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First may we wish all our website visitors a ‘Happy New Year’! As with every imminent New Year it is impossible to anticipate what it will bring other than much Government debt, more Government in our lives, more taxes and more record-breaking weather to be regularly reported somewhere in this world. We would also like to offer our congratulations to the birth of a child to the happily married Reggie Dwight (aka Sir Elton John) and David Furnish. As the Media is ecstatically reporting, Reggie and his partner of many years (should it be ‘wife’ or ‘husband’? Will he please confirm which he is as it is not obvious based on God-given physiology) have been blessed with a surrogate child. The Media and its Leftist allies will have us believe that not only is this bizarre event delightful but that this elderly couple of old perverts should be treated as just another normal family. The underlying message that we are supposed to digest is that there is much, much more of this sort of stuff to come in the new inclusive, non-discriminatory, progressive world that is relentlessly rolling back bigotry, old-fashioned Christian values and – well – common sense. The truth is, of course, that Reggie and his buddy could not produce a child in the next million years unless one of them is covering something up about their body parts. This innocent baby that we are being asked to believe is ‘their child’ is simply the product of medical skills and a woman who has no connection to either of them. It says a lot for the power of our new Ruling Media Class and its ability to impose its fantasies on us that this ludicrous and grossly unnatural event is being passed off as both good news and normal. The unsavory truth is that no matter how many times Reggie and his buddy/wife/husband insert a penis into each others rectums nothing will appear except fecal matter.

On this website we will complete 2010 by reiterating our belief that the new Ruling Class in the US and many other Western Nations is the Media Class and that this Class has been created by the technological fusion of TV, Hollywood, News Media, Advertizing, Fashion, Pro-sport and Pop Culture. In previous articles we have charted the growth of this Ruling Class from the late 1960’s and its comfortable alliances with Leftist ideologues and Public Service Union bureaucracies. We also have frequently pointed out that this new Ruling Class is doing what Ruling Classes always do and that is to re-create society in its own image. Since it is allied to Leftists (for it is too numerically small to rule on its own) and since its own moral standards are as grotesque as those of Reggie Dwight, it is not surprising that its re-creation of society amounts to a revolution. This Ruling Class is necessarily as profoundly revolutionary as was the Communist revolution of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and the National Socialist revolution of Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler. Just as they sought to stamp out Christianity, the traditional family, all the old moral standards and re-write History, so this Ruling Class seeks to do the same, for it is a Class that seeks to create a new ‘moral’ order.

The Wall Street Journal of the weekend 11-12th December carried a Fred Siegel Review of three books and the article was headed “Class Conflict, American Style”. In the last couple of years (during which the Media Class has wholly taken over the US Democrat Party and most other mainstream Parties in Western Europe, and thus seized Government power) conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have struggled to explain the startling changes in politics, the most notable of which are the power and unity of the whole Media in supporting Leftist causes and the movement of the wealthy from Right to Left. The terms ‘Class’ and ‘Class War’ are now frequently used by those on the Right and almost never by those on the Left. This is in stark contrast to the past when ‘Class’ was the pre-occupation of Leftists. Limbaugh now refers to the ‘Ruling Class’ in almost every broadcast as he tries to define those who would rip up the American Constitution, swamp the US with Third World immigrants, destroy the power and morale of the US military and use greatly expanded Government power to enslave the people. Unfortunately Limbaugh has difficulty defining the new Ruling Class, identifying its component parts, revealing the source of its power and explaining its origins.

Now Siegel reviews three books that attempt to explain the startling changes in our politics that I have identified in the previous paragraph. The books are “Fortunes and Change: The Rise of the Liberal Rich and the Remaking of America” by David Callahan; “Pathology of the Elites: How the Arrogant Classes Plan to Run Your Life” by Michael Knox Beran; and “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It” by Angelo M. Codevilla.

The first is by a Leftist who generally welcomes the new Ruling Class as a vehicle of progress and the other two are by conservatives who fear where the Rulers are taking America. Siegel, in his introduction suggests that the Ruling Class consists of overlapping circles of Washington, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Big Labor. Interestingly, Callahan traces the rise of the Liberal Rich to the 1960’s. Whilst we on this website welcome the increasing recognition that is being given to the emergence of a Ruling Class and its revolutionary effects, we have to record that these books all seem to fall well short of an adequate definition of the Class, an explanation of its emergence, a description of its agenda and what is revolutionary in its agenda. Only on this website will you find a satisfactory explanation for the whole phenomenon. Unfortunately, until those who seek to create a counter-revolutionary force properly understand their enemies there is no chance of halting their relentless advance.

My meteorological agent in Starcross, Devon, England has finally dug herself out of the snow that surely confirms that we are now experiencing catastrophic man-made Global Warming. Today she reported a thaw and so we can anticipate that the rising sea levels already drowning Islands full of desperately poor people in the Indian Ocean will now submerge the affluent residents of Starcross. We should all welcome the redistribution of sea water from the poor of the East to the guilty rich of the West!

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