subsequently been treating him uncritically as a prophet of the new religion of environmentalism.

Unfortunately, the sudden fame and popularity have gone to Gore’s head and he has begun making noises about a run for Democratic nomination for 2008. He has overestimated his usefulness to the master class, for Hillary is its chosen candidate and Gore is regarded as a loser with the wider voting public. He is also a threat, for his entry into the primaries might prove popular with the rank and file Leftists of the Democrat Party and muddy the waters. This is why the Media is suddenly awash with stories that put poor Al in a bad light. At another time, the report from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research would have been buried by the Mainstream Media, but suddenly AP and everyone else is showcasing Gore’s feet of clay. Those the Media build up, the Media can knock down just as effectively, and I predict that Gore is now on the way down.

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