ACORN, Polls, Fraud and Lies

First off, I have sent in my ballot paper and voted for McCain/Palin and for Prop 8 (against homosexual ‘marriage’). I am not crazy about McCain and Palin but Obama and his Party are creatures of the perverts and Leftists of the Media Class. They are also the Party of the very rich and the very feckless. Here in California, my vote will be cancelled many times over by the rich, the famous and the dysfunctional, but at least they will all be legal voters. Those who vote Republican in Ohio, Florida and every battleground State, will not be so fortunate for their votes will be devalued by the hundreds of thousands of phony voters, many of them a result of the activities of the national organization called ACORN.

ACORN has been around for several elections and has become quite practiced at enrolling all those who should not be voting because they are illegal immigrants, felons or dead. It also helps people to vote early and often in the same election. John Fund of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal has written an authoritative book on the burgeoning fraudulent voting that now is standard practice in most big cities. He should not have bothered, for the Media he belongs to is quite unwilling to mention his work or the facts except to cast great doubt upon the whole idea that anyone cheats. Indeed, the Media’s reporters lose no opportunity to imply that the big problem is still the intimidation of honest, but easily cowed (Black) voters by Conservatives. As always, the Media Class has the power to assert that black is white (no pun intended).

Although everyone on the Right knows that Acorn and similar organizations are busy undermining the democratic electoral process, critics are afraid to tackle them head-on, for who can criticize organizations that claim to be merely enfranchising the ‘poor and minorities’. Those who think that something about these organizations smells are unwilling to risk the wrath of the Media by denouncing their mission. Instead they carp at some of the most outrageous examples of fraud, such as the Mickey Mouse and Football Team registrations. I contend that ACORN and similar groups (variously richly funded by Soros, other wealthy Leftists and public funding) have become blatantly criminal because they feel that their self-proclaimed mission puts them beyond accountability. These days, anything that is done in the name of the poor and minorities is entitled to full Media protection.

I ask the question “Why should the poor and minorities (and the young) be targeted to register and vote anymore than the elderly, those who are busy working long hours and those who pay the lion’s share of taxation? I grew up in a poor family and amongst poor and ignorant people. My family and neighbors had no difficulty voting, for the Labour Party saw to it that they turned out and exercised their legal right to vote Left. What is to stop the Democrat Party doing so now? I will say that the Labour Party in those days did not encourage fraudulent voting and all Parties upheld high standards. Of course, I lived in a homogenous society and a high standard of public honesty was shared by everyone. The UK today, enriched with Third World immigration, is rife with fraudulent voting in inner cities and not much different than the USA.

It can be argued that those who do not know enough English to get registered and find their way unaided to a polling station should not be voting. Similarly those who are too ignorant or disinterested to enroll unaided should also stay outside the electoral process. For the rest, let the Democrat Party (or the Communist Party) use its funds and personnel to round up their votes. The truth is that ACORN and its cronies have no interest in the poor etc except to use them to further the revolutionary social program of the privileged Media people and their allies on the Left. ACORN is a vehicle for agitators and trainee agitators (If the cap fits Senator Obama!) who seek to impose a social revolution whilst being paid well, often from public funds. Many Social Workers have been doing the same thing in the UK since the 1960’s. For all these people, dishonesty is second nature because they consider they have noble aims and the ends justify the means.

The opinion polls are causing much consternation to conservatives. Since they all trumpet Obama’s lead all the time, Republicans are having a hard time maintaining morale. Let us start by recognizing that Opinion Poll companies rely largely on the Media and the Advertising World for business. It is unlikely therefore that the owners and employees are anything but Leftists. This does not mean that all their polls are dishonest, for if Obama really has a large lead they do not need to massage the figures. The day before voting they will certainly get truthful, for obvious reasons. I think that Obama is probably leading nationally, for the Media Class has taken the gloves off like never before and the daily ‘news’ is unrelentingly bad for McCain, Palin and the Right. Many of the so-called conservative Media commentators (a good example of this chattering class is surely Peggy Noonan) are deserting to help the Master Class. Yet I see many McCain posters in yards and Palin is drawing huge and enthusiastic crowds everywhere she goes. I know this because I get my real news from the Internet and I see the pictures that the Mainstream Media (MSM) won’t print. I suspect that Obama, despite the heroic efforts of the Media Class, is struggling to conceal his real self from middle America. All I can say to visitors to this website is ‘Do not believe anything that the Media puts out and do not give up on the struggle against this new Class and its Leftist allies. That is just what they want.’

Last week, on the British National Party (BNP) website, I read a piece about the BBC. Its leader admitted publicly that his reporters give Muslims favorable treatment and he rationalized this along the lines of positive discrimination for a minority. The only noteworthy aspect of this was his confidence in defending bias publicly to the people who are taxed to pay his salary, but then we constantly claim here that the Media Class is now exercising the power of a ruling Class. One critic of the BBC who was present and was quoted, was Stephen Green of the Christian Alliance. His name rang a bell and I checked my bookshelf. Sure enough I had a book called “The Sexual Dead End” and the author was Stephen Green. Mr. Radical reminded me that a Stephen Green was arrested a couple of years ago for distributing religious leaflets condemning sodomy outside a homosexual meeting. I am sure that this is the same Stephen Green who I met back in about 1989 when I attended a meeting of Christians in Bournemouth, England. The meeting was in support of traditional family life, which was already being hammered by the Media in news and entertainment. Mr. Green, a father of four and former builder, told me that he had just completed a book on Homosexuality and the Homosexual agenda. He said that in order to get accurate information for his research he had infiltrated the Homosexual movement for two years and was fearful that when his book was published he would be in danger. (I am relying on memory, so I may have a detail or two wrong). Later, the meeting organizer sent me a copy of Mr. Green’s book, which I read. At that time, I was naïve about Homosexuality and found it hard to believe that what Mr. Green was revealing was not exaggerated. I have now re-read the book, and being a more worldly person and having witnessed the advance and boldness of the Homosexual movement in the intervening years I realize that Green was ahead of his time. I intend to review the book for our website but in the meantime I strongly recommend this book. It is meticulously researched and well-written and reveals perversion for the moral sickness that it is. Mr. Radical tells me that second-hand copies are available via Amazon. Buy it!

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Finally, a visitor to our website emailed us. He was generally supportive of our assertions but felt that we were not recognizing that Rush Limbaugh makes his living from the Media. I admire Rush and listen frequently and I think he does much to bolster the conservative movement but I agree that we can never put our trust in Media people. If Rush steps out of line on certain issues (and he probably won’t) he will be toast. With Obama in the White House, Rush’s days might be numbered anyway.

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