Afghanistan Coming Apart at the Seams

At the time of Obama’s move into the White House we commented that he had no worthwhile knowledge of foreign affairs, no sympathy for the military and no interest in keeping the world safe for America. We predicted that the defeatism he was projecting would encourage our enemies everywhere and expose our allies to greater danger. Bush, for all his many faults as a conservative and a communicator, never gave those hostile to the US any cause to think that he resented America’s power or was willing to put his own domestic political requirements before national security.

Obama is both a reckless and opportunist windbag and a half-educated Socialist. He was promoted to the White House by a rich and powerful Class that cares nothing about the Nation and its history but cares everything about the next shot of coke, the next orgy, the next anal fling or the next photo shoot. The Media Class, whose skill in re-arranging and falsifying the Nation’s News keeps Obama and his Party in power, has no interest in the military beyond scrapping ‘Don’t Ask! Don’t Tell’ so that our military barracks can be turned into San Francisco bath houses and so that transgenders can fraternize with the enemy. For the people in Hollywood who believe that history can be rewritten on the silver screen, reality rarely impinges.

Unfortunately war and enemies inhabit the real world beyond Washington, Beverly Hills and the Castro, and in the region we call the Middle East there exists a dangerous and complicated Muslim world where a very hot conflict is consuming American and British soldiers as well as those Muslims who are our allies. If we set aside the dangers posed by North Korea, by China, by Putin’s Russia, by the Gulf Oil spill, by uncontrolled immigration and by the huge inflationary tsunami that is being fed daily by Governments around the world, the situation in Afghanistan would be enough to occupy the full attention of a responsible President. Yet does any sane person really believe for one moment that Obama loses a moment’s sleep over the drift of the war there? From the beginning of his occupation of the White House he has treated this war and its Generals with arrogant disdain. His repeated postponements of decisions and meetings could be seen as simply more examples of his cavalier approach to all important issues. We might deduce that he believes that casualness is meant to convey confidence, thoroughness and an ability to stand back and reach profound conclusions. We might conclude that he is like the young newly appointed professor who has taken to smoking a pipe, wearing tweeds and puffing smoke long and slowly as if thinking deeply. Yet I believe that the delays and postponements were not only those of a man without an idea but also his signals to the military that he intends, when it suits his whims, to throw them to the wolves. It has still not dawned on the American people just how dangerous is this President’s combination of half-baked Socialist ideology, his personal reckless narcisim, his ignorance of important things, his resentment of his adopted country and his debt to a ruling Class that shares his traits and more. It is surely grotesquely significant that homosexual liberation in the military, same-sex marriage, empowering organized labor, dismantling the people’s health care, taking Arizona to Court, taking frequent vacations and playing weekly games of golf are all priorities for him whilst the Afghan situation festers.

According to the AP’s Anne Gearan, an article is going to appear in this weekend’s Rolling Stone that will reveal that General Stanley McChrystal is willing to let it be known that he feels isolated and demoralized. Even though he voted for Obama (that alone is enough to signal that he has very poor political judgment) he now realizes that he was given the poisoned chalice with the command of the Afghanistan forces. When he eventually got to have his 5 minutes with the Commander-in-Chief he found him ‘unprepared’. McChrystal is reported as believing that Obama’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenerry has stabbed him in the back. Such a story as this, in the midst of a losing war, ought to be enough to bring down a government. Unfortunately, to the Media Class it will be just another trivial political story, quickly overtaken by the latest Paris Hilton excitement or the latest Obama tough guy act with a humiliated businessman.

The war in Afghanistan, the instability of Pakistan, the threats in Korea and Iran, the looming catastrophic economic and financial situation, and chronic mass unemployment at home should be visibly putting years on the President but instead he seems cockier than ever. How can this all end?

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