Abortion- A Litmus Test on Both Left and Right

The recent appearances of McCain and Obama before members of Saddleback (Southern California) Church members may have been the turning point in the Presidential contest thanks to the issue of abortion. Obama was unconvincing with his answers to several questions but it was his response to the question about when human life begins that revealed most about him, for in attempting to evade it he claimed that the issue was ‘above his pay grade’. McCain answered the same question by saying ‘at the moment of conception’. No evasion there!

One can understand why Obama wriggled for he is attempting to win over some of America’s religious voters without enraging his Leftist base and the Media Class masters who have skillfully choreographed his public image. The MSM carefully presents the abortion issue as one that is only a litmus test for the Far Right Christian fringe but the truth is that it is a core issue in the culture war that has been unleashed by the rise to power of the Media Class. Abortion and same-sex marriage (this latter only the latest battle in the ‘normalization’ of homosexuality) are the litmus test issues for the social revolutionary Left and they will tolerate no compromising, for the legalization of both are only steps in a long march. The Christian, Conservative and Nationalist forces in the US are fighting a wholly defensive war and it is one that they are losing, for the Media Class now has great power.

Obama’s evasiveness was poorly executed, but then he is not actually very good at speaking about anything unless he has a speech written for him. This is the problem when actors are selected to run for the highest office. The truth is that all the responsibilities of the Presidency are above his pay grade. Mrs. Clinton would have made a better job of avoiding the abortion question, even if it required a bold lie.

The Saddleback abortion question was actually about as easy a question as Obama could have faced though it did have dangerous implications. He could have been asked about late-term abortion or the murder of babies who survive the brutal abortion procedure but I assume he would not have accepted an invitation to this meeting if the questions had been tough. Those who embrace abortion as a social freedom would rather not dwell on the issue of when life begins for they prefer to discuss abortion only in terms of an abstract women’s right. It is no accident that the grisly details of abortion are never portrayed in the MSM, just as the details of sodomy are never portrayed-this in a MSM that searches for new ways to shock viewers and listeners. Artists who are applauded by the MSM for portraying Christ in urine will stop short at shocking the public on these two issues, for the Media Class does not intend that the public be aroused by the realities.

This website is not a religious one and we acknowledge that abortion is a complex issue for those who are not religious. There are good reasons why many women (and a lot of men) want abortion to be available to them. I was reminded of this last week when a friend of mine told me about her married sister’s tragic pregnancy news. Six months into a welcomed pregnancy the couple has learned that the baby has Edward’s disease, a genetic disease that mostly kills the baby in the womb and if not kills it quite soon after birth. None survive this dreadful disease. The mother, who is a Catholic from South East Asia, has bravely decided not to abort her baby. Many women would not be able to face the three months remaining carrying a baby so grossly handicapped and with no prospect of life. Whilst very religious people may feel compelled to reject abortion in such circumstances, those with little or no religious faith might feel that modern medicine can lessen or shorten the agony of the family. For many, therefore abortion is not a litmus test to vote on but one that is untidy and complex. However, John McCain was surely right to say that life begins at conception and Obama revealed his ignorance, cowardliness or deviousness in refusing to answer. Given that life begins at conception, then abortion involves killing a baby and should not be undertaken lightly if at all. Most normal people, whether religious or not, can surely agree that abortion for mere convenience is morally undesirable and that late-term abortion and the murder of a baby born is unconscionable. Obama’s meagre voting record in Congress shows him to favor abortion in all circumstances and this puts him firmly in the camp of the Far Left, the extreme Feminazis and the social revolutionaries of the Media Class. His evasion at the Saddleback Church meeting will not fool any traditional Catholics or Evangelicals but the MSM will do all it can to ensure his answers do not reach a wider public. Most headlines have already cried foul about the questions and it is unlikely that Obama will be allowed to appear at any more unscripted meetings.

The publication today of several opinion polls that show McCain leading for the first time have been explained away as the result of his ‘attack’ adverts and Obama’s absence on vacation. The MSM will certainly not attribute Obama’s decline in popularity to his Saddleback Church performance for that would raise the issue of abortion. Although the Media Class regards abortion as a litmus test it does not want it to be an issue in the election.

If Obama cannot reverse his standing in the opinion polls before the Denver Convention I think the Clinton supporters will make a last grab for the nomination of Hillary. The MSM would have a difficult task trying to present that positively but never underestimate the power that the Media Class now possesses to control the news. This morning I heard Dr. Jerome Corsi being interviewed by Lee Rodgers on the KSFO morning program. Corsi helped in the writing of the book by the Swift Boat veterans that revealed John Kerry to be a liar on the subject of his military exploits in Vietnam. The book, although avoided like the plague by the MSM did much to discredit Kerry. The MSM has subsequently attempted to rewrite history by dismissing this fact-filled book as a smear that Kerry has repudiated. The truth is the exact opposite but the MSM cares nothing about truth. Corsi has investigated Obama’s autobiography (something the MSM has failed to do) and written a book that claims that Obama has manufactured a fictitious history of himself. The Corsi book is now out and is being (you guessed it!) avoided like the plague by the MSM and some book stores. It is called “OBAMA NATION” and thanks to the Internet is already a big seller. Lee Rodgers, although a conservative host on a conservative Talk Radio station, is wary of guests who lack integrity and Corsi certainly seemed to have sought out the facts and to be an honest reporter. If half of what Corsi alleges about Obama is true, then the Democrat Party and its Media masters have bought a crock. When I first read claims on some Internet websites that Obama was not a US citizen I thought they were wild. Now, I am not so sure. It seems possible that this man has invented a past and concealed a past and succeeded this far because those Media Class people down in Hollywood failed to do any homework before launching him against Hillary. The Media Class always fails to grasp that the Internet can challenge its monopoly on news. It will be interesting to see if the MSM can keep Corsi’s book below the public’s radar or if Obama takes the necessary steps to refute Corsi’s allegations.

In the UK, the Communist mob failed to prevent the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival from taking place in Derbyshire. Several thousand BNP members gathered for a weekend of family entertainment and some political speeches. The Far Left, organized and financed by some trade unions and Labour Party sympathizers, attempted to stop this peaceful and law-abiding gathering. I am surprised that the local police and Derbyshire authorities did not ban the BNP festival on the grounds of keeping public order. Perhaps the BNP have now become too popular to silence so easily. The police found themselves preventing the mob from invading the festival, which was on private land. The mob, unable to attack the Nationalists, turned on the police. The Media always fails to identify the Communists who provide the mob with its foot soldiers, for it secretly approves of the attempted intimidation. If there was no Internet, I think it is unlikely that even half-truths would have found their way into the news.

Pat Buchanan is still at it. This week he is busy advocating that the US should concede the Ukraine and other border states to the Russian gangster in the Kremlin. Nowhere in the world is worth a drop of American blood according to Pat. I suppose he thinks the US should take no action anywhere until the enemy is at El Paso or the Florida Keys or Seattle or San Diego. I suggest that Obama makes Pat his VP candidate for on foreign policy they are on the same place on the same page. Neither would be able to find a reason for military action abroad.

Here in California we are surely experiencing the coolest summer for years and down in Florida the tropical storms are failing to get up to speed. Despite this the global warming juggernaut continues in the Media.

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