Accept A Fixed Result From A Fixed System? No! No! No!

First let us pay tribute to one of Donald Trump’s many achievements. Despite being a complete political novice, he has stood toe-to-toe with a professional, life-time, lying politician in three rigged debates in front of the Nation. And he has emerged not only still standing, but arguably the victor.

Restricting himself to telling only ‘The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth’, he has thrice confronted as brazen a liar as ever ran for President, and one who knows she will never be held accountable for her lies in the Courtroom of the Mainstream Media. And he has emerged not only still standing, but arguably the victor.

Even without the complete and wholly unprincipled support of a corrupt propaganda machine posing as the Nation’s Fourth Estate, Hillary Clinton would be a formidable opponent. Thirty years as a professional politician, never distracted by a productive occupation, never hindered by a moment of honesty, a world-class mistress of the Arts of bold deception and falsehood, and owning a record of unrestrained ruthlessness and vindictiveness – all this would have intimidated strong men into surrender. But The Donald has emerged not only standing, but arguably the victor.

In the three debates, Trump the novice politician has missed many opportunities to land telling blows and score technical points, but he has done what none of his 17 original Republican rivals would have done. He has stayed resolutely outside the rigged, concealed political consensus of Revolution that has been leading America’s working, Christian people into marginalization in their own country. By ignoring the throttling restrictions of political correctness, he has reclaimed freedom of speech, voiced prohibited truths, and ignited a movement that outrages the Revolutionaries and all those Republican politicians who have been quietly surrendering. He has dared to call the system ‘rigged’ and he is damned right!

Last night he gave warning that he will not abide by an election ‘result’ that has been fixed, and his multitude of supporters will not passively and resignedly march into cultural, economic and political oblivion. As America’s cities have become swamped with illegals, Third World refugees and lawless minorities, the new Revolutionary Ruling Class has seized the opportunity to corrupt the voting system.

The process of corruption of the ballot box has long been monitored by the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund. In the pre-Revolutionary past this would have led to reform, but the Revolutionary Democrat Party and its leader in the White House, having packed the Federal Judiciary with Leftists, has been able to block all attempts to restore honest voting.

To make matters worse, many States now have mechanized voting systems, installed and controlled by known Far Left wealthy enemies of the American people. In a political climate in which many in the Establishment and Government machinery openly boast that Trump and his supporters are so ‘unacceptable’ (to whom?) that they must be stopped at all costs, it is clear that they will break the rules if necessary to win.

But there is an even greater reason why a Trump defeat at rigged ballot boxes and with the votes of the dead and non-citizens, is not acceptable. Hillary Clinton has no right to be on the ballot. If it were not for a legal system rigged by Obama and those Far Leftists he has planted in the DOJ and FBI, she would be battling in Court and facing a long jail sentence.

Clinton has no right to be on the ballot. She brazenly broke important laws during the whole period she was Secretary of State, putting the Nation at risk, merely to conceal her own criminal activities. She has escaped Scott free where all others have paid a heavy price. Her unaccountability is clear evidence that the Obama regime is a lawless one, and its chief beneficiary, Hillary Clinton has no legitimate claim to the Nation’s highest office.

If Donald Trump loses to her in November, irrespective of the legitimacy of the voting, he must call for a new election contest with a new Democrat Party candidate. The lawless Obama regime must not be replaced and perpetuated by an uncharged lawbreaker and another lawless regime.

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