Abortion and Tim Ryan

As we constantly point out on this website, the Media Class, using its Mainstream Media, has great control over what news you are allowed to see and hear and what news you are denied. This is an awesome power and has enabled the Media Class to place an extreme Leftist in the White House for eight long years. Not only does it enable the Media Class to exercise crucial control over the minds of the distracted and unsuspecting but it is dangerously influential over those who consider themselves too smart to be taken in. All those conservatives, Christians and Nationalists who protest the propaganda nature of the MSM are still misled victims if they expose themselves to the AP or Reuters on their computers or listen to ABC News or Fox News on Talk Radio. To be exposed is to be influenced!

On the anniversary of Roe v Wade around one million pro-life marchers descended on Washington DC. Many hundreds of thousands also marched in other cities. The MSM, acting in lockstep as befits a Ruling Class with a Revolutionary agenda, looked the other way. The earnest marchers consequently had no more impact on the Nation’s distracted, unsuspecting and smart than the tree that falls in the middle of the forest. This week, one Democrat (that’s right ‘ONE’!) in Ohio wrote an Op-Ed article in a local newspaper announcing that he had changed his view from pro-life to pro- abortion. In a blink of the eye he was granted a MSM News conference to tell the Nation.

The new pro-abortion Media celebrity is Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio. Ryan claimed that as a Catholic and until very recently he had been pro-life. Presumably he was re-elected as a pro-life Democrat. Ryan is married with children. In his newspaper op-ed he claimed that he had evolved into a pro-abortion commitment as a result of talking with several women who had benefitted from abortions. From these conversations he had discovered that abortion decisions are (always?) justified because some pregnant woman’s personal circumstances are more complicated than he realized. Ryan’s announcement was staged in front of MSM cameras with a backdrop of ‘diverse’ supporters. We can be certain that Ryan was not ‘grilled’ by the Media’s enablers of this episode of televised pro-abortion propaganda. It would be impossible to find a MSM reporter who was pro-life.

On this website, just as we never use the word ‘gay’ when ‘homosexual’ is appropriate, we never use the terms ‘pro-choice’ and ‘fetus’ in discussing the conception and killing of a live baby. It is dangerously mistaken to use the propaganda language of the Media Class and Revolutionary Left, for the words they employ are designed to conceal reality and deceive the gullible. Abortion may not be a black and white moral issue in practice but it is most definitely the killing of an innocent human being. All honest debating will recognize this as the starting point.

We can speculate how Ryan was ‘converted’ to baby- murder. The Democrat Party, long ago was purged of genuine Christians, but it has tolerated a few seeming ‘moral dissenters’ in order to hold on to those Congressional seats where the electorate’s outdated moral values have not caught up with progress. The price demanded by the Ruling Media Class and Left is that such dissenters should never robustly speak out or campaign for the antiquated and bigoted views that so anger the Feminist, homosexual and utopian inhabitants of Academia and other privileged and enlightened places. Indeed if an earlier conversion is needed, as when a legislative vote is close, Democrat ‘moral conservatives’ are expected to honor their bought- and- paid- for loyalties. A pro-life spokesman has gone on record to say that Ryan was never reliable when put to the test.

It is our view that Ryan has been an abortion ‘sleeper’ and that his comrades in the Democrat Party knew at which alter this Catholic really knelt. It is also our belief, based on our unique understanding of the Media Class and its MSM propaganda arm, that the Roe v Wade anniversary mobilization of legions of pro-life marchers both enraged and worried the Feminazis. With the elections out of the way and Ryan safe for another term he was needed to contribute to a Leftist counter-attack. Although the pro-life millions were once again rendered invisible by the MSM, they represent a groundswell and a constituency that refuses to ‘move on’ in the face of ‘settled’ legislation, proving that the brutal realities of baby-killing shock new generations. And so each year the MSM has to reduce the issue to that of a ‘woman’s right to choose when confronted with an unwanted pregnancy’.

As with every MSM moment it is instructive for we skeptics to step back a little and ponder what went before the event that is being presented to our eyes and ears. Think back to that MSM moment when Bill and Hillary Clinton walked hand in hand along an empty beach and then danced to an invisible orchestra! Did the camera and reporter just happen to be there and were the Clintons simply re-living their honeymoon?

We should ponder a little more deeply why Mr. Ryan, and presumably his wife, arrived at a pro-abortion change of heart and then decided to go public. On this website we find it hard to believe that Ryan, a married man in middle age and with a career in Democrat politics, had not previously discussed abortion in depth with women and with his wife. Is it possible that a thinking man, immersed for decades in Democrat politics had never considered that some pregnant women’s lives were complicated? In a Party that is fanatically pro-abortion and intolerant of Biblical Christianity, we are supposed to believe that Ryan has inhabited a protected cocoon and only just ‘evolved’.

What kind of man, claiming for many years to be a Christian, who has witnessed the birth of his own children, watched them develop from seed to full life, a seamless development from nine months in the womb to young adults, not stopped to consider where this creation began? Instead we are asked to believe that Ryan belatedly sought out some conflicted pregnant women for discussions and then decided that a human life is sacrificatory when inconvenient. The Ohio voters had better understand that Mr. Ryan is at best a superficial character and at worst a political opportunist. We all need to be on constant guard so that we are not deceived by MSM- arranged propaganda events.

On this website we do not resort to the Bible for arguments against sodomy and abortion though we acknowledge that it is an unmatchable source of great wisdom. We simply fall back on good old common sense and recognize that sodomy is both unnatural and grossly unhygienic, as are all sexual relations outside Man and Woman. Life unarguably begins at conception. It is a baby in the womb and therefore an innocent human life. All debates should start from these absolute truths!

In our previous article about Republican Presidential candidates for 2016 we missed out the name of Mike Huckabee. He is not what America needs to reverse the dangerous revolution that has been advanced over the last two decades. Can we hope that later this year a retired Army General, a patriot with unshakeable Christian and conservative values, brave combat experience, no skeletons in the cupboard, confident in authority, a commitment to, and deep affection for, the Constitution, enraged by the activities of the present occupant of the White House, and a readiness to lead a counter revolution, will emerge and take up the Republican Party standard? Surely among those leaders who have recently been purged from the US military there is such a man?

Global Warming Watch

America’s winter continues to make a mockery of the warmists. The same is true in the UK. Here in California the cool days and cold nights will extend into February but without rain. Time is running out for this over-populated State where drought has always been the norm. California’s essential agriculture depends on human ingenuity and irrigation. The stunning growth in population in the last few decades is only sustainable with a series of de-salination plants along the coast. The capital that should have been invested in such plants is instead being frittered away on a high-speed rail line from SF to LA and no new reservoirs have been constructed to offset the population growth. This beautiful State has been taken over by lunatics, perverts and fantasists and is marching to disaster.

Music Choice

Al Jolson, a larger-than-life personality, especially on stage, was a powerful singer who emerged from the Jewish hotbed of talent in the New York of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Ignored now because of his early Minstrel style, he was a trail-blazer in popular music for nearly 50 years. He had incredible energy and late in life toured military camps around the world to entertain American troops.

In 1921 he had a big hit with the De Sylva/ Silvers composition ‘April Showers’. This is a fine and happy composition and its resurrection would signal a revival of American popular culture. Here in California we can only hope for April showers and the flowers that bloom in May. Enjoy Al’s version of April Showers and pray for rain!

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  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for California to build more dams. The last water storage improvements were made in the sixties.

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